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thanks so much. i have tried that "bite yourself and see how you like it" approach and it helped. NOT MUCH...but it did. I can see potential in that! Hehe! When we first got her, we were not sure of the breed mix. If we knew what type she is...we might have past on her. Only because in all the books and mags and online research we do, we keep getting told, if this is your first dog, a mastiff is not for you. And as much research we have done...she is pretty much full mastiff! Lazy, stubborn, and mouthy! Hehe! She learned "sit" on her own. She sits when gonna get fed, to let outside and to give treats. So we know she can learn! She just doesn't wanna learn "no bite". I am gonna try a squirt bottle. It is lunging at my feet when I enter a room! And my stubby short legs can't get over the fence/gate we have to get away quick enough to let her know "i don't wanna play with you when you bite like that" so she ends up biting me as I walk away! UGH! But all the replys have helped so much! Thanks for your advice and telling me of your hardships. It has helped me know that I am not really doing anything wrong...and I am not the only having difficulties here! Hehe!

Help! Please! I have an 8 week old "little" rott french mastiff mix and she won't stop play biting. (In which sometimes hurts...bad!) We have read all the books on how to make them stop...but she thinks it is just play time. We have "yipped", we have said no, we have scolded, walked away, whinned like pupps do, she knows we are dominate. The other day I was so peeved (and in pain) that I bit her back. Not hard of course! But I did. I stooped to her level. Oh yeah, she stopped. She stopped for about 2 hours and then when we started playing again she started biting again. It's everything. Our hair, our arms, fingers, thighs, feet, clothes. Everything. She has NUMEROUS toys that she loves...but I think we are more fun.
I need help! To look farther into it, the books just say "make sure she has plenty of toys to occupy herself".

PLEASE HELP! We know that these types of breeds should not keep biting. But how do you stop it???

-Peyton's hurt mama

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