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Bernese Mountain Dog Discussions / Re: He's finding his voice.
« on: August 03, 2006, 06:07:28 am »
my trick with Einstein is a measuring cup of water handy at all times.

Don't know if your pup LOVES water or not, but with Einstein, he stops barking if I so much as LOOK at him now.  Somehow, since the first time I threw water on him (because he was barking at cats in the middle of the night) he instinctually knows when to bark and when not to (which probes to me he knew all along, he just enjoyed making noise and since I didn't say anything, he took that to be approval).

I still "let" him bark a lot.  I think he needs to be able to do that from time to time.  But since he never barked at people at my front door anyway, I don't think I've ruined his guard-dog talent. 

Congratulation s on your beautiful baby boy!  I had three babies -- in July & August -- c-section every one.  I lived by a pool with the middle one -- all I could do for that last month was float in the pool like a beached whale! 

I've had lots of baby-related complications in my life lately and I'm thrilled and grateful to see such a perfect little guy.  It's easy to take for granted having whole, healthy children.  Every single one is a miracle.

I know you're going to be very busy in the next few months, but I miss you around here.

That does it -- I'm getting Einstein a kitten.
LOL!...I don't personally know Einstein & if his breed likes cats but I read over & over that Pyrs do well with small animals & it often specifically mentioned cats...That was one of the reasons I chose Pyrs because I was always a cat person & have 8 house cats of my own...9 if you count Alice who is a rescue & most likely staying...Perh aps Einstein would like a kitty...Take him to your local shelter & have him pick one out! ;D If he enjoys them I bet he'd be very happy! :)
Thanks everyone for enjoying my guys with their kitty! :-*

Funny thing about him is he'll bark like there's no tomorrow when he sees one while he's on the front porch.  My daughter brought her cat over awhile back and he sniffed and sniffed but never growled or barked.

I suppose even if a cat started out nervous about a giant dog sniffing them, they might come around when they realized they have the power.

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Re: SERIOUS PROBLEM (warning: novel)
« on: July 27, 2006, 10:49:09 am »

Sorry bout the HEAT!!!  In the words of Southerners everywhere, "it ain't the heat, it's the humidity" -- DON"T HIT ME, it was just a joke!

Thank God I figured out Einstein's achille's heel -- dump water on him and he instantly learns to curb that particular behaviour.

Well thanks for the quick response!

Far as Landlord goes, I couldn't care less about keeping him happy.  I'm tied in here till Sept 2007, because HE WANTED ME TO STAY so bad he offered an extra year at reduced rent.  (Houston rental market is pretty sweet right now)

He's an idiot.  For instance -- this past Sunday he decided to trim the limbs on a tree hanging over my carport (next to the fence of my backyard).  So, he and his "helper" (that's another story altogether) start trimming, promptly dropping a huge limb on top of my 15 year old ficus tree, and dangerously close to my Australian fern that's about 5 ft. tall.  AODSF!@!#@@#@$!

Then, while he's up there on the roof, he gets his "helper" to bring him the blower -- and proceeds to blow the contents of the gutters onto my patio -- and all my potted plants, my chair, etc. Have you ever seen, or smelled the inside of your gutters?  GROSS!@#$@!$#@!^!$#%!@$@$

I come out, start raising h*ll and say "you broke my ficus tree!"  He says in a voice that sounds like a little kid caught red-handed -- "oh, is it BROKEN?"  Like, if it's just bent over in half, it's not as bad as if he had snapped a limb.  I had to stake two limbs this morning (THursday) because they're still falling over!#@$&@*#&$*!@&$@$!@($#*@)#(*$!

So, as you can see the first problem is to not be so angry that I am capable of conversing politely with this idiot.  (Even his property manager complains about what an idiot he is.)  I think the calling Animal Control idea is the best remedy for HIM.  That would be a switch for Animal Control, wouldn't it?

Neighbor lady:  I like the anonymous note idea.  I'm glad I haven't talked to her yet.  Heck, I could leave the note on her pillow -- THAT would get the point across, wouldn't it?   HEE HEE.

Thanks guys.  Ya'll are great.

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Re: SERIOUS PROBLEM (warning: novel)
« on: July 27, 2006, 10:08:37 am »
Amazing how a little (I mean a LOT of) patience paid off.  Demon Dog (who, by the way, deserves a new name) was able to keep her job and I'm sure will be much happier for it, no one has to disguise a 90-lb. Rottweiler inside their apartment, and the current Owner of the car repair shop is all-but-too-aware of the dangers of letting your drunken nephew be in charge of anything.

Sounds like Lassie or something.

Arf, Arf!!!

What's that girl?  The nephew is in the garage passed out?  Okay, let's go!!!!

I read GR8DAME's account of the clients who showed up for a meeting leaving their golden retriever in the black SUV during 90+ degree sunny day.  I am so proud of you!!!!

Now, I need some choice lines to share with two annoying and pet-endangering people.

1)  My Landlord.  He INSISTS on bringing his pups with him to our property (5 tenants).  Three of us have dogs who only go outside on a leash or in a fenced-in backyard.  Landlord brings his lab-mix and Pomeranian -- gets busy nailing, painting, or other repair, and lets pups run all over the neighborhood.  About a year ago, he had another pomeranian -- went to another property, did the same thing -- opened the doors and let puppies run all over.  Pomeranian was hit by a car.  Did he learn anything from that experience?  No.  Death by Landlord if you ask me.  I'd love to be able to say something that might penetrate his thick skull.  Believe me, having money does not guarantee you have common sense!

2)  My insane neighbor across the street with 4 dachsunds.  Forget about the two million times I've heard her yell at them to stop barking (I've heard that the definition of insanity is doing some behaviour over and over again expecting a different result).  Forget about the way she walks to and from her car in nothing but a short terry bathrobe (the woman's at least 60).  Forget about how she takes her dogs for walks at 12 or 1 am (she works the 3-11 shift).  THIS WOMAN DOES NOT LOCK HER FRONT DOOR.  We live in the inner loop area of Houston.  In the Heights.  Not the kind of neighborhood you leave something of value on the front porch -- let along leave the front door unlocked!  Somehow 2 of the dachsunds got out the other day while she was at work.  Sat in their driveway barking at any one who walked by.  After dark, I walked across the street (despite the growling, snarling and raised hackles) opened the front door and let them back in.  What can I say to her to make her understand once and for all that she needs to lock her door, put her dogs on leashes when they go out, and work on not yelling all those germanic names at the top of her lungs when they do exactly what she's taught them to do?

I was also amazed at their interpretation of an Irish Wolfhound.  Any dog with wiry hair is an Irish Wolfhound mix.  LOL

I'm sorry, but whoever listed this pup as a South Russian Ovcharka must be high on something. . .  Surely they were reaching for the Small Terrier button and accidentally hit the GIANT white dog button instead.

Jeez.  I got so excited -- thought maybe another Einstein WAS out there some where.

Walter Cronkite

  The Milo Foundation
Berkeley, CA
(510) 527-PETS

South Russian Ovtcharka,Terrier Mix

Size: Small
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
ID: 6377
Notes: Walter is living up at the Milo Sanctuary. Little Napoleonic red devil - though he is actually very sweet! He loves people and attention - walks well on a leash though his leash manners with any assertive males that come his way won't be 100% lovely - however he weighs less than 20 pounds and is easily controlled. A yard, a playmate, a walk, affection and some lap time is what they want! Racing around, possibly playing ball . . . . best suited for a home without children under eight years age. Birthday: 2/2002 (est)


Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Took in stray. Need advice
« on: July 27, 2006, 05:55:06 am »
There's a big Pyrenees Rescue group in Dallas -- you'll learn a lot more from them than the vet, I bet.  Talk to someone with the rescue group before you spend thousands at the vet.

I wish I had.

hey hey hey now -- watch it!  don't encourage me!

Yes, I'm looking for a third for our little duet.  Except I'm not sure another long-haired white dog is really what I need ( I HATE vacuuming).

Of course what I started out looking for was a laid-back, adult German Shepherd who loves kids.

See what happens when you open that Pandora's Box of PETFINDER?

Came across this sweetheart -- wanted to get your input.  Anyone want to venture a guess as to her pedigree?  They always put "Pyrenees" when a big dog has long white hair.


Georgetown Animal Outreach
Georgetown, TX

  Briard,Great Pyrenees Mix

Size: Large
Age: Young
Sex: Female
Notes: Mattie is indeed one of a kind, really something else -- yes, that's a briard or sheepdog or a wolfhound head, and indeed we see the great pyrennes (briard again?) looking toes on the back feet, it might be an anatolian shepherd tail -- who really knows, and who cares. Maybe a "briahound" - a new designer breed! She's a beautiful white dog with a loving, unique face. Mattie had a really rough go of it. She was living all on her own, surviving under bad conditions, until a kind person finally convinced her to trust him. Luckily he works at a vet clinic, so took her in and transformed her from a matted (thus the name), thin, lonely girl to a beautiful, healthy dog ready for her new home. She had heartworms (those have been treated -- hooray!), needed to be spayed (now she is, another hooray), and was so skinny. Her coat was a mess, so all was shaved but the fabulous face. Mattie is a bit scared of other dogs, so will probably do best in a home as an 'only dog'. She's calm, walks nicely on a leash, and just wants to be with people. If you could provide this unique girl with the loving she deserves (after such a long wait), we'd love to introduce her to you.

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet has been altered.


Newfoundland Discussions / Re: what next
« on: July 27, 2006, 03:02:07 am »
I totally forgot about the birthday cake!  My youngest, Emma, had a birthday last week so on Sunday everybody came over for dinner.  I made a 4-layer psychedelic cake (white cake with food coloring to make it marbleized -- looks really cool).  Anyway, I'm very tired after everyone leaves and the only thing left out was the cake (about 2/3 of it was still on the platter).  I head toward the kitchen and find Einstein merrily chomping away.  The middle of the cake starting on the side closest to the edge of the table is GONE!  I salvaged two pieces -- grrrrr.  That time I was able to catch him at it and promptly dumped a cup of water on him (he's terrified of that measuring cup, which I leave in plain sight just for these occasions).  Jeez, this boy has such a sweet tooth. 

I've gotten over finding nothing but the twist tie on a bag of hamburger buns, my brand new bag of Mother's cookies licked clean, or the day one of the kids left hot dog buns out while heating up the weiners turned back and they were GONE!, or Einstein calmly bring a stack of saltines into the living room (as if I wouldn't notice!).  He figures if it gets left out, it's fair game.

It's funny though, he won't touch a shoe, doesn't ever chew on furniture or try to paw through sheetrock (like I've seen some of our furbabies on here do).  Thanks to his first owner who trained that out of him!

Newfoundland Discussions / Re: what next
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:50:59 am »
That's too funny. 

Einstein got a hold of my daughter's tube of blue cake icing.  Of course, the damage was apparent (since he's white) -- could have changed his name to bluebeard.  The best part was the pile in the yard -- with a deep blue streak.  Almost artistic, actually.   ;D

That does it -- I'm getting Einstein a kitten.

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