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Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Are people really this stupid?
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:55:39 pm »
OK, so Rella has been going to obedience and next week is our last week. She is doing awesome and following the commands really well.

For two weeks now, she has had a problem with one of her classmates. A lab mix who has tons of energy! We all know the kind...comes charging up to you jumping and barking ::)
Anyhoo...Rella has made it very clear she does not like Baileys approach by snapping at her each time, very aggressive. So far I have managed not to have any bloodshed simply because I control Rella and do not allow her much freedom when Bailey is nearby. So we get out of class, I am standing in line to get the dogs monthly flea treatment and Bailey and owners come charging up behind us. Just by luck, I managed to catch Rella as she turned round to snap. I almost lost it! Rella is almost 50lbs now and she can do some damage to Bailey if left unattended. Why in the world would anybody allow their dog to continue to charge such a large dog? (personally, I think Baileys owners need another 8 weeks of classes, but who am I to say?)

For the record, Rella loves the other dogs we meet up with so long as they do not charge her. If the approach is friendly without the jumping and bouncing, she just loves them!

Baileys owners seem to feel this is Rellas (my) problem and not theirs! I say it is their fault for not training the pup to meet and greet properly.

Advice or suggestions?

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Help Oreo Come East
« on: September 01, 2007, 03:11:34 am »

It was during a live broadcast in Southern CA in April 2006 when I first held in my arms this 7-week old puppy born with a spinal condition that left her paralyzed. The compassionate volunteers from the West End Shelter in Ontario CA brought him to me, and through my friend Joyce of Pets With Disabilities, we arranged for her to be fitted for a wheelchair.

More at link.
Please crosspost as much as possible :)

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Meet the Zoo Crew! Photo's
« on: August 31, 2007, 01:50:39 am »
Sorry for not getting these up sooner, but meet my pups!

Meko, age 5 1/2. He was rescued from a byb at the age of 3 months. He was so antisocial I dared not rehome him for fear somebody (besides me) would get bitten.By the time he stopped, I was in love...scarred from the bites, but in love :)

Dutchess, age 2 1/2. She and her litter mates were found in a barn when temps in our area was -10! Mama had not been seen in two days.They were still nursing when they arrived. Dutch was the runt and by the time she rallied around to find a new home I was once again in love....  side note to this story is my granddaughter was born the day after this litter arrived, so for a few weeks we were feeding both 2 and 4 legged a bottle every couple of hours!

Cinderrella aka Rella. Meet the baby! She is just 5 months old. She is the only one who is not a rescue. I had wanted a St Bernard for years and I got a call this little girl was the last one in her litter and the breeder wanted her to go to a good home. A friend hooked the breeder and I up and Rella came home. We are currently in obedience training and boy do we have stories from that! LOL..she is a funny gal!

Just a couple more.....

We also currently have 4 of the feline variety! Enjoy!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Deaf Great Dane Puppy
« on: August 22, 2007, 04:18:48 am »
A local paper has this ad...looking for a home for deaf 9 month old Great dane puppy. Trained in sign language.

I would love to bring him home as I have the room and am home fulltime to work with him. I have tons of ?'s for any dane owners though....

We have a fenced in yard, 8ft fence which covers 2 acres. We have three big paws now....a 5yo husky, a 2yo great pyr and a 4 month old Saint.

I also have two grandchildren who are here on a regular basis...ages 6 and 2. The grands have been trained, yes trained!, to not climb, pull, ride, pull tails, ect. However they are kids and they will run from time to time. Now my dogs can hear them coming so they simply move out of the way. I worry a deaf dog will not hear them and get spooked and turn and bite!

I am probably worrying over nothing but thought of this forum when I started thinking of this baby....anybod y think this could work? Or would it be to hard on this pup?


Great Pyrenees Discussions / I messed up and need advice!!
« on: July 22, 2007, 06:24:12 am »
Dutchess, my 2 and a half year old pyr is getting very aggressive. She and my 5 yo husky go in and out at will, they have a 2 acre fenced yard to romp in. Dutch is great away from the fence, greets other dogs nicely, great with the grandkids ect. If anybody, 2 or 4 legged, approaches the outside of the fence while they are out, she attacks the fence and/or the husky. I HAVE to nip this in the bud now as I do not want her to turn on the grandkids someday. I also do not want my husky getting hurt...we also have a three month old saint bernard who goes outside from time to time, but since she is still training we take her out on the leash mostly. She has not attempted to attack the SB.
I have had all the dogs since they were babies and have never had any problems with them. Dutch is spayed, the husky is neutered...pup py is not yet. We have cats and birds, Dutch is fine with all of them. I don't know what to do about this!! She scares me and I am now worried she will attack someone inside like she does while in the fence. Health issues have been ruled out. Any suggestions on what I can do to ensure she remains stable? More training perhaps? Maybe it is just me overreacting? Shehas never done this before and to be honest, it terrified me to see her like that. I would have never in a million years have ever seen her go after anything like that.

Hi everyone! You do not know me but I feel as though I know some of you from reading so long!

I have a zoo! 1 male husky, 1 female great prynesse, one rottie/shepard mix (belongs to my daughter who is unable to care for him right now) and a brand new Saint puppy, 12 weeks old. I also have an african grey who talks up a blue streak and a parakeet who was one of 12 I inheritated (sp?) when my mom passed away a few years ago. Include 6 cats who are rescues and you have a clear picture of my household.

My husky, Meko, is a 5 year old neutered male. He is a sweetheart! Loves everything mommy brings home without any aggression at all. My 2 year old pry is the same way, she has been spayed as well.

The rottie mix does get along well with my two, but I have noticed an increase in agression between him and Meko. Hollister is 5 months old and unneutered. He is scheduled to have that done in a couple of months as my darling daughter let his shots "slide" and we need to get him caught back up. Any ideas on how to handle the increasing aggression between the two males until then? I let them out in the pen together and they seem to do fine for the first 15 minutes, then the rumbling starts between them so I bring them inside. If it continues inside I crate BOTH of them until they settle down. Am I doing the right thing here or should I just butt out unless they really get fighting?
My Saint, a little girl we named cinderella, rella for short, is a sweetheart. Met the parents and they were big teddy bears, very friendly. She is great with the grandkids, very gentle and allows them to hug and kiss her everyday. I have seen no aggression from her toward any of us and she did very well at the park today on a leash. She has only been here two days. Today is the first day she allowed the other dogs near her without growling and nipping at them so I have had them kinda seperated with gates, they could see each other and sniff so she was better with them. She is fine with all of them so long as we are in the fencing....thi s is two acres of land we had fenced for the dogs to stay safe, fence is 6 ft tall. The minute we come back insde she climbs under my chair and will growl if they come near her, but she is no longer nipping at them. I have tried giving her and the others treats at the same time from my chair hoping she would realize everybody is allowed around my chair and around me. She is very timid of anything new as well. I took her to my daughters today and my (other) daughters dog started barking as she was happy to see gramma, but I had called ahead and asked my daughter to tie Dakota out so she could not approach us as we got out. Dakota was no danger at all to Rella, but Rella attempted to cimb under the van to get away. I waited it out while keeping her leash short and when she relaxed a bit I moved closer to the house which took us further from Dakota. She was very skittish the whole time we were there(about 20 minutes) even after Dakota settled down.
Other than forcing her to face things she seems afraid of, what is the best way to get her used to different things? I don;t want to terrorize the little punkin without intending to, but I also do not want an unsocialized dog in another three months!
Any and all ideas on how to handle these two issues would be appreciated! Thanks!

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