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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I'm such a dork - I cried
« on: February 16, 2008, 06:55:37 am »
Well I just dropped Harley off at the Pet Resort (kennel).

The trainer I used for Harley when he was a pup owns it and it is beautiful 5 stars, he will go on play dates, take daily walks, get his 8:00 biscuit and everything but he won't have ME!!

When I got there they took him from me and escorted him back to his room - but I didn't get to say bye  :-\
They said they would bring him back to say bye but it wasn't in his best interest so I said it was OK so I left...and cried!!

What a wuss I am.


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Another Paige doing rescue
« on: January 06, 2008, 05:36:51 pm »
So while I was looking on Petfinder I found a Mastiff Mix in need of a home - I e-mailed to information and found out that she was going to Petco for a rescue outing and they would let me know - well she has found a home!!  That is great news and they will let me know if it doesn't work out - the funny ? thing is one of the woman who started the rescues name is Paige and she just started her rescue in December!!

So Paige there is another Paige out there trying to help the pups just like you!!

I have tried to attach a photo of Ashley - she is 3 and the family got rid of her because they used her for breeding and the pups weren't selling quickly enough...jerks!!

Old English Mastiff Discussions / To bad husband of the month is taken
« on: December 29, 2007, 10:20:03 pm »
OK So my hubby is not nearly as good as Stella's but he did do something nice today:

A few days ago I just lost it; sat everyone down for a family meeting and ripped them all to shreds - my 15 year old son has gone from a good kid to a lazy, sarcastic, lump and my darling 8 year old daughter has issues with impulsivity she does whatever she wants when she wants damn the consequences (and believe me there are consequences) and hubby works for UPS so I haven't seen him since thanksgiving anyway I wrote out my issues with all of them and one of the ones with hubby is that he won't let me have another large dog (he ok'd a little dog but I just don't see it at this point in my life when I'm a little older and can't walk a big dog maybe)

Anyway I went on to tell him what gives him the right to stop me from having something that makes me happy even if it is more work for him - he has 2 harley davidsons that are work and take him away from the family on his very little family time...anyway he took the lashing and didn't say anything and today he said lets go do something and he took me to the aspca to see if there was anything interesting, thankfully there wasn't (that means not to many disgarded dogs) if we had gone earlier in the day maybe because there were 3 that I would have considered but they were all adopted, thats a good thing!!

I still want a mastiff the waiting list is rather long but I can wait I don't even know if harley wants a sister but just the fact that he is considering another dog is a step in the right direction.

Modified to add:  also he is only husband of the month because there is only 1 day left in the month!


Flat Coated Retriever Discussions & Pictures / OK Who want him???
« on: December 06, 2007, 03:08:21 am »
Harley is driving me crazy!!  He has been crying, whining non-stop for an hour - he eats at 6:00 but was so crazy we fed him at 5:00 (hey sometimes I get hungry early also), but that didn't do it - then he was jumping, whining and pestering me as I t-r-i-e-d to wrap my secret santa gift.  Now he is looking at the sink and crying (I made ravioli for my son and the left overs are in a strainer waiting for the rest of the family)...I can't put him outside because he sits at the door and --- yep whines.  He has always been a whiner but I'm about ready to trade him for a goldfish!!

Thanks for listening!!


Anything Non-Dog Related / Where to ski?? - NDR
« on: December 02, 2007, 10:35:33 pm »
As some of you may remember I have been in the process of planning a family vacation to Arizona that I thought would satisfy everyone in my families taste - I worked long and hard and yet noone was excited so since I hadn't booked anything I have decided that maybe I should send my darling 15 year old teenage boy skiing with his father and keep my equally as charming 9 year old pre-teen with me and visit Grandma in Florida.  (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

So much for a family vacation - well anyway I have spend most of the morning on researching locations, condos, hotels etc.  I am sooo confused so here is what I am looking for:

Maybe Colorado or Utah - they have both skied Lake Placid and Vermont

A place you can ski in and out with restaurants close by so no rental car is necessary.  They are not fancy really don't care about fine dining small family places or diners are fine.

Can you suggest anyplace awesome or equally as important anyplace to stay away from?

Harley is all set to stay at the doggie spay and resort that his trainer ownes (it even has radiant heating).  So now I just have to get the rest of us taken care of..

As always thanks in advance for advise you can share!!


Holiday Things / The first arrival
« on: November 26, 2007, 04:37:38 pm »
Thank you to Jagersmom for cheering up my otherwise sad mailbox yesterday with my first BPO holiday card!!

Looking forward to the cards makes going to the mailbox so much more fun!!

Thanks again,
Randy & Harley

Anything Non-Dog Related / Do you know about Arizona?
« on: November 09, 2007, 07:58:01 am »
Hi everyone - I am looking for a place to go on vacation with my family on February break.  The week of break is very hard to get reservations and very expensive for lodging and airfare (plus I had to wait to make sure dh could get vaca that week)

So the travel agent thought we could fly into Tucson for 4 days and Phoenix for 3 days - If we stay in those two "cities" will we get the whole Arizona experience

My family is made up of a 15 year old son (who wants to go to Colorado or Utah skiing...Brrr) my 9 year old daughter, dh and myself - they are all active always on the go - and I like to sit or shop.

If we were in AZ I think I would want a day at the grand canyon and 1 day in Sodona both are at least 2 hours from Phoenix (I think)

So what do you think is there enough going on to keep us all happy and fulfilled?

Thanks so much for your input!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy and Harley (who is going to the doggie spa that week)

Anything Non-Dog Related / I feel used (NDR) - kind of long
« on: October 10, 2007, 11:37:23 am »
so dear friends,

I have an issue at work and I have exhausted all the possiblities so now I sit and stew over the outcome I will try to give you a condensed version but it is long.

I was hired 3 years ago as a computer lab assistant at the High School where my son goes and my daughter will someday as well.  The hours work out great, they are flexable and the 2 ladies I work with are awesome - sounds great huh - it really is BUT I make next to nothing.  A little over minimum wage - I am a certified teacher, with a masters degree - I'm not teaching because there are no job openings and honestly I don't know If I want to commit to the time that goes into that job.  So my job when I started was to watch the students in the lab make sure they were following the rules; write up repair orders; and fill the printers - well as people have figured out that I have a brain I am now running all over the building fixing this computer issues or that one; updating the website; helping substitute teachers; reimaging computers; setting up new computers and installing software and the list goes on.  I am always asked if I mind doing these things and I do like to keep busy but I look around at staff doing so much less than me and getting paid more - so everyones answer is stop doing the extras and just do my job - but then I won't seem like a team player and the lady I help out will be overwhelmed and I like her.

I really have tried to get over the money issue I know what I was going to be making when I took the job but it has evolved and I feel like I am being taken advantage of, but in a school system there are only certain jobs you can have and they only pay certain things.  I need to get over it if I want to keep my job - the perks are good - I know what is going on in my teenagers life (otherwise I would know nothing - he doesn't share).

Sorry so long - I just needed to vent


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I'm not good at finding things
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:09:27 pm »
So a few weeks ago we had a new member on the board who had gotten a puppy someone had "left" a gas station.

Tonight I saw a neighbor walking a new pup - I had seen her before it looked like a way cute black lab but yesterday I noticed that is was lying down and it had the flat coated retriever look (for those of you who have had a flat coat you know that look - lying like a rug with the eyes staring up at you).  Anyway, tonight I pulled my car over to talk to her and I asked if it was a Flat Coat she said she didn't know she got him at the shelter!!  She is a volunteer there - he had come from a shelter in NC with an upper respitory infection so they asked if she would foster at home as not to infect the other dogs she fell in love with him and now I believe she has a flat coat pup!!

I think if I found a dog hubby would let me keep it - well I don't really know about that but once it set its paws in my house there is no leaving!!

Oh well I'll keep looking!!

I found this very cute, handsome, 1 year old Newf on petfinder - unfortunately, I don't know how to put a link to petfinder - the dogs name is Bear he is at an organization called Save-A-Stray in the Adirondacks. 

While hubby still says no Newf I definately can't get a Male - not with Harley around but maybe someone is looking for this very adorable boy.

Randy & Harley

Anything Non-Dog Related / That was a long 9 days
« on: August 22, 2007, 07:33:57 pm »
Hi everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for the good thoughts and prayers for my daughter who was in the hospital for the past 9 days.  We are home now and I am relieved, exhausted and a bit frustrated.

Gailyn is doing well, no fever, the swelling is down but she is so tired.

We still have lots of doctors appointments to go to over the next month and then a year.

She is currently undiagnosed but she was treated for and leaning to Kawasakis disease or leptospirosis (some dogs are being vacinated against lepto)

We have followups with cardiologists, gastrointerolo gists, infections disease and her regular doctors!!

It has been a roller coaster!!  Harley is SOOOOO happy to have us home!! (Actually both grandmothers have been here for a few days which means he gets toast, and all kinds of leftovers we tradionally don't give hime!)

So thanks again for the good thoughts and I hope to be around the board more often now!

Randy & Harley

Anything Non-Dog Related / We could use your good thoughts
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:53:09 pm »
Hi everyone,

My 8 year old daughter was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning with a high fever, muscle aches and all sorts of other ailments, we have been on such a roller coaster ride as I tell you this kid is tough as nails and now she is looking so sad and pathetic.  We have been told it can be hepatitus A, Mono, Kowasaki Disease, an unnamed virus and everything in the book - it is soooo frustrating and scary we really havent learned anything since Saturday, I have been sleeping at the hospital with her and haven't been on the boards - I miss it alot - there is so much friendship and comfort here - I wish I could have that at 2:00 in the morning when I am alone sitting in the dark with her (She can't tolerate the lights in her eyes).

So I am asking once again for your thoughts and prayers - I can't wait to get back and read everyones posts - I am trying to attach a picture of Gailyn and Harley but I am in a hurry to get back so it may not work.


OK so many of you know that I really wanted a Mastiff and now I am leaning to a Newfie, but hubby doesn't really want another big dog.

My 8 year old daughter is adopted from South Korea and has some problems with attention and realizing that she belongs to our family, I am currently reading a great book that is making things much clearer for me (I couldn't understand why she was so mean, and seemed to be so uncaring)

Well anyway, at one point the psychiatrist suggested maybe getting a small dog for my daugher (She can't handle Harley he is SUCH a handful).  A dog she could love and walk and play with (I DO realize that all the real responsiblity will fall on me).  Hubby kind of poo pooed the suggestion well I was flipping thru the classified yesterday and found an adorable puppy lapso apso (sp) well hubby surprised me and called and set up an appointment for today to go look but he didn't ask any puppy questions so I called back and the guy said he was bathing the pup we were going to look at and one that was being picked up today, so I asked a few questions told him I would see him at 11:30 and hung up he called back about 5 minutes later and said the pup was sold? 

In a way I am relieved because I hadn't done any research on the breed, and was afraid when I went to look at the dog I would fall in love and the answers to my questions wouldn't matter.

So, I think I am more interested in a ShiZhu (sp) than a llapso anyway but would love some insight for you guys what kind of ankle biter would you get???

Sorry so long!!

Randy and Harley (who is sweating just thinking of a cute pup in the house!)

Anything Non-Dog Related / Fumble - I need advise on Cape Cod NDR
« on: July 18, 2007, 09:53:19 am »
Hi Fumble and anyone else that knows Cape Cod:

My family and I are hoping to come to Cape Cod the last week in August.  We are late planning because we thought my son had football but it doesn't look like he wants to play this year - well anyway, that leaves that week open as a family vacation.

I'm looking for suggestions of places to stay or someone to rent a condo or house from (or area realtor who does this kind of thing)  Even different areas we are looking for a beach and some shopping (beach for hubby and kids and shopping for me) 

Harley won't be coming with us so we don't need a dog friendly place but I will be petting every dog I can get my hands on.  Of course I would love to meet Fumble as I am trying to talk my family into a Newfie!!

Thanks anyone who can give me advise!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Pool alarms (OT)
« on: June 04, 2007, 11:46:55 pm »
Hi everyone  -  I know some of you have put pools in recently and others who live in warm weather may have existing pools so my question is:  Do any of you have alarm systems that alert you when someone/something falls in the pool?

We are currently digging for an inground pool - it will be totally fenced by itself so Harley shouldn't be able to get in if the fence isn't open; but New York State is now requiring pool alarms on all new construction pools - does anyone have one they can recommend or one to stay away from?

Thanks for any info!!

Randy & Harley

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