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Hi everyone, I've got an 8 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Riley.  At 5-6 months, we started him with a basic obedience training course offered at a local petstore.  We went every week for about 6 weeks and he learned how to sit, down, stay and we attempted the "heel" (thats a tough one!)  He was doing really well.  He graduated about 2 weeks ago.  For the past 2-3 weeks though, he has been NOT listening to us!  Like we'll tell him to sit, and he will look us straight in the eye and not sit.  We end up telling him like 5 times and then enforcing the sit.  I know he KNOWS how to do it, but he doesn't for some reason.  I feel like the training was a waste but people keep tell me that hes in the "teenager" phase where he is just testing us.  Has anyone else had a similar experience and how did you get your dog back on track?  :-\

 :)  YES!  Finally.  I have visited this site a few times, but didn't find much information on the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed.  I guess they are pretty rare, but they are great dogs!  I should say puppy.  Riley is about 8 months old now and sometimes I forget he's still a puppy considering he currently weighs about 100 pounds and when we go for walks, I feel like hes the one walking me!  Thanks for starting this board!  :)

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