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Wow - I had no idea there was such a disease. I know about Feline Leukemia, of course, but I've never heard of Feline Herpes. That is so it fatal in kitties, or is it just a life long pain in the butt that's contagious?

That's funny! I love the positive spin! I should show that to my hubby, who thinks all our pets are named "Damned Animal".  ::)

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Grace and 3 kittens
« on: September 11, 2008, 08:39:28 am »
Ooooh! I call dibs on Silver Big Dolche (Although, you realize that his initials are "SBD" as in "Silent But Deadly"!  ;D ;D)

Wow - I don't think I've ever seen a white dobie before - how cool! Is it albinism? What a good looking puppy!

I still want to see a picture of Meatie carrying a two year old, but I can't really participate in the thread! Sadly, my pups only claim to fame is "sit" and "leave" it. Tani has learned "sit, down, stay" and I walk away and lay a treat on the floor. Then she waits like a good girl until I say "OK come get it!" then she races up and gobbles her treat. I think it's a cool trick, but not compared to all the fancy stuff the other BPO pups can do!

Awww, poor bubba! I'm sure he didn't mean to freak you out. It sounds like he just wanted to play with the little people. I have NO idea how to train him out of using his mouth, but I"m sure you'll get lots of training feedback... It is very awesome of you SIL to keep her head and realize the behavior for what it was - harmless play. Bubba's obviously well trained, so you should give yourself big kudos for his restraint!! I hope there is a way to help  Bubba conform his play so that it makes you more comfortable... hang in there! And seriously, as far as the "big picture" goes, good for you, good for Bubba and good for SIL!

Old English Mastiff Discussions / Re: Sam, the OEM puppy
« on: September 08, 2008, 09:05:26 am »
What a cute puppy face! Welcome to BPO!

ALL my pets have taught me that life is too short to worry about animal hair on the baby's clothes! I was such a spaz about it when my first child was a baby. My subsequent kids wore animal hair like a badge of honor!

I love that Meatloaf is a "Child Safety Officer", gotta love the big paws!!

One of his commands is 'watch Scarlet'.
He'll follow her, lie down next to her when she sits down, nudge her away from water, strangers and roads, and he won't leave her until I come back to take her away.
When she was a toddler she used to have overalls with a strap on the back, and he'd pick her up by the strap and carry her away from 'danger'.
It was sweet to see her dangling from this big dog's mouth, little legs peddling at the air, giggling and squealing "Pu' me dow' Meatie!".
She used to run towards the road just to get him to chase her and carry her.

OMG!!! That is hillarious!! Oh, please say you have pictures of that!!! I want to see!!  ;D ;D ;D

Poor Sierra! I have to agree with Phelan and Kahn's momma - the big dog people with gravitate toward Sierra and the little dog people will naturally go to Cody. Cody is very cute for a little dog and all, but I have to be honest - I'd plop down in front of Sierra and give her all the scritches I could! That's just me - I have no lost love for little dogs (sorry ya'll - nothing personal - they just don't do it for me...) My kids always want to greet dogs when we run into them on walks and stuff (with permission from the owner first, of course!!) I'll comment that the little ones are cute, to be polite, but if it's a bigger one, I'll be joining in!!

You father in law sounds like a pill, and I remember you talking about him before. If he wants to see Cody, Cody comes with Sierra - that's the way it is. Package deal.

Hmmm, you could streak the rest of her with pink, and then she could be cotton candy for Halloween!  ::)

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: New dogs in town
« on: September 04, 2008, 09:30:48 am »
Welcome to BPO! Duke and Mocha are adorable! Duke's story is so sad, but then happy too! It sounds like you saved his life, and he appears very grateful!! Is he actually deaf, or was he just not responsive while in his rescue and recovery phase? Love the pics - keep 'em coming!

Mixed Breed Pictures / Re: Guesses?
« on: September 03, 2008, 09:53:44 am »
The head shape looks kinda like my Tani's head!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi, Im Jomorningstar
« on: September 02, 2008, 01:02:12 pm »
I know that service dogs are capable of astounding things, but Heather sounds phenomenal! It sounds like she has such a wonderful bond with you! I find that so touching...How very wonderful that you two have each other. Welcome to BPO!
I'm Ali in Northern California, and my two lovely ladies are in my avatar - Tani (brindle) and Kai (black).

Oh nooooooo! Do I remember you posting on here as you were in the process of waiting for River? And you chose his name because he had a "river" shaped pattern on his back? Ooo Noo! I am so, so sorry! How terrible and hearbreaking and tragic...We're here for you..I am so sorry... :'( :'( :'(

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