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Old English Mastiff Pictures / Re: My daughter is mad
« on: August 19, 2005, 07:39:46 am »
;D What a cute pic.  Here are 2 of our chair stealers.  Don't know how Meme and Bear got up on their own at 8 wks old..  ;D

« on: August 18, 2005, 03:37:42 pm »
 ;D Found it!  Hope this helps!!

??? Does the actor who played the Original Robin, Boy Wonder on the old Batman series do Giant Breed Rescue out in California?  Let me go looking for the site.   :)

« on: August 18, 2005, 03:36:40 pm »
??? Does the actor who played the Original Robin, Boy Wonder on the old Batman series do Giant Breed Rescue out in California?  Let me go looking for the site.   :)

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: LOST/MISSING Female Mastiff Puppy
« on: August 18, 2005, 03:34:07 pm »
:'(  That is truly sad!  Does anyone know if she's been found yet?  What of her adventures?  Will say a prayer for Lacy..   :-\

Awww, that is so disheartening.  How are the parents (sire & dam) fairing?  Do they seem to have a weight issue as well?  I don't know if Hypo-thyroidism appears that early, but it would be a possiblity as well.  I'm battling that right now, it's harsh. 

Also, I can recommend several dedicated English Mastiff boards, should you wish to try seeking answers there as well. 

www.mastiffweb .com    &   &

Any of these would be worth a shot as well.  Good luck!!


AMs are bred in the States, have been around for about 20-years, and were started by experienced OEM breeders -- to correct certain problems that many OEMs have: excessive drool, joint problems, shorter lifespans, etc.  AMs tend to live pretty long for such a large breed; 12+ years (or even 15-years) aren't uncommon, and they have a tighter mouth to avoid those slobber woes.

 As for the health issues, I wouldn't know.  The drooling, not true.  They drool just as much as a true English Mastiff.  I've heard it straight from AM owners themselves. 

I did not start out to bash the AM.. I just ask that folks offer up ALL the information, especially that AM's are a mix and unregisterable and they drool.     

I'm glad your puppy is working out for you.  As I'm happy that Goliath is an amazing puppy.  I couldn't be happier that folks have found the right dog for their family.  But having experienced both breeds, personally and in rescue.  I'm only stating facts.  Not something passed along to me by way of the grapevine. 

I merely want folks to understand the difference.  Then make an educated decision, nothing more.  Frankly, I could care less which dog they chose.  The less the English Mastiff is chosen as a pet, the less likely it is to become popular.

Believe it or not, I get that.  So.. by all means, chose the AM over the EM.  I just feel it's appropriate to GIVE OUT ALL the information, not just one side of it.  These dogs, regardless of choice, AM or EM, are not for everyone! 

Furthermore, I'm deeply skeptical of any AM-bashing OEM booster who has a distant friend with something critical to say -- particularly when they won't even name which AM breeder they went to!

I'm sorry, I have absolutely NO idea what you speak of here.  I have no distant friend who has ever owned an AM.  So.. Unless you know something I don't, you have me here.

it makes me question their motives.

My motives are simple.  Simply stated, give them ALL the information.  ALL the potential for this and that, health wise especially.  Also, since it is a mix, give them an EM breeder to chat with about the differences.  Allow them to decide for them selves.  I couldn't make it any plainer.

I have absolutely no animosity towards any dog.  Regardless of breed.  It is and should always be ALL about education.  The WHOLE of it, not just one half. 

For those with AM's with amazing temperaments and great health.  AWESOME, I couldn't be happier for you!  These dogs deserve to be happy and loved.  So.. Please do not think I'm bashing, I merely mean to offer up ALL available information. 

Peace KBMasiffs, peace. Your last response was rather smug and we like to keep the conversation amnicable here.

More than likely Andi's post was being typed at the same time as yours, so it was posted immediately after, without Andi having the benefit of reading your first reponse. Happens quite frequently in the forum-setting.

A lot of us have mutts here, there's nothing wrong with them.

Chris Nickel, I wish you luck in the search for your new dreampuppy. A new addition to the family is always a delight. Kudos to you as well for doing your research.

:-[ My sincerest apologies.  It was that Andi was typing at the same time I was correcting my response.  I didn't re-read before posting and it wasn't till it showed up that I read it.  My apologies!!! 

I in now way ment to be rude.  Or crass.  I did edit my post.  Thank you Leah..

As for my baby girl, Meme.  She's no long with me.  I was forced out of my home unexpectedly and had to place her and her sister.  I was able to keep their father, Atlas and my older girl, Kacie.  Who, btw,  ;) is a mutt. lol 

Thanks for this board... I just found you guys!!!

I know this is nuts, but I want an Apricot Mastiff now. My middle daughter (and other female of the house) is going to college and I have another bedroom available for a big slinger/couch potatoe.

I think it's my way of coping with empty nest  syndrome or the fact that the testostreone level in the house will now be 4 to 1.

What do you all think?

:D Did you ever get your Apricot Mastiff?  It is a beautiful color.  Had a boy some years back, he was soo red and enormous, we called him Clifford.  lol We even registered him as Clifford the big redd dawg.  :D

Good luck on your search.  And here, www DOT infodog DOT com this site will help you find a local Confirmation show, sancationed by AKC, and you can meet and greet English Mastiff breeders who come to exhibit.  It's a great way to meet the actual dogs.

Gotta love the drool  ;D

Hi .... I have an American Mastiff names Goliath and we are totaly happy with him. He is now 9 months old and 140 lbs. We got him from FlyingWFarms but there are several good breeders. Here are a few to get you started.

Also we have a discussion board at Yahoo tht a number of breeders are active at *removed linked* you are welcome to join and ask all the questions you want. I have had great luck there.

Matthew, Dylan and Goliath

I couldn't be happier that your boy Goliath has turned out happy and a wonderful family pet.  But please ask that folks Research the breed first and foremost before giving props to your breeder.  Give them ALL the information they need to make their own decisions.  That means, that the AM is a mix and unregisterable .   That it DOES Drool the same way an English Mastiff does. 

Also, give them links to not only your AM breeder but to Infodog DOT com (a site to locate local Confirmation shows to view these dogs up close) and Mastiff Club of America, www DOT mastiff DOT org. 

Let folks know their IS a HUGE difference between an American Mastiff (Anatolian Shepherd/English Mastiff mix) and the true form, English Mastiff. 

Loving your breed is about giving out ALL the information.  Allowing folks to decide for them selves.  It's wonderful you love your boy, and it's obvious.  AWESOME, but in recent years, there have been temperament issues with the AM. 

Good and Goliath is a beautiful brindle boy.  Partial to brindles myself..  ;)

Your American Mastiff is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and English Mastiff, an unregistered bred in it's infancy of development.   www DOT mastiffWEB DOT com will give you a wealth of information on both breeds.  Just do a general search.   

The English Mastiff, or Old English Mastiff is the correct and true form of the Mastiff.  From there, you have your BullMastiff, Boerboel (African Mastiff), Cane Corse and Neapolitan (both Italian Mastiffs), Tibetan Mastiff, and the list goes on. 

Should you have any other questions, check out www DOT mastiff DOT org, the National Mastiff Club of America.  It will give you a ton of information. 

Sorry, if my views aren't appreciated.  I was just asking if these AM's were true American Mastiffs (mixes) or English Mastiffs bred right here in the US.

When you say 'American' Mastiff, are you labeling it so because it's bred here in the US or because you are looking to purchase the Anatolian Shepherd/English Mastiff cross?   

If you are considering the AM (Anatolian Shepherd/English Mastiff), you might want to research a little harder.  This breed, not even AKC recognized yet, is in it's infancy. 

Please consider this, the Anatolian Shepherd is bred for it's aggressive nature.  They are popular police dogs, very popular guard dogs.  They are also popular herd dogs ( could be wrong about that last point, but I remember reading it somewhere).  If you are interested in reading more about the AM (AS/EM mix) check out the following board and do a search: www DOT mastiffWEB DOT com

Good Luck with what ever direction you take.  THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A TRUE OLD ENGLISH MASTIFF!!!

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