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First of all, I commend you for your love and dedication in helping these helpless kids!  Where are you located?  I am
a critical care nurse at North Corolina State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Depending on your state and location, I may be able to help you identify the problem.
The number one thing I would rule out is k-9 parvo virus...I see that others have reccomended that to you, and it seems to be costly to test all pups, however, you only need to test one of the pups (usually the most symptomatic pup) if one has parvo, chances are the all do. It can be VERY costly to treat one possitive pup, let along alone a whole litter :'(   My other thought is hook worm and whipp worms....The typical puppy dewormer will NOT treat these types of intestinal paracites.

Please feel free to email me, if I can help.

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