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Well all I know is Tim is not responsible for any of the photos on his site and that the bashing on each side needs to stop....I have said somethings that were not right but I posted my thoughts on the situtation.... I have checked with the local & US authorities that a child 30 lbs or less riding on a big breed dog will not harm them if only on for no more that 10 minutes with dog approval. I have read through most of your message boards and you are all trying to do good and I will not bash you for that...

I'm an animal lover myself and I rather save an animal first before a human....

Don't Forget To Hug Your Furbabies Today & Everyday
                                                                              Legends & Brat

Ummmsorry but I do know what I'm talking about and I posted As for ASPCA here's proof

Personal_FullN ame: ASPCA
If anyone would care to voice their concern directly to this website's owner, here you go:

Now you tell another lie.... I have dealt with morons like you all my life and like I've done to the ones in the past I bury them and move on so Have a wonderful day and when you realize you are wrong then go play in traffic

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