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Anything Non-Dog Related / My New Topic - What Moves You?
« on: June 29, 2005, 04:42:19 pm »
OK Bear - here is my new topic...  

What moves you, folks?  By that I mean what music do you love?  What gets you on your feet and dancing?  What music do you listen to when you are sad?  What song can't you get out of your head?  C'mon people, tell me what you like and give me some new ear candy...

Most of the music I like no one has ever heard of, but I like all types...  For dancing, try Ozomatli, one of my favorite bands and the best live band I have ever seen.  They are from L.A, and can not be catagorized.  Check them out at

I also like everything from trip hop to bhangra to country, especially country that sounds really old and honky-tonk, like The Star Room Boys, Two Dollar Pistols and Hank Williams III.  I love zydeco, and have probably seen every zydeco act you can think to name...

OK, hit me people - who's next?

Mixed Breed Pictures / Slippery When Wet
« on: June 29, 2005, 10:54:01 am »
So, Ranger had to go to the vet for a bunch of booster shots the other day, and he was such a good boy.  He only tried to eat a couple of other doggies, and he didn't even try to bite the vet, although he badly wanted to!   ;)

On the way home, we passed by the community pool by our house which has a big lawn out in front, and they had their huge sprinklers on.  Ranger loves to play in sprinklers, but we don't have any in our yard and he had his head out the window with that "Oh, Mommy, please?" look in his eyes.  I got about another block and a half and thought "Aw, h*ll, why not?"  

So we whipped a U-turn and went back.  Never mind that I was supposed to be cleaning my house in preparation for my mom's visit the next day, it was sprinkler time!  We got in a good 5 minutes or so before they turned them off, and it was well worth it for the look on his face!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Thanks For Being Here!
« on: June 09, 2005, 02:13:38 pm »
Hey everyone,

Earlier today I posted the below picture of my dog Cabo, (who I lost in March of last year) on a different thread and it got me thinking.  When I finally had to have him put to sleep (he was almost 14 and had been very sick for quite some time, plus had just developed a cancerous toenail that wouldn't heal), I thought I would die myself.  That dog was my baby, and I have never dealt with that has ever been more difficult to deal with (including my own bout with cancer). I still can't say that I am over his death, and in some ways I never will be...  

So, the point of this is not to bring everybody down!   ;)  It is just to say that I am so happy that somewhere like this exists.  If I had been able to come here while I was going through all that I went through with him, it would have helped so much.  Even now, it helps so much just to have somewhere to come and be able to say how much I miss him and have you guys understand.  

I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being around.

I just looked down at Ranger, who is laying on the floor by my chair, and he looked so stupid that I needed to share with someone.  And it made me wonder - what is everone elses dog doing right now?  

Ranger, as I mentioned, iis laying on the floor by my chair.  He is laying twisted on his back (with his front half, he is laying on his side, and with his back half he is laying on his back, legs spread wide so that his crotch may reap the benefits of the cool night air.  He is watching "Bambi" on TV with intense concentration, because he hears dogs barking in this scene.

Gwen has gone into the bathroom and climbed into the bathtub, either because her Daddy is at work and she is emotionally traumatized without him here, or because she hates "Bambi".

Big Saturday night around here... ;D  What is YOUR dog doing?

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / New Here... Just Saying Hello
« on: June 04, 2005, 07:03:25 pm »
Hi all,

I am new here, only been on the boards for a couple of days, and thought I would say an "official" hello...

I live in California with my fiance and our two fur-babies, Ranger & Gwen.  We adopted Ranger in May of 2004, after losing my almost 14-year old mixed-breed, Cabo, earlier that year.  Ranger is now almost 2 years old (his bday is in August), and weighs about 100 lbs.  We are told he is a Saint Bernard mix, and he is a total brat, complete with issues, but I love him tons!  (Don't believe he is a brat?  Look at his picture, people - you can SEE the devil horns ready to sprout from the top of his head!  Film don't lie.)

Gwen, who I sometimes jokingly refer to as Other Dog, (hey, what can I say?  I love my boy!), is a German Shepherd mix.  She weighs about 110 lbs., but she is a bit chubby (yeah... me too).  My fiance found her abandoned on the street when she was just a puppy and she has been with him ever since.  Her entire earth orbits around her Daddy!

Thanks to all who have welcomed me so far!  I'll try not to bug everyone with too many posts..   ;D  but I can see how this can become addictive...  Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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