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a picture would be good, but more important might be where you are located.  if you are in the southwest (ca or a nearby state) i might be able to help.  Le me know if you are still looking.

Alaskan Malamute Pictures / Re: Alaskan Malamute sled dog pics
« on: August 05, 2005, 02:56:09 pm »
i want to go on an expedition.... is there a Big Paws Only member discount??

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: My cute new rescue
« on: August 04, 2005, 04:48:25 pm »
GOOD NEWS!!!  Shakespeare had his little toe amputated yesterday, and everything went super well.  he got to keep most of his metitarsul pad, and the infection on his leg seems to be healing itself really well.  His broken leg has healed up nicely too, and he is no longer in a cast, just a bandage on his paw.  He still needs frequent bandage changes because he has on open wound on the other side of his paw that will actually turn out to be the hardest thing to heal.

 The hardest part of all this is keeping the poor guy from running around like puppies are want to do.  He is on resticted activitie to make sure he doesnt mess up his leg/paw more, and this is killing him. All he wants to do is go for a walk and run around and be a puppy.......

it breakes my heart when he looks up at me and i know he is wondering what he did wrong and why he doesnt get to go out and play.... (you jumped out a window and ran away silly, don't you remember.  see, you better not do it again!)

anyhow, i will get you guys some new pictures ASAP.... it is like a drug with all you.  addicted to pictures....(i am jsut as guilty )

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: My cute new rescue
« on: July 30, 2005, 02:11:58 pm »
well, shakes was able to come home today after 2 nights in the hospital.  his swelling has gone down almost 40% and so has the yucky discharge! 

we got really lucky with the vet that first saw him.  he works at a differnt hospital, and only works at the one we sent to sparatically, which actally works to our advantage.  he doesnt have many appointments on the books at our hospital, and has arranged his schecedule around our needs.  he has also waived all his labor fees, which will really help our wallet.

shakes will need to go in every day for new bandages, and will need his toe amputation in the near future, but so far things are looking better!!

i will let you know once we have a better idea of how bad the permantent damage is goign to be.  we are goign in early tomorrow morning and if te swellign has continued to go down they shoudl have a good idea.

thanks again for all your good thoughts!

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: My cute new rescue
« on: July 29, 2005, 10:35:32 pm »
thank you thank you.

vet thinks shakes might be able to come home tomorrow or sunday at the latest.  we can't wait, of course.  the house is so.....quiet.. ..i don't knwo what to so with all the extra time i have.....   anyhow, he will have to go back to the vet everyday for at least a week.  I will let you knwo what we find out in the morning!

thanks again for the good vibes!

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: My cute new rescue
« on: July 29, 2005, 09:33:43 pm »
bad news.....
shakespeare's recovery has taken a very unfortunate turn.  He somehow got a very fast moving skin infection on his paw that was in the cast.  he is now in the hospital and will be needing lots of care.  he will lose at least one toe and some of the big pad too.  The infection also spread to his leg, but they are hopefull that it will heal and they won't need to amputate his leg. 

your good thoughts, prayers, meditations etcetera are much appreciated, and i will keep you up to date on the situation!

i posted about this group in another one of the pit bull discussions, but this site is particularly informative about pit bulls and their aggressive (or not) ways.  it specifically answers the question about this being their job, what they were breed for, and how that affects them as pets.

my favorite part is the information about the aggressin test given to over 100 breeds of dogs.

pits actually came out less aggressive than most breeds!!

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: My cute new rescue
« on: July 26, 2005, 07:46:10 pm »
the funniest part of it all is that my boyfriend also has a cast on his left leg due to recent surgery, so the lounge around all day in their matching casts!!!  tom wishes he had front legs like shakes so he didnt need crutches.

« on: July 26, 2005, 07:33:12 pm »
wow i had no idea.... thanks for the update

« on: July 26, 2005, 07:05:34 pm »
i just adopted a mastiff/dane/other stuff that we found by looking on www.petfinder. org

i live in southern california and there are a couple great resources for down here....

worth looking at is riverside county's www.gentlegian which recuire many things of adoptive parents, one of which is a trip to their home out in riverside.

and south western US's is a hub for several dane rescue organizations.

oh, i forgot to put in this... one of my favorite rescues.

they have all sorts of info about this issue, as well as information specific to california for us west coasters!

stories like this make me want to cry.  especially sinse my pup is an unknown mix of breeds, so i could never provide proof of breed!  How could people think it ok to kill perfectly nice dogs just because they look like they might be a breed of dog that has occasionally been trained to fight.  it seems like the burden of proof here is turned totally upside down!!  i have to prove my puppy isnt a pit? and even then shouldnt they have to prove he is mean, or at least give me a chance to prove he isnt?


does anyone know of groups doing work specifically on stopping, or getting rid of these bans?  The big policy issues like the yahoo group posted above are super important too, but i also like working on more specific actions. I know san francisco was thinking about enacting a ban last time i was up visiting my parents. anyone who lives up there heard anyting about that lately?

that was very interesting... . good lunch break reading (although i need to go back later and spend more time reading over the actual regulatory language).

i certainly agree that the regulations too easily clasify folks as dealers. PAWS does a poor job of seperating out puppy mills.  It is a tough thing to do, and a much better approach is needed.

it is so nice to know that there are a bunch of us down here in SoCal... I will be out of town, but even if i were in town my little pup has a cast, and sand/water does not mix with a cast.....

in a month though, shakes and i are in!!! 

i am in long beach, and we have a dog beach here too... maybe the next one can be here?

have fun!!

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