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I had a Doberman (who was as big as my Dane) who was very much like the dog your talking about.He had a hard life before we adopted him...we were the 6th home he had been in in 7 years... he was extremely protective of me and my kids... but if you brought someone around he didn't know and it was an immediate problem.We had neighbors who were scared to death of him , but the more they came around the better he got and after 6months he became adjusted to them and was fine. My advice would be to try going around the dog a little more at a time and seeing where that gets * our neighbors brought our Dobe bones and treats when they came over - and he really liked that of course*

Luckily he spent the remainder of his time on earth here with us until we finally had to put him to sleep, he had tumors everywhere and would cry out in pain when he tried to move.He was 11 years old when I took him - and to this day I don't think I will ever have a better dog then the one no one else wanted. I miss him everyday.

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So I have this routine in the mornings... 1)crawl out of bed after 4 hours sleep 2)Immediately let the dogs out side to do their thing while I get ready for work 3)change babies diaper and get her a sippy cup 4)try to brush teeth fix hair and hop into my clothes while yelling at dogs to please stop barking at the birds(which is useless cause they don't stop but their so loud they wake up my kids)and 4)run out the door in time to get to work early to uphold my "always early reputation".So at halfway into step three I realize i don't hear the dogs barking anymore and it is TOO quiet to be good.I run out the back door (half dressed and barefoot) to see someone(electric co meter reader)has left my side gate open and dogs are gone!!! I live in the city and people have a fear for big dogs..and then I hear someone scream and instantly I knew where my dogs were... about 2 blocks down terrorizing someone's cat in their yard..(my dogs thought they were gonna get that cat threw the fence apparently.) So with toothbrush in my mouth and robe barely on i drag my 2 back to our yard where I give them the disapproving" you 2 are so bad" look !!Then I felt bad.. go inside and my daughter apparently in all the drama decides she needs more milk and empties the entire gallon on herself and floor...Oh what a morning!!!  Anyone else having a crazy day?

Sorry it took so long getting back to you.My mom and dad used to breed great danes when i was little so i grew up around these guys my whole life... but it's been a long time and when i got scooby he was really bad... the breeder only let me have him because i had had experience with danes before so she felt confident that I could take care of him. He was kept in a big pen with his 2 sisters who trampled him and ate all the food and he was REALLY bad(bare bones) when we first got him.And now he's getting so tall it's like he can't catch up ( I joke with my husband constantly about that one day animal cruelty will show up on my door and tell me I'm starving my dog... not the case but it looks like it though)I know he eats alot so I guess my question is.... as long as I know he's eating and being taken care of is there a real concern if he's a little bony still? I have always felt like as soon as he quit growing tall.. he'd start growing wide. I don't wanna be overly concerned but I also don't wanna be too lax... Thanks - Kelly

Hi ! Okay so I have an 18 mo. old dane "scooby" who i can not get to put on weight.He was the runt of the litter and all but he seemed like he was getting better for awhile and now it's like i can't do anything to get him to actually put on weight... he eats constantly too. Any suggestions?

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