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Today after work I took Peyton to Petsmart to get her nails trimmed. She needed it BAD! She had a hang nail on one. They were ALMOST to the point where there was no if ands or buts about it.
Well everything was peachy when we got there, she was happy go lucky like she normally is and well, she jumped on this man who was goofing around with her and on the way back down she slid down his leg. He was wearing shorts and her long nails sliced him open. Oh man, it was a gushin. But, he understood. I was appologizing CONSTINTLY! He kept saying it is okay, he has thin skin and understands. He kept playing with Peyton as his wife was holding papertowel on his leg/calf.
The folks at Petsmart had to go get the FIRSTAID kit and WRAP GAUZE around his whole leg. Oh I felt awful. Terribly awful. I kept trying to give him my info like phone numbers and such. But he kept saying it was okay and she was just excited and that I should actually look into Dremeling her nails instead of just trimming them. SO WE DID!!! Had to after that!!!  :-[
The woman who did it said that Peyton did extremely well for a puppy her age. She was sitting most of the time! Oh she did so well.

Too bad she made someone bleed.

We also got her a PINK harness. So everyone will stop saying "he is so cute!" and then feel bad when I say something about her and say "she". C'mon I totally get it...she has a COLTS leash for darn sake! But hopefully the pink harness with the COLTS leash will help out her identity issue! Hehehe! We also got some Sour Apple. The vet at the Petsmart who helped me pick out the harness told me that since she is a pup she will chew on her new harness so get the sour apple stuff.

Anyway...she did very well riding in the cart! I didn't let her walk on the floors. She is not fully immunized I didn't want her walking on the floors. I was gonna go to the vets and get her nails done there...but they were already closed. And her nails would have been too long (in my eyes!) to be done on Monday.'s shame she made someone bleed...but other than that...she did GREAT!

Medical Conditions & Diseases / PEYTON NEEDS HELP!
« on: May 09, 2007, 09:15:42 am »
Hi all, Peyton seems to be trying to throw up. She hadn't gotten into anything, that I know of. I am not sure if maybe she got some bark or what. I looked in her mouth and can't see anything. I very lightly stuck my finger in and did a sweep, and still nothing. She keeps drinking alot of water. She doesn't have any distress symptoms. She is still happy go lucky puppy attitude...I then tried to gag her in hopes I could help...still nothing.

Does anyone elses dog do this????

Oh, we were outside playing a bit...but nothing too much (it's too hot today)

Collars, crates, & other cool things / halti vs. gentle leader
« on: May 03, 2007, 02:44:40 am »
So I was at Petsmart yesterday and I was trying to decide on if I should get a Halti or not for Peyton. But then I saw a gentle leader. Does anyone favor one over the other?! I was looking at price vs. growth.

It looks like the gentle leader can grow with Peyton more. It has that clamp that can hold the chin thing in one spot (for her small muzzle now) but still let it move so it can do it's job and still be able to function and it looks like there is no limit to how small the collar part can get.

But the Halti was almost $10 cheaper. But it almost looks like I would have to get a smaller one now and then get a bigger one later.

Also, in previous posts someone said something about getting a "goat halti" I was looking for that...and didn't find it. It's for the shorter nosed dogs right? Not the long snouted GSD types.

Anyway...pleas e get back to me on this. I want to start now so she might get used to it by the time we put her and ourselved through obidience class.

Games & Jokes / haha...a little naughty but cute
« on: May 02, 2007, 01:30:02 am »
just a little baby rocking like babies do!

it's us with the horrible minds to think something of it!

I am just overwhelmed by how much Peyton has become such a good girl! Usually I am asking for help when I post but for now I don't have any question...jus t bragging!

She sits when she wants to be pet (she sits ALOT!) and she sorta does "fetch". She doesn't bite as much (she still does when she gets excited)! And she has been telling us when she needs to go outside.

I am proud of her (of course) and I am also proud of myself and my boyfriend!

The whole sitting thing baffles me! We have a cardboard box that her crate came in and we set it up as a barrier to the living from the kitchen so that way if she does have an accident she at least has the vynil floor to oops on and when we walk by she just sits. She doesn't jump on it like before (we never told her she couldn't though) she just sits and kinda talks to hey, pet me!

She kisses us now when lightly playing and whines when she starts to get too excited.

Oh I love her soooo much! I can't believe we were okay without having her. I can't remember how I felt without her here. Okay I am getting teary eyed thinking about stuff. I just wanted to share with you all today that she is being such a good girl! (we call her Pey-t-pie lately - Peyton Manning's mom (on news) told everyone that Peyton Manning's nickname from her is Pey-t-pie and we took it over now)

Thanks for all your help and advice before this post...and after (hahaha!)!!!

Whenever we feed Peyton, we have always put our hands on her or in the bowl so that she gets used to playing with her while she is eating. Last night I fed her and was in the process of going to pet her and she growled at me. Just a little one, but a growl non the less.
I do not know what to do.
I have also been gripping her jaw and cheeks when she bites and she has the hang of it "If I bite I get hurt." So when I go to get her muzzle so I can do that she growls at me. I am the only person she likes to bite on. My boyfriend can tell her "no" and she will stop. Me, she sinks her dang teeth into.
I do not know what to do.
I am saving up for obidience (sp) class for her which in the books and some on the web say to wait till they are 12 weeks old. That's in 3 weeks. I want to do it as soon as possible.
I am not sure if she is just having a problem with me in general or if she will continue challenging me with her growls. I know this food agression has to stop, but how? I do not want to put her down.

I need help!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / FREE WATER...
« on: April 17, 2007, 05:04:31 am »
To all who pay by the gallon for water for their fur kids...and their human kids and family members...don't!

Go down to your local starbucks and ask if you can fill your gallon up with their water! (IT'S FREE!)

Ever notice how starbucks ice water is better tasting than bottled water?

It is triple filtered reverse osmosis water! Look into it!

I work at starbucks and other people who have children and fur kids bring in their gallons to fill I am passing on the info!

Good day, I am off to work...after I take Peyton out to go potty.

Help! Please! I have an 8 week old "little" rott french mastiff mix and she won't stop play biting. (In which sometimes hurts...bad!) We have read all the books on how to make them stop...but she thinks it is just play time. We have "yipped", we have said no, we have scolded, walked away, whinned like pupps do, she knows we are dominate. The other day I was so peeved (and in pain) that I bit her back. Not hard of course! But I did. I stooped to her level. Oh yeah, she stopped. She stopped for about 2 hours and then when we started playing again she started biting again. It's everything. Our hair, our arms, fingers, thighs, feet, clothes. Everything. She has NUMEROUS toys that she loves...but I think we are more fun.
I need help! To look farther into it, the books just say "make sure she has plenty of toys to occupy herself".

PLEASE HELP! We know that these types of breeds should not keep biting. But how do you stop it???

-Peyton's hurt mama

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