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Hey all,

This will be Riley's 1st Halloween with us and I'd LOVE to dress him up but I have no idea as what!  Any ideas/suggestions for big dog costumes?  PS...I'd love to see some of your furbaby's past Halloween pictures!  :D

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Discussions / Crazy Puppy on the LOOSE!
« on: August 23, 2005, 01:00:46 pm »
I just had to post this cause it was such a shock  :o  but made me laugh at the same time  :D

My husband and I commute to work together every day.  Since Riley is too big for his crate, we keep him in half of the office - blocked by a baby gate, where he has enough room to lay down comfortably, turn around etc.   The reason we keep him cooped up is he is 11 months old and Swissys have a tendency to take longer to housetrain (so he has more accidents than the typical 11 month old.)  Also, we don't actually lock the gate because he seems to be afraid of it anyway and won't usually go near it - our two kitties have made it fall over a few times and the noise has scared the bejeezus out of Riley!  Anyway, when we left yesterday morning, my husband left about 6 inches the gate open knowing there was NO WAY Riley was going near it.  HA - were we wrong!  When we got homr that evening and as I unlocked the door, I was expecting to see our Kitty Pudding who greets us everyday.  SURPRISE!!!  I end up getting knocked over and kisses all over by hyper-happy Riley who is so excited to see me.  He scared the crap outta me!  After the shock settled, I walked in and saw about 25 shredded napkins on the floor along with a teddy bear he always steals from my bedroom!  I wondered how long this puppy had been running freely around my house!  And of course we had left every single door open!  Then I thought - OMG there is probably pee and poo everywhere!  BUT - to my surprise, there was not a drop of anything anywhere!  It was crazy.  I'm still laughing about it!  ;D

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could offer some helpful hints about what to expect the first time you board your big dog.  We're going to need to board Riley for 3 nights next month and I'm a little nervous.   :-[  Hes never slept anywhere but home.

What if any vaccines/shots are required before you can board your buddy?  Can you bring some dog toys/treats or your dog's bed?

 ??? I've never even been to a boarding kennel.  What do they do?  Do they lock the poor thing up all day?  Do the dogs get to play together?  Do they go outside/get exercise?  What should I expect when I pick Riley up?  Is he gonna hate me for boarding him?  :-[

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Discussions / Calling all BUBBAs!!!
« on: August 02, 2005, 11:29:43 am »
I surf this page every few days checking out all the new paw prints and I can't tell you how funny I think it is that soooo many dogs nicknames are BUBBA - including mine.   :)  Why is that?  Why is it so popular?  Everyday I come across a paw print or two with Bubba as a nickname.  I just thought it was so hilarious.  What's even funnier, is that there isn't a single dog on this site with the first name Bubba... its always a nickname!   :) 

Thought this would be fun... reply if your dog's nickname is BUBBA! 

 - Tina & Riley (Bubba  :D)

Hi everyone, I've got an 8 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Riley.  At 5-6 months, we started him with a basic obedience training course offered at a local petstore.  We went every week for about 6 weeks and he learned how to sit, down, stay and we attempted the "heel" (thats a tough one!)  He was doing really well.  He graduated about 2 weeks ago.  For the past 2-3 weeks though, he has been NOT listening to us!  Like we'll tell him to sit, and he will look us straight in the eye and not sit.  We end up telling him like 5 times and then enforcing the sit.  I know he KNOWS how to do it, but he doesn't for some reason.  I feel like the training was a waste but people keep tell me that hes in the "teenager" phase where he is just testing us.  Has anyone else had a similar experience and how did you get your dog back on track?  :-\

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