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Great Dane Discussions / MUD, POOP, AND MUDDY POOP!!!!!
« on: March 12, 2008, 03:22:42 pm »
OK BPO'ers what do you do with all the POOP! Now I knew Ellie would have large piles so I am not surprised with the amount. But I live on many acres and have about a quarter of an acre fenced in for Jack and Ellie and I shovel a lot an it gets put out in the "pasture". What do you all do with the stuff? I figure it's biodegradable but for those in town, if it is put in a plastic bag then it becomes not-biodegradable? When you clean your yards where do you put it? Just curious as I had to think about something while doing the chore.
To make matters worse now that the big Ohio snow storm is melting we have TONS of standing water. And what is the water mixing with in my backyard....? YES! POOP! UGH! We are wiping feet when the dogs come in but you can't get it all and I know there is more than mud on those paws......EEWW WW!! Mop must Mop...

BTW Ellie is 10mo and 32" at the shoulders. We need to get an updated weight. She was around 100 back in December!!!

Great Dane Discussions / Elli May update and another question
« on: February 29, 2008, 03:23:50 pm »
Hello everyone. Well Elli May's eating problem disappeared the day after my posting about her not eating well. I guess it was a phase as now she is ravenously consuming all she can get. We upped her meals by about a half a cup as we figure she is going through another growth spurt. She will be 10 months in two days. Wow! She is growing up fast.
I do however have a question regarding her coat. She is a mantle great dane but right now she looks like she is "rusting". There looks to be a brownish tint to her coat. It is also a bit dry looking. Is this just a winter coat thing? It looks like she is black with deep brown "highlights" does that make sense? Someone else wouldn't even notice but as her momma of course I do. Any ideas? Appreciate it!

Great Dane Pictures / Trying to put up pics of Elli May and Jack
« on: February 20, 2008, 09:29:21 am »
well here goes nothing!

Elli May is now almost 10 months old and we still crate her at night. I was just wondering when you all quit night crating?

Food Discussion & Information / Eagle Pak users how are your dogs stools?
« on: February 20, 2008, 04:08:34 am »
We have used Eagle Pak always for our Dane and we've always had soft stools. I was wondering if this is what other EP users experience. Our Dane gets the EP however our mixed breed Jack has always eaten Natural Choice Lamb and Rice and has always had nice firm stools even when he gets lots of treats. So I wondered if I should be giving my dane something to help firm her stools?..


Great Dane Discussions / Why isn''t she eating????
« on: February 20, 2008, 03:59:02 am »
My almost 10 mo old Great Dane Ellie May has not been eating well for the last three or four days. She is leaving quite a bit of food in her bowl. I feed two times a day and she has been getting about 4cups of dry with a couple tbsp of canned per feeding . Thanks

Group Discussions & Photos / hopefully pics oof Ellie and Jack
« on: July 06, 2007, 08:48:22 pm »
Here goes nothing

Great Dane Discussions / Help I am blowing it big time with Ellie
« on: July 03, 2007, 03:16:56 am »
Okay, after 3 very sleepless nights my patience is wearing thin. Ellie is a huge howler not just in the night but even in the day. I tried starting over with introducing the crate so she wouldn't hate it so much. I don't even know how it's going! She is now refusing to come to the potty spot. Today she has peed in the house twice and on the back deck once. I have carried her out to the spot over and over but she runs back up to the deck and sits by the door. So I have been putting her back in her crate when we go in because I know she is waiting to do it on the floor. Of course this brings on the howling. I have given her chews and toys in her crate with her. I don't even remember anymore if I should ignore her or tell her "Quiet!" when she howls. She is starting to hate me I just know it. Please point me in the right direction. I am honestly taking her out about every 45 min. because if I don't she will mess on the floor. Up until this point we've had her out of her crate most of the day but today she has become horrid to deal with. I need a nap a long, long nap.

Does anyone else hear the WAAAMMMMMBULAN CE!! :-[

Thanks and sorry, but Jack was soooooo easy to train.


Thanks so much to all of you who helped me with my questions regarding breeders. You really can't know much about someone until you look them in the eye. Well, we went to meet the breeder and the pup she had available. We asked questions, toured the facilities which she was more than happy to have us do. We even got to meet the pup's father who is from another breeder. They were there! That was a treat for sure. We met mom who was just wonderful and the other Danes were as well. We received some great "lean time" and of course met the puppy. Some other new moms and dads were there to pick up there pups so it was great to get there opinions and perspective. One family was there to pick up their third dane! It was a great experience for our whole family and of course, we brought her home. So please give a big Dane Welcome to our new baby....Ellie May.
Sorry I can't seem to get the pics thing working so I have to postpone the actual unveiling.  :-[ We have lots of questions but right now she is sleeping so I am going to sneak in a nap.

Thanks All of You

Good morning! My name is Tori. I am wife to Dan for 15yrs and mother to 4 skin kids (15, 12, 5, and 4), one fur kid Jack our mixed breed, 7 chickens, and 1 bearded dragon named Mozart. We live on 10 acres in rural Northwest Ohio. We have been on our Dane quest for about a year now. I have been lurking on this site for several months but now I need to come out of hiding and seek your wisdom.

We have been gathering knowledge of the Dane breed as well as informing ourselves about the good and the bad with the Dane breed. We have been making our home Dane ready for the last few months and are now ready to seek a breeder. Well actually I am in contact with a breeder I believe to be a good and ethical breeder. However, I am so afraid of being wrong about this. My biggest fear is inadvertantly buying from a BYB or unethical breeder. So this is where all you come in. What have been some of the warning signs to any of you that helped you realize you were not dealing with someone who was in it for the money? If you don't fill out an application for a puppy is that a red flag? I have read that good breeders only breed 1, maybe 2 times a year, is that for each dam? What about the stud dog? How often can he be breed ethically? If the breeder has a non-refundable deposit required is that a red flag?
I'll leave you with these this morning as I need to get to work. Thanks for all your help. I am really enjoying this site.


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