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Rottweiler Pictures / Re: My socks are on your feet
« on: January 21, 2009, 03:28:08 pm »
Grace is as cute as ever, She must think they are stuffie socks because of the furry tops. Rotties think all stuffies belong to them. ;)

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Sad Sad Story!
« on: January 19, 2009, 02:30:30 pm »
Poor little baby, you are an angel for helping the furbaby.

I think they should get the people who run puppy mills and make them live in the deplorable conditions that they subject the dogs to. >:(

Remembering those no longer with us. / Echo is at the Rainbow Bridge
« on: January 19, 2009, 12:58:50 pm »
Yesterday morning Echo was acting disoriented when I went to let her go outside. She was my female Siberian Husky and was 10 years old. She has had seizures at about one every 3 months since she was 4 years old. Typically she would act disoriented for an hour or so afterward. So I figured she had had one earlier while in her crate. She went outside and laid on the back porch. I let her in about an hour later. She went into her crate and laid down. I checked on her about an hour later and she had deteriorated, She could not see and was breathing heavily. I offered her some water and she drank it. It appeared to me like she had a stroke. She went to the Rainbow bridge about an hour after that. I was with her when she took her last breath. It was so sad. She was fine the day before. In a way I am glad it was not a long drawn out illness and she died at home. I feel it was just her time.
It has been a hard time for me as I have lost 3 of my furbabies in 5 months time. Grizelda had to be PTS in August, she became to frail and was in pain and had stoped eating. She was around 15 or 16 years old.She was my Pointer cross. Then Marksman my male Siberian husky who had doggy alzheimers had gone down in his hind end had to be PTS in September he was 12 years old. And now Echo...

He is a cutie pie, they look like they make a good team together.

The house seems empty even though I still have 5 furkids.
The other day I swear it sounded like Griz's bark in the yard. And today all the dogs were outside and I heard the crate door bang in the laundry room ???

I haven't been on BPO for a while.
Grizelda went to the bridge on Aug 9th. She was 16 years old and had gotten to the point where she would not eat any more and was in pain from her arthritis. I miss her spunk.
Marksman went to the Bridge on Sept 9th. Exactly one month later than Grizelda.  He was 12 years old. Marksman had doggy ahlzeimers for about a year, and we were dealing with that OK. The he got to the point where he could not stand, That came on suddenly. It was kinder to help them over the Bridge then to keep them here in pain. I do miss my oldsters with their gray faces and wisdom in their cloudy eyes.

Love the tattoo.
It is a very fitting tribute to your furbaby.

Congratulation s on your 2 new furkids. They are adorable. And how could you pass up a buy 1 get one free ;)

Please do not give Macadamia nuts as they are poisonous to dogs. Try some other type of cookie, maybe peanut butter.

Newfoundland Discussions / Re: I love my dog because...
« on: February 26, 2008, 04:10:43 am »
I love all my dogs because they are dogs. They are best at giving unconditonal love. They all seem to have that sense of knowing how you feel and pick the best moment to come over and put their head on your lap or give you the tinyest little kiss.
Dozer my Coonhound,I love his woeful expression, which he has down to an art, and love the way he will also converse with me in hound talk.
Tealk my Rottie, has the biggest heart. I love the way he is a big softie and snuggle boy. But let someone come to the door and he is instant guard dog with a very scary growl.
Zander my Bullmastiff, he is till a puppy at one year old and I love the way he is a brat to the other dogs. He will come up and nudge them to play. I love his big head which takes 2 hands to pet.I love the way he licks his Daddys eyeballs when he is on the couch trying to take a nap.
Grizelda my pointer cross, I love the old girl as she is 15 years old and has been with me through some major changes in my life. I love the way she still has her dignity in her frail old body. and I love the way she still jumps around like a puppy at dinnertime.
Marksman and Echo my red Siberian Huskies. They are a package deal that came with my husband, I love the way they are a team and will always cuddle with each other. I love the way they howl and sing when I come home. And I love the way they hunt for mice in the backyard,turning over the dog houses and running back and forth without barking.

I love so many different kinds of dogs, but my idea of an ideal dog would be one who could run the vacumn cleaner.

After reading this again I remembered some things I forgot. Like a whole amoire full of dog blankets and towels. My friend came over one day and asked where I got the storm store that was half frosted on the bottom. She wanted one. I laughed and told her it wasn't frosted it was dog nose prints, layer over layer. I also have water dishes in 3 different rooms which I am constantley refilling with a 2 gallon watering picture. Oh and my vehicle also has frosted rear windows ::) and dog decals. I'm sure I'll probabley remember more things later on ;)

My house is definitely going to the dogs. When you come in  there is a large Rottie door knocker on the front door. After you come in, a shelf with leashes on it. In the Den are 2 huge wire crates for Tealk and Zander. There is also a large laundry basket full of dog toys. In the living room are dog toys scatterd all about and a very large dog bed, and another leash hanger with about 10 different leases . In the kitchen there is a huge bin full of dog food on the counter. On top of the fridge are several cans of dog food. I also have a cabinet full of dog medicine, bandage material,disinfetant, ear wash etc. and have a very large drawer full of dog brushes, combs and nail clippers. Then there is a large rubbermaid container that holds about 5 lbs of milk bones which gets carried from room to room. In the laundry room are 4 more dog crates for Dozer, Marksman, Echo and Grizelda. My bathroom has dog shampoo right next to human shampoo. On my bed is an extra dog quilt to cover the regular quilt. My yard has a 6 foot chain link fence around it and some large holes dug by Zander. Ok thats the dog stuff, beside them we have 2 cockatiels and 3 very large fish tanks. So I guess that's our animal house :)

Hope you are having a great Birthday ;D

Rottweiler Pictures / Re: We finished it!!!!
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:48:14 pm »
You just finished the hard part?????
The whole thing would be hard for me.
The quilt is beautiful Lin.

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