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Oh nooooooo! Do I remember you posting on here as you were in the process of waiting for River? And you chose his name because he had a "river" shaped pattern on his back? Ooo Noo! I am so, so sorry! How terrible and hearbreaking and tragic...We're here for you..I am so sorry... :'( :'( :'(

 Yeah that was me who posted about the markings on his back looking like a River. When I saw his picture the lady was not even trying to sell the puppies I immediately went to her house and took pictures of him and paid for him. I told her I knew he was the one and I had pick of the litter . He was not the smallest nor was he the biggest,but he had the best qualitys a saint could ever have. He was friendly, playful, loved babies and would get down on the ground for them to pet him. He was very careful about his size. We went for walks everyday and met new people who were afraid of dogs, but River didnt care he made them like him. He out of all of my dogs was my favorite I know its so horrible to pick a favorite, but he possessed all qualitys from every dog that I ever dreamed of. He didnt have a super pedigree or anything like that,but he was wonderful. It has been a tragic loss and a friend contacted me about taking one of her puppys no one wanted a male if you can believe that she sold only the females, so Im gonna take him and raise him like I did River and eventually I can start with therapy work. Thats what I had been working with River on before he died. I wanted other people to see what a wonderful dog he was and how happy he made me and maybe he could help other people to.  River won an award out of 26 dogs at petsmart for already knowing how to shake a paw. I know stupid, but he won a gift card and we bought him whatever he wanted and he picked out a giant bone just for himself. You could say he was spoiled, but to me he was like a son. All of my dogs are. I cant have children so my dogs are my children and I love them and devote my life to them and to making them happy.
     I dont wanna blame myself for what happened to River because in all honesty I did everything I could hoping he would make it, but in my heart I knew he wasnt gonna make it. Not with the amount of seizures he did have. I never learned so much about how dangerous mold is to a dog. I had to learn the hard way.

Oh by the way Macey is the white one she is shaved so if she looks funny thats my doing. Cujo is the big boy. The puppy we havent named yet, but I was thinking Kodiak due to losing River. Any name suggestions for him?

 I havent been on in awhile thought I would send pics of all the pups. I lost River a few months ago which has been hard, but I cant give up on my dogs I still have..

      We were doing great. I finally got the house I wanted and was settling in cleaning out the house we moved into and left to go to my aunts for about 10 minutes and my boyfriend left River tied outside. River being the puppy he was got into the garbage and got ahold of some bad yogurt and some old cottage cheese. I had no idea he had even gotten into the garbage. I came home and he was playing with Macey and he went and laid down and came back out of the wash room tremoring. So I took him outside not knowing what was room within 10 minutes River was having seizures and convulsing so I rushed him to the emergency vet were I spent all night and then rushed him to my vet the next day and things started looking up and they said he could go home he had not had a seizure in over 12 hours. So I took him home River made it the whole night and was having light tremors I laid with him on the floor the whole night holding him and talking to him and then the next morning he died at 10am of a severe massive seizure we could not even get him to the vet to have him euthanized.We called the police as well as animal control to see if they could help because he was being held down by my boyfriend and his friend because he went out of his mind and was flailing around and we were afraid he would get hurt more and the police and animal control came over and stood there and watched and said they could not do anything except for try to help us load him in our car..  I never felt so horrible in my whole life having to watch my best friend die knowing I couldnt do anything. When I moved away from home he was 10 weeks old he was the only friend I had besides my boyfriend and Cujo for the last 7 months. It has been horrible without him and everyday is a struggle not to have my baby with me. He was born Oct 10th and died one day short of being 9months old on July 9th. He is gone, but he will never be forgotten.

A dog I took care of for awhile that was a rescue she was a bulldog/boxer mix had these all the way until she was adopted at 3. I would pop them and then would clean them out with peroxide. It was a case of acne the vet told us.

Saint Bernard Pictures / River at 12 weeks
« on: January 07, 2008, 02:39:24 am »
We moved and thats been a transition to say the least. I got River a week before Christmas and moved down to Lower Pennsylvania in a blizzard so its been awhile...

I can not believe that!!! I have seen cars stolen before but never torn apart like that and burned. Are the cops not watching out for these people? They need to have some strict police patrol on the streets trying to catch these people because by the looks of it what else are they capable of doing? Very shocked that your dogs didnt bark at all. Well then again 2 months ago I got a new van and I took my old stereo out of my old car sat it in the very back with my amp and 12 inch subwoofer and someone came and stole it right out of my minivan!!! I went ape**it to say the least. My dogs never heard the person but it seemed really funny the same night my ex showed up here asking for me and then later my grandfathers tools were stolen in the next town over in the same night!!! Needless to say ex boyfriend did not have back windshield in his car anymore after that week was up and to this day I dont know how it got shattered.. ;)

Saint Bernard Pictures / Should also posts some pics of Cujo and Sierra
« on: November 11, 2007, 10:18:57 pm »
Cujo is now a year and 4 months and Sierra is a year and 7 months. Cujo is starting to fill out and hes learning to lay on well my bed and his new big boy bed we had to do something to convince him to stop laying on the kitchen floor due to his hygroma. Its getting alot smaller now.
Sierra is the fat short and stubby one. She is really scared to have her picture taken so its a task to get one I have to shut off my phone sound so she doesnt run. The one picture is of Cujo laying on my back wow Ill tell you he is heavy.. :o

Great Dane Pictures / Re: Getting a new puppy!!!!
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:43:18 pm »
I love her markings.. Definitely going to grow up and be a looker.

I went out to see River and all of his brothers and sisters last week and they have gotten so big and beautiful.Here are some pics of him and his brothers and sisters..Im feeding everyones puppy fever including my own this week..

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Mack 'n Decker
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:35:18 pm »
So cute:) There both sooo big.. ;D

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Mallory is home!! (pictures)
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:31:49 pm »
Oh my god she is sooo cute:) I have a few more weeks before my pup comes home  your giving me puppy

The only thing really annoying my dogs do and its well only one of them is Cujo. He will wait until Im dressed for the day and brush my hair out and looking nice then wait till we get in the car and drool over my shoulder into my car and all over the one side of my shirt. My hair was actually sticking together last week and crunchy because of his drool and it was disgusting and I had to walk around the rest of the day looking like that and today he decided to pull Im not going to take a bath so I got dragged into the bathtub with my clothes still on and got a bath to when I got out and was talking to him about being a good boy he threw up all over me along with drool so I decided to just hop back in the tub with ;D Gotta love it though I  had a blast and thank goodness throw up does not bother me!!

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Meet our foster Grace
« on: October 29, 2007, 09:48:10 pm »
She is so pretty. Im so glad your fostering her :)

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: River this week...
« on: October 29, 2007, 09:45:38 pm »
Yeah he is alot lighter then most of them besides one other and the one that looks identical to him is a female she is a little smaller though hard to believe there not even 3 weeks old yet!!

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