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Duramax the first month at home

Great Dane Discussions / Re: TO GET A SECOND DOG OR NOT TO #2 (SORRY)
« on: April 26, 2007, 10:15:33 am »
he's been around my mothers dachshunds over at her house, the only doggy visitor he's had over was a female chocolate lab. and he liked her. he's been around all of the nighborhood dogs, and never had any problems, he's definately hit puberty, but ive yet to see him feel uncomfortable around any dog. he just wants to play and sniff with the new dogs we come across on walks.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / new member just wanted to introduce
« on: April 26, 2007, 10:06:51 am »
I joined the group recently want to say hi!
My baby is a Great dane named Duramax ( i call him my floppy antler reindeer) he's 14 months old. we live in the tornado alley region. we are a family of five, and the only ones in our entire rural town to have a dane, so i am excited to be able to hear from other people who have ginormous paws in their household. Duramax is 35'at shoulders and 160-170 pounds....unti ll next week.....

Great Dane Discussions / Re: My dog is TOO SPASTIC!!
« on: April 26, 2007, 09:42:51 am »
Duramax is 14 months old and has settled down considerably. his hyper moments are becoming farther imbetween, and usualy you have to instigate the mood for it to be there. he still gets all goofy when we have company but there is a marked improvement. time makes the biggest difference.

Great Dane Discussions / Re: TO GET A SECOND DOG OR NOT TO #2 (SORRY)
« on: April 26, 2007, 09:12:41 am »
no he's not he'll never sire any pups, but my husband and i have had dogs all our lives and none were ever neutered. we would i suppose if a problem arose but as of yet none..

Great Dane Discussions / TO GET A SECOND DOG OR NOT TO #2 (SORRY)
« on: April 26, 2007, 08:55:28 am »
i must have messed up i had typed a whole paragraph it didnt show up. any way
 my family consists of my two month old son, my 2 year old little girl, my 14 month old dane and my husband and i. my dane is an absolute sweet heart. if you didnt know the breed you would think it was odd im sure. he's never ever been agressive toward other dogs, or the neighborhood cats the only time ive ever heard him growl is if he's got yummies he feels the need to defend of if he sees strangers outside. i think that he would enjoy the company of another dog hes realy social REALY social we have a big enough house and yard. Duramax is very respectfull and a very good listener. he's super careful when he is around my mothers dachshunds. other than a dane what do you think would be some suitable breeds for our household including small breeds. suggestions advice and anything else you have to offer will be very appreciated thank you Max is not neutered if we got a female we would have her spayed, also i am a stay at home mom

just for fun i was wanting to see what some of the other experiences out there are that are memorable to you and your family, things that would not have taken place if your dog had been smaller.
            my most supprising moment was when my Duramax (great dane) was running around in the house playing and he miss calculated a turn in the kitchen, BOOM! of course he didnt even notice kept playing tail wagging having fun. but when i walked into the kitchen later i realised that the boom i'd heard was not the dog running into the wall, but running 'into' the wall there is a hole in my wall! i was very thankfull that he hadnt gotten hurt, he hadnt even noticed at all accually. but i will never forget... 
 in the corner left of the picture you can see the beginning of the hole he made that day

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