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OMG tervurens are constantly being called: German Shepherd mix or Shepherd/Collie mix. I just smile anymore and say Belgian Tervuren rhymes with Van Buren or Terv for short and then its like...yah right, did you just make that up.  It is refreshing to meet people along the way who appreciate and know the breed!

Diane and the terv duo

Are you on Global Paws too....signatu re looks familiar :). Your Dane is absolutely amazing, what a FUN personality he exudes!!!!  I bet he's all legs right now LOL!

Yes Tervs are beautiful but their motto is "always on the go unless at command" and that is so true. These boys never stop moving and can go and go and go.....yikes!  However they are also very intelligent and respond very well to positive training. They never forget...good or issues need to be worked through.  We are looking for our third terv.....they are amazing animals!

Diane and the terv duo

I read your posts and answers of the dog dog complications you are having with your new Dane. Did you get this all sorted out? Thanks for the "fluffy" comment...they smell good too :)
Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Wow both Jackie and Blair certainly have their hands full with their dog crews!

Blair what a combination... you ever find the chihuahua amongst all the big dogs???

Jackie - What a beautiful Malamute and he is living to a ripe old age. My father in law at one point had a Malamute and he left him outdoors all the time.  He died of heart failure eventually and didn't live to be nearly the age of your beautiful dog!  You have your hands full too with those three big paws!!!!

Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Your newfie is absolutely adorable!  In the dark they look like big bears, I even have mistaken a newfie for a bear as well as the bouvier des flandres. I bet people on here have bouvier's too! Keep putting up new pictures, I LOVE seeing people's doggie personalities! Thanks for the welcome.

Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Belgian Tervuren Discussions & Pictures / Beautiful Pyrenees
« on: December 08, 2005, 04:53:17 pm »
What a beautiful dog Kiah is...I love Great Pyrenees.  Do you have plans for her to compete or do a job at home or just as the family companion?  They get big so fast don't they?

Thanks for the compliment on my boys.  They think they are handsome too....hahahah a!

Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Saying hello from beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State's Puget Sound. Currently we have two male belgian tervurens, Chancellor and Kody Bear, CGC. They are an amazing duo and help me in my dog training classes, as demo dogs and teacher dogs.  They are 1 1/2 years old and from two different breeders, litters and pedigrees.  They are in-training Island Search and Rescue dogs as well as starting competitors for Rally-O, Agility and Obedience.  We'll see you all around BigPaws!!!!

Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Belgian Tervuren Discussions & Pictures / Belgian Tervuren duo Introduction
« on: December 08, 2005, 04:30:49 pm »
Two tervuren own me - Woodlawn K Smokey Koyote (or Kody Bear for short) CGC and MNM's Wyld Waves of Chance. They are males, both 1 1/2 years but from different litters. I'll include pics and would love to see tervs if others have them as well. 
Diane Garrod and the terv duo

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