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I was so sure we'd be digging all day today.  We lost Piper, Jesse's mom, and Josh, his brother in late March.  Jesse has not handled the loss well at all but the past few weeks have been really bad.  He was in a lot more pain so I started giving him Rimadyl figuring it was his arthritis which has always been very bad.  The Rimadyl didn't agree with his system and he started having terrible diarrhea, liquid squirts.  Unfortunately to stop the diarrhea we had to stop the Rimadyl so the pain came back.  Last night he was in agony!  Took him to the vet today and wish I'd gone sooner.  The problem is in his neck and/or upper spine.  The Rimadyl caused a problem because he's on prednisone for seasonal allergies.  Oy!  So we've got some new pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflamatory meds to try and see if we can get this under control.  The Rimadyl helped before so this ought to help.  We can try anyway.  Part of his prognosis depends on the cause and we don't know the cause.  If it is a slipped disk, he may come out of it ok with some muscle relaxers for a while.  If it is arthritis and a piece has come lose and is knocking around in there, he may never really come out of this.  Anyway, here's to a little more time to spoil Jesse!  It really is so hard to decide at times but this step is clear - there is one more thing we can try for him!  His tail still works vigorously!  He does NOT want to move though so the whole vet visit was quite the painful ordeal for him.  He's sleeping it off now and snoring beside me.

Just got the ok to use the new shower for dog washing!!!!!  Yeah!!!  Eider's been getting stinkier by the day.  This comes none too soon.  I'll get some better pics once I actually clean the bathroom.  Didn't bother cleaning knowing I was planning to wash Prince Brat right away.

Jesse has been enjoying the coolness of the tile in the new room.  He likes the closet best.  Cool and enclosed, like a good den should be. 

Last is Eider in the laudry basket.  Not sure why the laundry basket is a favorite of his - we had some basket pics a number of months ago.  What surprised me so much is that he still finds a way to fit! 

I tried to search since I KNOW it must be here somewhere but I can't find it!  Anyone have any tips on how to get the poop stink out of a hardwood floor???  Stuck in a bit of a mess here with Jesse - he's been taking Rimadyl for his arthritis pain but the Rimadyl upset his stomach. Liquid poop ALL OVER the pantry (he really was trying not to do it in the house). I gave him rice yesterday and pepto bismol but it happened again overnight. I'll be sure to leave the door open to the outside tonight for his sake AND mine! Not much else I can really do at the moment. It is time for him to be PTS - he's been miserable since Josh and Piper died and his arthritis is really bothering him a lot more these last few weeks (which is why I started the Rimadyl). Unfortunately DH is on a manhunt for the guy who shot a Trooper here in NY and is working from 6 am to 10 pm every day. Even if I could work out the logistics of putting Jesse to sleep, I know DH would want to be there. Anyway, I'm making a long story longer. Anyone have any tips on getting out the smell??? Even after DH cleaned it thoroughly yesterday morning, it smelled even in the evening. I'm not sure what he used to clean it. I did it this morning with Dawn soap and Oxine (sort of like bleach without the odor) and then used lemon juice to try to cut down the smell. Left the windows open all day yesterday but it didn't seem to help! I can't use bleach because it aggravates my asthma. Windows open aren't great for my asthma either but the stink is TERRIBLE! Anyone have any low-odor tips???? I have to go out and run some errands later so I could pick up something if need be.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Carter, the Big Paw lap dog
« on: June 12, 2006, 08:19:18 pm »
Carter, the silly old bear, thinks he would make a GREAT lap dog!  I've been brushing him every night after our walks and puts up with it for a while but he eventually gets tired of it (he likes to have his "mane" brushed, but not his matted butt) and gets all silly and playful to get me to stop.  He rolls over, twists around, paws at me and just acts like a clown!  Anyway, it always ends now with him laying in/on my lap and him gently mouthing my arm, kissing my face or neck and sliming me to pieces.  He's way too big to fit but he curls up into a ball as best he can trying his hardest to fit into my lap.  He's as content and happy as can be all curled up in my lap!  He's such a nut!  Ah well, off to my nightly after-Carter shower.  Do the rest of you have to shower after a Big Paw encounter?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Doggy comics
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:05:43 pm »
Anyone else a comic strip addict?  Here are a few of my doggy favorites: - Marm really cracked me up today (June 6) - picked a date that really focuses on Duncan, their rescued Scottish Terrier - a boy and his dog - Sophie the dog has a new baby in the house - Fred Basset - so cute!

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Carter, the dirty dog
« on: June 04, 2006, 11:19:17 am »
It has been raining a LOT lately and DH just tilled the garden.  Carter seems to like the smell of fresh dirt and just plays like a pup in it!  The pics don't really seem to do it justice.  If you look at his toes though, we'd just taken a walk in the rain and his toes are a lot cleaner because he kept going through puddles.  He was dirty to the bone!  His belly was completely mud colored.  I think the flash made everything look lighter, brighter, whiter. 

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / How long?
« on: May 06, 2006, 09:04:34 am »
So I'm looking at all these pics of Katie and Carter and thinking I should create Paw Prints for them so I went in and deleted Josh's paw print, but then I opened up Thor's to look and started bawling.  Then I opened Piper's and had to go get another tissue.  Just when you think you're doing ok something hits.  So how long does it take before this stops?  I know with Thor I bawled every day for at least a month after he died. Piper and Josh weren't as bad - we'd been watching them for years to know if it was time and they both lived long, full lives while Thor did not.  I guess it is better than it was.  I don't think it has hit me like this in a while.  It still kind of surprised me though.  I guess trying to hit the delete button was just a bit too final.   Not ready to go there yet.  Will have to wait on Katie and Carter's prints 'til I'm not quite so glum. 

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Dog walk pictures
« on: May 06, 2006, 08:48:44 am »
Took a pile of pics for the contest - here are some leftovers and dog walk pictures...

1. Carter was REALLY full of it today - it was nice and cool.  He took the dog bed out and SHREDDED it!  LOL!  It was filled with styrofoam peanuts.  What a mess!
2. We sit so nicely!
3. The walk series - Katie lays down when she gets really excited.
4. Put on leashes.
5. Untangle leashes.
6. Let's go!
7. Finally getting tired enough to get a good pic.
8. Katie on alert!

Book Club & Noteworthy Reads / Good kid's book
« on: May 02, 2006, 09:38:37 pm »
Ok, so I enjoyed it too but it is a GREAT young teen historical fiction book called Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark.  It is about a Newfy who goes on the expedition.  Seaman was a real dog mentioned in the diaries of Lewis, Clark and others, but much of the info in the book is made up.  Still fun reading and good history as well.  The book does tell you which events were listed in the diaries - actually quite a few. 

Labrador Retriever Discussions / Eider's silly antics
« on: April 30, 2006, 03:32:22 am »
Must be the day for silly stories...   Eider has been full of something today.  Not in a bad way for once.  Just a nut.  He followed me upstairs while I was doing a few things and I heard him rustling around in the shower so I looked over and wished I'd had the camera!  He came out of the shower with the curtain flowing over him!  Looked like he was wearing a dress! 

Then we went down stairs and Eider in his usual fashion got tired of one at a time.  He decided to jump down the last 3 stairs.  Unfortunately I was also walking down the stairs at the same time.  He crashed into the back of my legs.

Lately Eider has been having serious technical difficulties.  He can't hold two toys in his mouth at once.  He gets one toy in his mouth, then gets frustrated because he wants the other toy and can't hold both in his mouth at once.  Life is so difficult for a puppy!  ;D

Last, but not least, is his problem with food.  He thinks he ought to eat everything we eat.  DH was eating a banana and offered a piece to Eider.  Eider took it because it was people food but pretty soon decided he REALLY didn't like it!  You should have seen his face!  We also discovered he doesn't like hot food.  A neighbor kid was over and the only mustard I had for the bologna sandwich was hot.  He thought he wanted it but decided it was too hot after just one bite.  Eider and Jesse split the sandwich but Eider thought the mustard was too hot too!  Too funny watching his face again! 

Carter went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and I was really kind of bummed about his weight until I did some thinking.  He's 100 lbs right now.  Before we went to the vet DH and I both felt like he's put some weight on since he came.  He still feels horribly thin but not as emaciated as he felt when he came.  Supposedly he was 100 lb when he came though so I couldn't figure out what was going on.  Went back to his records and the 100 lb was when he came in to rescue at the beginning of April.  I didn't have a weight from the day he was neutered.  I'm guessing he actually lost weight in rescue probably due to stress.  She said he was only eating about 5 c of food free choice.  Here he has eaten anything and everything I've put in front of him!  I've actually limited his intake since I didn't want to upset his stomach.  She had to give him a relaxer (clomicalm) or he'd freak out in the crate at night.  He was not able to be outside there at night due to neighbors close by.  He is not a laid back, take what comes kinda dog.  He's very loving and sweet, but he is high energy, a bit of a worrier, like both Jesse and Eider.  I think he was just completely stressed out and not eating as much as he should have due to that.  Anyway, he does seem to be putting on a bit of weight slowly but surely.  He seems to have plenty of energy and seems to feel pretty good so I'm happy with that progress.  We'll just keep on what we're up to I guess and see how he continues.  He's got plenty of room out there to run and patrol and seems quite happy working.  He also LOVES attention!  He and DS#2 are great play buddies. 

Had the vet check his hips and back legs thoroughly because he seems stiff on them at times and carries the one kind of strangely.  He said his muscle is keeping the hip in place right now if there is a problem with the joint itself.  He said the best thing to do is let him settle in for another month or so and see how it is doing at that point and possibly to get an x-ray at that point to see what is going on.  He thinks there is some arthritis setting in in one of the joints but hard to say where exactly without an x-ray.  Carter doesn't seem to have any specific pain that he could find but he obviously doesn't put his full weight on the one side.  I've started glucosamine chondroitin supplements to try to help fight off those problems as best I can but only time will tell.

His ears looked clear as far as he allowed the vet to look.  We backed him into a corner to try to get in and look at those ears but he was pretty spastic about that.  He put up about 300 lb of fight!  LOL!  I was drenched in sweat from trying to control him.  He wasn't nasty, just pawing, squirming and what not.  Hard to get a look when that is going on!  If we get the x-ray on the hips, I'll have them check the inner ear then.  We're pretty certain that he doesn't hear much.  He does hear a little bit but only certain ranges and when it is loud.  That said, he gets along fine and it doesn't seem to impact his overall health!  He is alert and certainly interested in what is going on.  He relies a lot on his sight and also somewhat on Katie.  They are a great working team!

Katie is still asserting herself over the other dogs.  She's gotten a lot more at ease with Carter but she still gets kind of snippy at times, esp when she wants to be the center of attention and he is too close.  She puts the capital B in _itch in that respect.  She doesn't tolerate Eider, but we also find his pestering annoying at times so who can blame a gal!  LOL!  She absolutely adores the kids and all people and loves to have her belly rubbed.  If you walk anywhere through their enclosure, she's right there glued to your leg.  She's truly a people person!    DS#1 and DD are both in love with her.  That said, she's also a great guardian!  She's so alert and woofy if she sees any critters that don't belong.  She chased the guineas quite a bit the first few days but when told "no" she was quick to stop.  She seems to be settling in pretty well now, eating much better, though still not with Carter's enthusiasm, and just all around seems pretty happy. 

I've been walking them in the evening - my very favorite thing to do!  They've gotten so that they really look forward to the walks and start looking up to the house for movement in the early evening.  If I go outside any time after dinner, they start woofing, jumping and getting all excited.  They're so cute!  They are both pretty good on the leash but a few things have cropped up that have me thinking I might want to go ahead and get Gentle Leaders for them.  Carter LOVES to chase cars!  He's not really that hard to handle as long as I get a grip on his collar but it is a bit disconcerting at times if one comes up kind of quickly and I'm trying to get hold of his collar!  Katie goes nuts when she sees deer, woodchucks or other critters.  She thinks she's going to give chase and kill!  That's ok if I see it first but she's got quite a pull there when she catches me off guard!  She gets all excited, yippy and jumpy.  What a pair!  They've certainly been keeping me busy getting into a good routine!  Whew!  Anyway, here are some pics from this week: ;) ;)

Big Dogs with Jobs / Katie and Carter
« on: April 24, 2006, 07:47:10 pm »
are doing pretty well.  Katie still isn't eating much but she is eating regularly so I'm sure she'll get up to a normal intake once she settles in a little more.  She was used to eating whenever she wanted and I'm feeding twice a day so I'm sure that is a major adjustment for her.  I'm putting some of the satin ball stuff in there to encourage her to eat but Carter cleans up whatever she doesn't eat so I don't dare just leave food down all the time.  She's an absolute love bug!  :-* She LEANS right into you when you pet her and spends at least half her time with people on her side wanting her belly rubbed!  At least there is no shortage of people here to rub her belly.  When one gets tired, another takes over.  She'll also paw at you to get you to pet her if you stop.

We took off Carter's cone yesterday and all seems to be going well.  He was SO EXCITED to get that thing off!  So were my ducks! LOL!  I got some eggs again today - they had not laid since he came on Fri from fright from him crashing into their pens.  When it came off, he ran around like a big, overgrown puppy!  He's such a riot.  He's as goofy as Katie is serious.  What a pair!  He'll take your hand or arm very gently in his mouth when he gets all excited playing.  :D He is also very much a love bug.  He's also an eating machine!  He's eaten everything I've put in front of him so far which is quite a bit!  I'm trying not to overfeed since his stool was a bit loose but he's so thin it is hard not to feed him all he wants. 

I was supposed to take both of them and Jesse to the vet Fri but Katy still thinks she'd like to kill the other dogs so I think she'll stay home.  She doesn't seem to have any outstanding health issues so I think she can wait with her chip for a bit.  I do have some questions about Carter and would like a vet check in addition to the chip.  The rescue coordinator was pretty sure that he doesn't hear well and I agree.  He seems to hear somewhat but other times you can be right next to him (esp when he's asleep) calling to him and he doesn't wake up.  There's also something strange about one of his back legs - seems to be in the foot.  He doesn't walk right and it looks like it doesn't bend right, or over-bends if that makes any sense. :-\

We took Katie and Carter for a short walk last night to see how they'd do on a leash.  It was pretty obvious that neither had been on a leash much but both were very responsive - looking to me and DH as to what we wanted.  They pulled a little as would be expected of dogs who had never been taught to walk on a leash but I was pleasantly surprised that they were as easy to handle as they were.  They were both VERY excited about the walk so I'm sure we'll eventually be able to have a great time.  We didn't go far though because of Carter's foot, neuter and also because he's not in very good shape.  Katie has been working so she is in good shape but Carter has been very confined so he's just not up to much physical activity.

If the rain stops for a few minutes, I'll try to get some better pics of them, esp Carter without the cone.  He's gorgeous when he dries out!  Not that that has happened much in the last few days but I did see it once.  Unfortunately I was on my way somewhere and didn't have time to go back and get the camera. ::)

Labrador Retriever Pictures / Eider pics - mostly grown up
« on: April 23, 2006, 08:08:32 am »
Eider was offended that I showed that pic of him acting silly.  Wanted me to post his "almost grown up" pics that I took the other day before those other dogs came and took up so much of mom's time.  He's really turning into a big, tough hunting dog. 

Big Dogs with Jobs / Not a moment too soon...
« on: April 22, 2006, 07:30:17 pm »
Been up to my ears the last few days and will be for a few more days but I wanted to give ya'll a quick update.  I'll have a lot of reading to catch up when things quiet down!  Finally decided to call the new Pyr Carter.  We loved Kipling but it got shortened to Kippy which just didn't sound very dignified.  They are AMAZING!  I am so in love already.  Wed night DH and I were outside doing some things and heard some racoons fighting not far from where we were out by the barn. Thurs night I picked up Katie, the Anatolian. Fri I picked up Carter, the Pyr. Last night we heard a yip followed by "woo, woo, woo," then another yip, followed closely by Carter's reply. That happened about 5-6 times. Coyotes. Carter was neutered on Thurs, we picked him up Fri (not ideal, but it was the only way all the timing could be worked out between her schedule and mine). Carter wasn't here an hour before he was patrolling and "woo"ing. Katie is out there now with tail up on alert, Carter is "woo"ing about something. They are both INCREDIBLY sweet towards people. Katie is disgraceful in her desire to have her belly rubbed. Carter LOVES to chase a ball, give kisses and be petted. Now if they'd just warm up a bit more to each other! Carter thinks he'd really like to get to know Katie better but she just keeps taking hair out of him. Saves me some brushing I suppose  Anyway, I can't believe how great both of these dogs are so far and not a moment too soon! I've felt naked in so many ways since we lost Thor in Nov. Feels good to hear that reassuring "woo, woo" out there at work.  I haven't even had time to get pics and not sure I want to!  Carter is a mess!  He's got a cone on to prevent him from licking and he's filthy.  You can't see it from the pics but he's terribly thin.  He's considerably taller than Thor was but weighs only 2/3 what Thor weighed.  Granted Thor was heavier boned but Carter is painfully thin!  I've got some ideas to put some weight on him (puppy food and satin balls) and he's happy to eat so it is just a matter of time.  I made about 20 lb of the satin ball stuff and am adding that to his food.  Katie didn't eat Thurs or Fri but started eating a bit on Sat when I mixed in some of that Satin ball stuff.  Gotta run!

I'm supposed to be getting two new LGDs this week and didn't want to get too excited since we've had a couple fall through already but these look pretty solid so I'll go for it and post some pics!  First is Katie, a 3 yr old spayed Anatolian Shepherd who is currently an LGD on an Alpaca farm.  They say that she has challenged a few of the Alpacas and suspect that she attacked one (no one saw what happened) but I suspect that they are getting into Pyrs and breeding some and she just doesn't fit.  She sounds like an absolute love and doesn't like to be indoors at all so she ought to be fine here.  I was very specific in my requests that any incoming dogs be very loving toward people.  Any dog will naturally deter predators and Katie has shown herself very well that way too but more important to me, she LOVES people. 

Next is Thor/Bear/needs a name.  He was an outdoor family dog with at least two kids - one in a wheel chair and a 14 yr old who had allergies.  How an outdoor dog is a problem for a kid with allergies is the real question but the reason they gave up the dog is because the 14 yr old wouldn't stay away from him.  The rescue coordinator thinks he just barked too much.  He is supposedly tall and thin, not real heavy.  Also very loving.  He has never been indoors other than in a crate at night and hates being crated to the point where she has him on something to calm him at night.  He was called Thor at his home, rescue coordinator calls him Bear.  My last Pyr was Thor and I loved him too much to use that name again.  Not that I don't like the name Bear but as the thread not too long ago mentioned, there are a lot of "Bear"s out there.  Looking for a name for him that will go well with Katie.  I can't see changing her name at this point.  It seems to fit.  I was looking at another Pyr named Kodiak - liked that name but didn't think the dog would fit here.  Anyone else have any name suggestions?  Any suggestions on keeping my sanity waiting this week?  Katie comes Thurs evening, then I drive early Fri morning to get Thor/Bear/NAN. 

forgot the pics...  Katie first

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