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Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Re: I missed oprah....
« on: April 06, 2008, 02:29:32 pm »
You can watch it online here.

I'll let you know if it's the same lady when I find her card Kathy, it might be 'cause I think her name was Sue Edwards, but I can't remember right now, and I misplaced the card. But I also got a booklet from her of her championship dogs and bitches, two of which came right from Tibet, and China, she said she spent last summer over there.  The dog Thor, who I'm in love with won titles in Europe, Tibet, and elsewhere.  I left that at my dads, I'll get it later tonight and update you after school. 

Tina, she lives just North of Toronto, so unfortunately any visits that I make will be planned events.  It's just too far to travel to volunteer like that.  But I do hope to visit a few times a year so I can really get to know all her dogs. 

PS.  I'm still really excited!   :D ;D

Her name is Sue Elworthy.  She lives near Peterborough. I've known her for a few years, she's a really nice woman with some lovely dogs.

If the breeder you met is S.E., ask to see the pictures she took in Tibet.  She posted them on a TM forum and I kept most of them on my computer.  I had so much fun looking through the pictures at the dogs in Tibet.

I saved them too!  The pictures were great!

It's most likely Sue as the picture posted in another thread was of her boy Thor.

What a cutie!  I just love TM's, a friend of mine has 6 of them.

I got my elliptical from Pioneer Pools in Burlington for $799.00 last winter, I think delivery was around $40.00 but I got them to assemble it for free.  The same model is probably $200 cheaper now.  They really drop in price fast.

You really need to try before you buy though.  Of the 40+ machines I tried only 2 felt really good.  The rest were too steep or had too short a stride length for me.

I have a Bremshey Elliptical, It's good but to be honest I found the Gazelle better for weight loss.

I LOVE the Gazelle, BUT they are soooooooo poorly made.  I would go through 1 a month!  I bought mine from Walmart and they have a 3 month warranty on them so I'd just return them every month for a new one.  After a year of that nonsense I returned my last one and bought an elliptical. 

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