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I hope you are not grieving so badly because you are uncertain of your self. You did every thing you could and that was the best gift Rosie could have asked for. You didn't blessed her with the time she gained under your care.

I had a dog die under very sad circumstances and I still cry when I think of him, but then I hug my dogs and start smiling again. I hope you get over your grief soon. I think it is normal for someone with such a big heart to feel the way you do, but hopefully you will soon move past this stage and on to one where you can just simply enjoy her memory.


In your case, you might have a case of Zero's position faltering because of his age and his bad hips.  Watson may see this as his chance to seize a higher position and may be testing the waters.  Zero's aggression may simply be in response to Watson's advances.  If you think this might be the case, be careful not to inadvertently reinforce Watson's attempts.  If Zero shows dominance, you can scold inappropriate behavior (biting or growling), but as soon as he backs down, praise him and ignore Watson.


I actually think it might be the exact opposite of that. Zero used to get very little attention, but has been getting more recently. I think we have made him think that he can push his way to the top. I have been pretty much ignoring him the last few days This morning they were play fighting and everything seemed fine.

It is very hard to tell what the "order" is in my house, but as far as attention goes, Gabriel is first, then Watson, and Zero last. Watson is a daddy's boy, and he gets a lot of attention from him, but all of the dogs are "under" me. If I am not feeling well and go sleep on the couch for example...Mark ends up with the entire king sized bed to himself and I will have dogs piled around me near the couch.


Zero is your old boy? He may be tired of the younger dogs acting goofy around him. I'd work on NILF with him to begin with and your pup who has all the bites and make it part of their daily routine. Mom is in charge :) 

Zero is about 7, but the reason I mentioned that he is getting more attention lately is becaue he has actually been more playful. I'm nt sure exactly why. As far as the dogs playing together, I haven't seen them playfighting since the first incident. Something must have changed between them.

My dogs are not on NILF, but they do have to sit and stay for thier food until I say "release." I don't always make them sit for affection though. I'm going to work on that part. I also used to give scraps or let them lick plates....but I stopped that about 3 or 4 months ago.

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Dog afraid of camera....
« on: July 30, 2006, 05:51:00 pm »
I agree that you should carry it around...and maybe it will even start to "smell better" to her then.

Good Luck!

When they play fight and it starts to get a little too fierce, I always stop it. These fights are not starting with any kind of playing. They seem pretty much unprovoked, which is scary. The only thing I can think of that might have made this happen is that we have been giving Zero more attention that usual lately (which still is less than the other dogs get because he does not have a cuddly personality). Maybe the attention is making him think he's Alpha. I plan on doing some obedience with him, but i just have a feeling that it won't help...just based on his personality.

I am afraid I am going to come home to a bloody mess or something even worse if this continues.

I'm bumping this.  Search other threads on the board.  There have been a couple that have talked about dominance issues, who's alpha, and that sounds like what this is.  You didn't say how old they are, that is important.  The other threads have a lot of good ideas and points made.  Sorry but I'm walking out the door or I would have found what I'm talking about.  Good luck

I did a search, and didn't find a whole lot. I'll keep trying though. I just realized that there is a behavior forum, which is where I should have posted this. Whoops! :-\

Zero is 7 years old and Watson is about 4 or 5. They have been together for about 3 years.

I need help. I don't know what to do. I'll give a little background on these two first.

He is a severely hyper GSP/Weim mix. He is very very sweet and affetionate. He seems to get hurt a lot doing stupid stuff and he has always let us clean his wounds without complaining. However, one time all three of our dogs got out of the yard for a while, and later in the day Watson was sleeping on my legs. I moved my legs and Watson growled. I was confused because he had never done that before. We both got off the couch and I noticed that he had a bunch of bite wounds all over his chest. As I was touching the wounds, out of nowhere, he bit my face (I don't think he even growled) and I ended up in the emergency room. After he bit me he was very submissive. Since then he has never bitten anyone, but he has since been very viscious toward strange/new dogs if they sniff him. He had notdone that before the day he bit me. He has growled at me a few times when I try to move him when he is sleeping, but I grab his muzzle and scold him, which puts him back in line. He is still very sweet and lets me do basically anything I want to him with no grumbling. For example he has a cyst on his eyelid which he lets me squeeze the junk out of it when it gets bigger. He also lets me bathe him, clip his nails, pick at his teeth, anything else I might feel like doing.

He has always been very quiet and not very affectionate (but he likes to get affection). My family and friends make fun of us and call Zero abused because he doesn't get the same level of affection as our other dogs, but that is mainly because he is not a slobbery, kissy, playful dog. He will not pick up a ball or play games with people. He absolutely refuses to give kisses, but when it's dinner time he will get all crazy and sometimes he'll lick my hand, which cracks me up. He has never bitten any humans, but he does have hip problems, so if anyone or anything touches he back end while he is laying down he will snap at them, which is understandable .

Zero and Watson together:
Zero and Watson have been wrestling buddies ever since they have been together and until somewhat recently it has always just been playing. For the last year or so...their playing seems to go a little too far sometimes. I can't really tell who is taking it too far though. They just start snapping at each other instead of playing. It has never resulted in any biting.

The problem now
A few days ago one of the dogs (most likely my hunter, Gabriel) killed a rabbit in the yard. Zero ate most of the rabbit. He tried to come inside with it but I managed to push him back out. When he did come in later, his muzzle was all coated in dirt like maybe he buried it. I let all three dogs out a little later and out of nowhere Zero and Watson are fighting. I don't know exactly what made me think Zero started it, but it just seemed that way. I had to turn on the hose and spray them to get them apart. Watson ran in the house and kind of stayed there and Zero tried to follow him. I had to keep hosing him down to keep him away. He wasn't growling or anything at this point, but he still had a "determined" look. I went inside and Watson was bleeding. His ear had several lacerations and he seemed pretty scared. He let me clean them. I kept them seperated for the rest of the day, and when we put them together later they seemed fine. I don't know what happened to cause the fight, but I think maybe Watson might have found some of the rabbit and gotten near it, makeing Zero mad.

There haven't been any problems for a few days, then today I let them out and I hear a snarl. It sounded like Zero and Watson was running away from him when I turned around. When I got home later today I noticed blood on my bed. Watson has a pretty deep puncture on the base of his neck. He seemed very clingy and not quite his hyper/happy self. I don't know if theis hapeened earlier with the snarl, or sometime when I wasn't home. The puncture was very wet (this is about 7 hours after the snarl incident this afternoon) and it is not in a spot where he can lick it.

My Dillema
I don't know what to do about this. I have been worried about Watson biting again since he bit me, and his agression toward strange dogs, but he has really given me no other reason to worry. He is about the most submissive dog you could ask for. I have no real way to know how these fights are starting and who is to blame, but my gut reaction is that Zero was the aggressor. Also, he is not getting hurt. I am really afraid that Zero will hurt Watson again, and the possibility that it might happen while I'm gone is very scary. However, I'm araid if I do something drastic with Zero, I will find out that Watson was really the problem. Although, like I said, Watson is the one getting hurt here so I have a strong feeling that Zero is the aggressor.

Right now they are both peacefully sleeping next to each other. What do I do? I can't handle not knowing if one of my dogs might get seriously hurt by another one. It is really unnerving.

I am not trying to scare you, but I would like to relate my story, just in case.

I have not had experience with the exact same situation, but something similar. My 1 year old dog suddenly couldn't walk and it turned out to be cancer. I hope to god that this isn't the case in your situation.

My vet did not know what the problem was even with X-rays. They prescribed some kind of anti-inflammatory which didn't help. after a couple days we took him to Purdue Veterinary hospital, where they still couldn't figure it out until a couple days which point he was in so much pain we sent him to the bridge. He was riddled with cancer and even his testicles were swollen to the size of a softball.

He was still able to (very painfully and very slightly) wag his tail though. He was not "paralyzed."

Has she had any other problems recently? Vomiting or Diahrrea? Limping or other signs of pain?

I sure hope it is just swelling and it will go away, but please be conscious that it may be something else. If you have any questions, PM me. You are in my prayers.

The rope that tied her was so short that Sadie chewed through it just so she could give birth in a cleaner part of the yard

Poor mama. I started to tear up reading htat. WTF is wrong with people? I wish I had the means to save all of the poor creatures that are sweet and loving, but their humans are too clueless to let them live a decent life. I hope her and the pups find homes soon!

I just cut 4 layers of canvas, sewed a spiral starting in the middle with a fancy but tough stitch, then added some double fold bias tape on the outside edge. Easy to do, but boring to sit and do the spiral. Even with my machine on its fastest setting it takes about 20 minutes of continuous sewing.

I have gotten the dogs to play frisbee a little bit now, but unlike the ball, they don't want to return it. Watson prefers to run away with it and try to gnaw holes in it. It is holding up pretty well though for getting abused by Watson (aka "Mr. Chomp chomp chewy chomp")

I think the next batch of them is going to be smaller though, and maybe I'll put something else in the edge to make them easier for the dogs to pick up when it is laying flat.  ;D

I really like that site. It has a lot of great descriptions of the dogs. I wish all rescue organizations were able to do that.

It flies great, but my dogs are having a hard time catching it, or being interested in catching it. I'll have to quarantine their balls and make them play frisbee instead. They have never played frisbee before, but love to catch.

What the heck...I can't seem to attach pictures....on e more try.  :-\

I picked up some canvas and made a frisbee for my dogs. It came out pretty cute. Hopefully it will stay in one piece for at least a little while. Gabriel already wants to chew the edge off of it!

I'm so glad you post lots of pictures of Gauge. I love seeing him grow up! I just love GSPs. 

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