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here are some pictures of Molly's back. This was before her "tubby". She use to have a pretty thick black shiny coat.

Just emailed you. Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions.

Guess her bath was worse on me :) It was TEA TREE shampoo not Tree Tree :) I can't speak for all Bassets, but our two are wonderful with everyone!! They follow my 2yr old grandaughter around every where. When Molly was a puppy, we made sure to socialize her, and I also made sure that she would not be food aggressive. Tilly just came to us as a 3yr old, but her prior owners did a wonderful job with her. She is just a sweet. I really like this site!!

Molly had her bath in Tree Tree shampoo today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. She HATES water!! Doesn't even like to get her paws on the wet grass :D I even trimmed her nails. I also picked up some Solid Gold Wolf King dog food. The ingrediants look really healthy, not full of by products like some other foods. Let's keep our paws crossed :)

thanks, they are pretty cute. I had a Choc. Lab and an Aussie about nine years ago. These girls are almost the size that my lab was, except they have short legs :)
I will try getting pictures of Molly's hair condition in daylight tomorrow.

Hi, I'm Molly's(&Tilly's) mom. Although my Basset's aren't "Big" dogs, they do have "Big" Paws, and deep down inside they think they are big dogs¬  ¬ :)
I just joined this forum, because I want to say thank you for the advice. 14 more days on the yeast medication for Molly, then I will start trying your ideas. thanks again

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