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I train assistance dogs (  as my 8-5 job and help people train their own dogs on the side.  I have now been training dogs for 12 years, and I am still constantly learning. Read as many books as you can, go to seminars, watch classes, and PRACTICE PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  My dogs are still my guinea pigs ( in a good way!). DO not let anyone tell you that there is only one way to train. Be open to new ideas, and of course have lot's of patience and lots of fun.
Hope this helps!

I have had many more males in my house because my females tend to be "bitchy" with other females, and the males ( all neutered) tend to get along better.  My normal pack is 2 males and 1 female :)   My males have been more easy going, GOOFY, not the smartest at problem solving, but very easy to train and they seem to be more adaptable.  I have found my females to be more prone to space issues with other dogs, more likely to be clingy, more pushy assertive with attention requests, and definintly more smarter, and able to problem solve better :)
I believe males are eaiser to raise....  my all time dog was a female though, the love of my life, and she was one TOUGH pup/ dog!
just my couple of cents :)

I would opt for class and socializing... . most vets tell people not to take their pups out until they are 4-5 months old, at that point you have lost one of the most vaulauble time periods in a pups life.  I tell people to socialize, socialize and more socialize.. using common sense of course ( only letting pup play with dogs you know are vaccinated, not letting pup walk in a pet store, not letting pup play in a dog park)

SOmeone did send me this link today.
Enjoy, LA

Cane Corso Discussions & Pictures / Re: Any Cane Corso owners out there??
« on: September 23, 2005, 03:23:17 am »
Max is a great looking dog, very similiar to Orion, not as heavy and thick as some of the CC's I have seen.  I prefer that look, and I think they are more agile and atheletic. I got Orion from a breeder in NJ 9 years ago.. Wouldn't trade him for the world!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Staff Photo
« on: September 22, 2005, 09:01:48 pm »
cant get the photo to attach... working on it...

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Staff Photo
« on: September 22, 2005, 08:53:41 pm »
Hello all, we had to take Staff photo's yetserday and I took mine with Orion. I think he looks very cute they way his tounge is :)

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Rare Breed types & who owns them
« on: September 20, 2005, 09:41:39 am »
WOW! all these great dogs... i have looked into owning boerboels, presa's, fila's and beucerons... I just love them. I did end up getting a cane corso who is everything i need for my life, accepting, but protective, obedient, low energy in the house, but could go all day with me.   My new pup ( bull mastiff / cane corso) sorta resembles a boerboel. 
Did you get your BB's in the US or did you import them in for SA?

Cane Corso Discussions & Pictures / Re: CANE CORSO (aka: italian mastiff)
« on: September 20, 2005, 06:40:02 am »
I have a 9 yearl old brindle male and a 4 .5 month old cane corso bull mastiff x .  LOVE THEM :)   I am going to try to post some pics of my male later :)

Cane Corso Discussions & Pictures / Re: Cane Corso's have big paws too.
« on: September 20, 2005, 06:38:38 am »
Hello, I have a cane corso ( ORION) who is 9 and a cane corso/ bullmastiff mix puppy.  I absouletly LOVE the breed! What kind of work are you planning to do with your CC?  I wanted, and actually started training Orion in Schutzhund, but his temp was alittle to soft.  I did all the obedience  (and he learned very quickly) and started with the tracking and protection but then changed gears to agility and Rally~ I have found that the can be fairly sensitive and positive a postive approach works well. They still need a good leader with good dog skills, but not a hard handed one! Orion will turn 9 next week and is still very acitve, can turn on a dime, go hiking, swimming and loves to chase the geese :) but still is nice nad mellow in the house... I love him dearly!
Enjoy, LA
ps... make sure you are OK with drool before getting a CC...

Newfoundland Discussions / Re: Does your dog do this too?!!
« on: September 16, 2005, 08:44:21 am »
aspen spends 90% of his time like this :)

Mixed Breed Discussion / Kia 4 months old Bullmastiff X Cane Corso mix
« on: September 14, 2005, 12:39:52 pm »
So we have had Kia for a month now.... and she is doing well. She is housebroken  :), sleeping thru out the night, and  sleeping late on weekends!  She is smart ( has learned sit, down, wait, speak,loose leash walking and is working on jumping into the car) We just got thru having a UTI and it was back to the vet today.  In the last couple of days she has gotten some "spots" at first it was on her belly only and I thought it might be a staph infection, but yetserday she got one on her head, so off to vet.  She has demodectic ( sp) mange... poor girl . Should be all gone after a couple of dips.

I just switched her to adult food. She was eating Eukanuaba Large breed Puppy, and I switched her to Solid Gold Wolf King... anyone else using this?  She was the runt of the litter and at this point is about 35lbs .  ( her mom was 85, and dad was 140)

I have raised lots a dogs, and i have found the "gaurding breeds" tend to have more seperation anxiety issues... does anyone else find this to be true?  Kia does want to be around me at all times, and if I leave throws a fit. I have been working with her and giving her a high value treat and leaving for short periods. ( when I have to go for a longer time I crate her).  and she is showing signs of improvment.
She is a wonderful pup...

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Are we too late?
« on: September 08, 2005, 11:22:36 am »
Hello,  I always have my pups on a leash for the first couple of months. That way if they are doing something wrong you can step on the leash and prevent them from doing it. It also prevents them from learning to avoid you and playing the chase me game :)  I lalso like to umbilical cord them to me with the leash, that way I am in control of where they are going and what they are doing. ( if they chew the leash you can try spraying bitter apple on the leash or rubbing in some vicks vapor rub)

If I cannot give them 100% attention I will crate them. I believe it is easier to prevent mistakes than to fix them, and having a pup in a crate is a sure way to make sure they are not in trouble. ( I do not use the crate as punishment, and the pup is never in ther for more than 2 hours)

A tired pup is a good pup. Mental and physical excercise is SO important. Incorporating training session thru out the day, and also going for a walk, playing some ball or swimming are all great ways.  I always have my pockets full with treats so I can reward the pup if it does something right. I also teach my dogs that before they get anything ( petting, food, water, going out) that they have to sit.

The first 4-5 months with a puppy is the hardest, because they know nothing, and it is our job to teach them. It is also soooo special because you get to expereince there "awe" for life :) I tell people that when they are getting a puppy, it is often like putting money in a bank. You have to put money in to get any out. All your hard work will be rewarded though if you put the time and effort  in. 
Keep us updated on your progress!!!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Prong collars
« on: September 01, 2005, 06:54:05 am »
I have used all 4 collars depending on the situation.  The gentle leader is more of a management tool,  good for "controlling" jumping and pulling, eating stuff off the floor.   If I am going into a high distraction area ( lots dogs) I will use the prong collar aka as the " angel " collar. I also use the small prong on my dogs ( all my dogs are over 80 lbs) It is less bulky and gives a better correction when needed. In other situations I will use the buckle collar. I do not use choke chains anymore, b/c i too heard that info years ago .   Just remember it is not fair to correct a dog for something it does not know. Teaching it first  then proofing, then adding more distractions. Walking in the neighborhood is alot differnt then walking in the city :) 

I also ALWAYS hook my dogs up to a saftey tab when using the prong b/c as the prongs get looser and can come apart while you have the dog on leash.

Enjoy, LA

Mixed Breed Discussion / Re: golden retriever rotti cross
« on: August 22, 2005, 12:19:12 pm »
here is one of the lab :) he is very silly....

Mixed Breed Discussion / Re: I could use some help
« on: August 22, 2005, 12:00:14 pm »
Hello, the crate is a wonderful idea, i have a 12 week old puppy who was never introduced to the crate before I got her and it has taken a good 2 weeks to get her accustomed to it.
Also your pup needs tons of socializing.. meeting at least 4 new people a day. On leash of course you can have peole jsut give her a tasty treat, not even petting her at first.

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