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FAQs about puppies / Re: Butter II:4 1/2 month Goldendoodle boy
« on: May 18, 2007, 01:03:04 am »
You guys are so friendly. Thanks you all for your kind words. I'll post more about Butter II's progess.

About his temperment:
He is very bold, and very friendly toward human(especially kids) and dogs alike. If he senses anyone is coming, he'd rush to them with tail wagging rapidly and gave wet lick on the face if he got the chance. He never barks toward human, strangers or not. For dogs, he does bark sometimes if the another dog barks first if the owner does not stop his/her dog. Sometimes he barks when playing.
He is quite playful, but not hyper(some people did mention here in this forum doodles tend to be hyper). He'll go into play mode whenever he is on a large peice of grassland, in our backyard, or in our carpeted basement. He become very serious when he senses food is coming, he'd sit very nicely facing the food bowl adjust his position if necessary, and when the bowl touch ground he'll start gorge the food with little chewing.

We got him from a dog rescuer who rescued him because the breeder found him having problem with right foreleg(just pulled muscle when walking on slippery floor) and was to put him down if no one want him. He is such a cute pup, we loved him at once. He was 12 weeks old and only 10 lbs when we took him home. For first 2 weeks, he was so weak, that almost sleeped all the time, and had little appetite for food and drank little water. At one time, we thought he was going to die. We changed dog food at the 3rd week, he began to get better, in the mean time, my wife did acupuncture on his leg. He is much bigger and stronger now, weighting at 25 lbs! His leg problem is almost unnoticeable. He now eats like a wolf, if allowed, he can eat all the food in a couple of minutes. I have to take away his food several times when he is eating. I walk him around 1 hour everyday, and also use treadmill sometimes if weather is bad.

All pictures are moved to the following post:,18895.0.html

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