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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / two LARGE easter bunnies
« on: April 10, 2006, 08:26:05 am »
happy easter!  we got these from a special friend, and thought we would post for everyone to see how miserable their "present" made the dogs addition, their cousin is already showing off hers, so we should too! 

so BPO, my lil mini wangus and codina might have just scared off someone. 

its 3:45, the dogs start going crazy downstairs...a nd to clarify, angus has gotten MUCH better now to the point he rarely will bark at ANYONE.  so i get pissed, start to walk downstairs, and my FRONT DOOR IS WIDE OPEN.  YEP...THATS RIGHT...WIDE OPEN, AND THE DOGS ARE STANDING AT THE KITCHEN GATE BARKING LIKE CRAZY.  so if you've ever had a mini heart attack, you know the feeling that came over me.  i took off to the porch, no-one.  i looked in the living room and dining one.  i tell the boys how FRIGGIN GREAT they are, then we go out for a pee, and kinda peace of mind, and no-one.  angus pees for 2 minutes lol, we come back in...and it seems to all be over. 

so..i dont know what exactly happened....bu t if it was someone trying to get into the house, they sure got a rude awakening lol.  i can't really fall asleep now, but i sure do feel safe knowing i have two big, and vocal, dogs.  thank god for dogs right?


ummmmm yuummm

long story short...5 months ago (ish) i noticed angus wasn't eating like he normally did.  scarfing down his food a thousand miles an hour was suddenly a thing of the past.  i didn't think anything of it...i thought he was growing up and eating slower.  then, 2 weeks ago, i saw blood on the floor.  upon further investigation, i found like 10 sores under his chin.  thinking he was dying, i called a trusted friend of ours (marit), who thought it was probably bad acne since he has had it in the past.  no big deal, i put on neo every day and hope it goes away.  last night while petting wangus, he turned on his back and i saw that under his jaw he had a huge knot about 2.5 inches long, an inch wide, and sticking out an ince from his bottom jaw.  ok, panic mode.  my dog is dying.  angus has cancer, it annoyed him, he scratched it and it bled, and now he is going to die.  i call everyone i know in a panic, i scream for my mom, she sees it and is like what the heck...we don't know.  i am not one to pack up angus and take him to the vet because he eats i'm freaking out.  so then i decide i'm going to give him some meds to try and clear it up if it's an infection...bu t i need to weigh him.  so i go to the vet, ask for a dead time to bring him up. 

an hour ago, i pack up angus in the car...start pulling out the driveway, he then sticks his head out the sunroof and rests his head on the top of my car.  we drive to the vets while the other drivers on the road slow down to see a silly saint with his head out the roof....we get there.  the girl tells everyone to stay in their rooms, and the girls to stay in the back...i try to get him on the scale, he wont go.  5 minutes later i get a cookie, he jumps on the scale and sits for his cookie.  92.6 pounds.  we get in the car, and i turn back.  i go in, ask if there is a doc willing to take a QUICK, FREE look at wangus and she says ok.  then i ask for a muzzle.  i have never put one on my baby...but it is time, he is too big and unpredictable to take chances.  i bow my head, and slide on the muzzle.  then, i am escorted, muzzled dog and all, into the very room where we put my dear tyler to sleep.  tears.  then the doc comes in, and angus loses his mind.  if there weren't a muzzle, there would not be a doc anymore.  angus is knocking into this dude, and his happy smile quickly turns into "holy $***".  it's all business now.  he then tells me we need to take off the muzzle for him to see, and i say i don't want him to die...he says it's ok.  i say, "do you have some cookies", angus's ears perk up.  the doc goes and gets 4 cookies, and comes in the room.  a very angry angus suddenly decides he REALLY wants those cookies, and takes them through the muzzle.  after 4 cookies, we take off the muzzle, and they are best friends.  no kidding, angus was laying right with him.  so he sees it, feels it, and thinks its a really bad infection but doesn't know for sure.  he says to put him on meds for 14 days, and if it doesn't clear up, we will put him under and figure out what is going on. 

MAN O MAN do i feel better....but geesh....can you believe how easy angus is?  4 cookies and the vet is like his BESTEST friend ever. 

so...long story long i guess huh? 

at least my head can rest for 14 more days huh? 

as most of you know, marit has not had internet for over a month now due to technical issues, or else she would be here to tell you herself..

last night, march 9th, marit lost another furbaby.  her beloved cat Trouble was run over by a car, and did not make it.  please send good thoughts and prayers her way, and if you  want to drop a card in the mail, PM me for more information. 

thank you

two videos...

1-angus NOT wanting to play...bang gone bad!

2-angus has a slow painful death!


Saint Bernard General Discussions / angus in the kitchen lol
« on: March 04, 2006, 12:00:48 pm »
my dog always used to come over and put his head on the counter and watch me.  but NOW...he has picked up the most adorable thing ever which is to either sit by me, or LAY by me and just stare at the floor when i'm making food.  he doesn't even look up, he just tilts his head, and stares at the floor.  anyone else do this?  not only that, he wont take the food unless i tell him he can (i always drop something lol).  he's weird.  who else?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / ANGUS, cody and MAGGIE
« on: March 01, 2006, 01:24:34 pm »
maggie came over yesterday to play, so i thought i would share some photos with you lol.....


ya know what....i'm really tired of having him  >:(.  i know this looks terrible...and my mother makes me watch the dog whisperer EVERY sunday at 10 and i sneak it every day when she doesn't know i know that angus being angus is MY FAULT.  i take the blame ok?  i screwed him up...BUT I'M TIRED OF HAVING A SCREWED UP DOG!  HE IS WEARING DOWN EVERY LAST NERVE I HAVE. 

for like a month the dog did great here.  but for a month he has been the devil again.  EVERY.....EVER Y morning i wake up to something....a kitchen FULL of pee (literally), ripped up crap, blah blah blah....he doesn't care, it doesn't phase him...and i am REALLY tired of mopping the flor 4 times a DAY.  if i tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, he will look me in the eyes and pee....if i put him in the garage for 10 minutes while the phone guy is here, there is pee all over the garage, if i put him in the basement (dog firnedly/my office) while i mop upstairs, he will pee on the stairs and in trails around the downstairs.... he still gets pissy with me and growls, snaps, whatever he wants. 

cody NEEDS to make us happy.  the dog is not happy if he is not making us happy....angus could care less.  if he doesn't get HIS way he will pee, and then attack. 

i'm really really tired and worn out.  it's been a constant struggle and fight since i got him. 

to end on a high note, he is doing better with his barking. :o that's my rant.  now who wants him ?  LMAO. 

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / wish us luck
« on: February 17, 2006, 08:01:02 pm »
powerball is the biggest in north america lol.  365 million or something.  i think between the family member we got three tickets LMAO. 

however, if by chance, one of our....3 wins...there will be about 200 NEW paw prints on BPO. 

anyone have tickets?  if you win can i have some?

Saint Bernard Pictures / I'm a BIG boy now! FINALLY
« on: February 17, 2006, 06:04:24 pm »
well....measur ed wango today, and he is 29.5 inches!  he's grown 1.5 inches in 2 months!  wow! 

i know he is no gershwin  :'( or spotakiss  :'( but he's a lot bigger than cody lol.  i'll give him that much! 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Greys Anatomy WHAT?!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!
« on: February 05, 2006, 01:39:05 am »
ok.  i live in missouri.  central time.  watched the whole crappy football game, all the crappy commercials, THEN HAD TO WATCH SOME CRAZY DUMB MEN TALK ABOUT NOTHING FOR AN ly, one hour AFTER the terrible game 10:30, they shut up, and greys anatomy comes yea, i'm kinda excited, not so much as i was 10 hours ago before everything crap's 11:30, AND IT'S OVER????????????????



General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / really small poopers
« on: January 24, 2006, 04:09:29 pm » s may make me look really stupid, but here it goes.

about 6 months ago, i started giving cody that solid gold seaweed stuff....all was great until one morning he threw up golfball sized green balls.  took it to the vet, they thought he ate a plant (which for those of you who DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE DOGS ALL DAY) know if you are there with them, they absolutely did not eat a freaking plant.  i think it was the solid gold stuff.... around this time, cody had been putting on weight.  then, within a month he gained 15 pounds, and now looks like a whale.  did all the blood work, started starving him, more exercise...all that good stuff, and nothing.  not losing any weight at all.  the other thing is his crap is getting smaller and smaller, almost to puppy size.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  who knows?  the vets are not concerned....f resno or st louis....and since the blood work is ok they wont do anything else. 

who has an idea?  tell me its something simple.  or nothing at all.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / midwest get together!?
« on: January 23, 2006, 10:35:56 am »

i know of a st bernard, a golden retriever, and a great dane puppy who love to get together!  would anyone else be up for a small ride with a fun packed day to meet some fellow BPOers????

if you live in the midwest, and are willing to travel a little, lets all get together and make the west coasters jealous! 

CUMMON PEOPLE!  ITS TIME FOR BPO SPIRIT?>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.  as most of you probably know....angus has been QUITE the demon dog.  terrible with strangers, friends, dogs, cats, cows, the wind, the cell phone, someone he thinks he sees or thinks he hears....

WELL, you might also know i moved back to missouri where i have had some wonderful hel pand support from my mom, and have tried VERY hard to get angus on a good healty track. 


did you get that?  angus with a strange dog he TRIED to EAT a month ago, and they now run around and play and snuggle. 

SO, i have attached some pix of angus, cody, and maggie playing!  hope you enjoy as much as i do.  you have no idea the joy i have felt today after a year of having an antisocial dog......he FINALLY let another dog into his space and loved on her.  i can't explain the feelin it gives you! 

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