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Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Posession Aggression...HELP!!
« on: March 20, 2008, 01:01:45 pm »
When I joined this board several months ago, I posted about Bodhi showing posession aggression toward Ribbit, our Cocker Spaniel mix....and now things seem to be getting worse.

I am ashamed to say that we weren't very proactive in dealing with this situation when it first arose.  The problem seemed to be only with Ribbit, and we figured he was part of the problem....he is notoriously grouchy (typical Cocker), growls alot and attacked Bodhi a few times when he was a puppy and got too rambunctious.  Our way of handling this has been to keep them apart during potentially dangerous times.  I know we should have handled it differently, but we took the easy way out because we life is busy and hectic and we were nervous about them having another fight.  Avoidance seemed to be the easiest solution.  Unfortunately, I think this has helped cement in Bodhi's mind that no other dog should be around food or toys in his presence.....a nd this week he has shown aggression to two of our other dogs...

First, I was sitting on the couch eating Chinese.  Only Bodhi and Rio (our lab/beagle mix) were in the room...the other four dogs were in their kennels in the basement.  Bodhi has never shown any aggression toward Rio....but suddenly he lunged at her snarling.  It scared her to death and she squealed and ran away.  Bodhi didn't persue seemed like he just wanted to scare her off more than actually attack her.

Then, I was feeding the dogs in the basement.  I let everyone out into the yard but Ribbit...becau se of his past problems with Bodhi I keep him in and give him his food in his kennel before I let Bodhi back in.  After I fed Ribbit I let the others in....and Dolly got close to the table where their food bowls were sitting and Bodhi went after her.  She also ran away rather than fight, and Bodhi didn't go after her. 

With Ribbit, things are much more tense.  Bodhi has a fit if Ribbit gets near any kind of food....whethe r it be a bowl of dog food or groceries that we are putting away.  He will go after Ribbit if he gets near him when he has a toy.  They are usually okay together when I am handing out treats, but if one drops on the floor they will fight over I keep ahold of Bodhi's collar.  Lately I have been paranoid that they will fight even when there is no food involved, because Ribbit often growls at Bodhi anytime he comes near him.  Ribbit rarely backs down, and this rapidly escalates things and turns into a full-fledged fight. 

I'm really confused about what to do.  We had a trainer come out to our house a few months ago....he didn't give us many ideas.  Said we should drill a big eye-bolt into the kitchen wall and short leash Bodhi to it while we are eating.  It's an idea, but I don't think restraint is the same as training.  We live in BFE, there are no other trainers within 60 miles of us. 

Bodhi is so huge.  I am afraid he could kill Ribbit without even trying.  His size also makes him very hard to handle during a fight...he is stronger than me.  And since he is not even two years old, he still has Puppy Attention Span issues....when he gets jacked up it's hard to get his attention to train him.  Ribbit is also a problem.  He's always been testy, even with us....he will snap at us when we reprimand him....I think he would need to be muzzled to be thoroughly trained. 

Any tips, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  I can't let this get any worse....can't let Bodhi think he can go after the others for being around food or toys.  I am starting to get paranoid....he has never shown any aggression toward other dogs in public, but when I took him to the vet a few days ago I wouldn't let him sniff the other dogs for fear that he would attack them.  I'm sure my tension is affecting him as well.  What training techniques can I use to curb this posession aggression??

Games & Jokes / A Few Funnies!!
« on: March 04, 2008, 11:21:22 am »
My aunt sent me these this morning.  Her taste in humor is generally much cleaner than mine...this is probably the first time I have ever posted "clean" jokes...but they made me chuckle:

Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said "I have an announcement. It appears we have a case of gonorrhea here at the convent!"
"Thank God," muttered an old nun at the back of the room "I am so tired of Chardonnay..."

and another:

A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.Sudden ly, her husband burst into the kitchen. "Careful," he said, "CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! You're cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM NOW! They're going to STICK! Careful. CAREFUL! I said be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have you LOST your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the! salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!" The wife turned to him and exclaimed in exasperation. "What in the world is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?!!" The husband smiled and calmly replied, "I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I'm driving."

and my personal favorite:

A man was sitting watching TV when his wife's car came screeching into the driveway. She jumped out, ran into the house and yelled, "Honey, I won the Lottery!! Pack your bags!!"
The husband jumped up and down smiling and waving his arms and exclaimed, "WOW! The Lottery! What should I pack for...the beach or the mountains?!"
"It doesn't matter," his wife replied. "Just get out."


Newfoundland Pictures / Isn't he cute???
« on: February 23, 2008, 05:22:37 am »
My latest picture of Bodhi lolling on the of his favorite things to do.  It was so cute I just had to share it....

The poll about spaying and neutering reminded me of this.  There is a company that makes prosthetic testicles for pets.  No, I am not kidding.  They are called Neuticles.

I first heard about them when I was a Vet Tech and we got literature about them.  I've talked to several vets about them....they say the main customers for them are

#1 - Men (this goes without saying, lol)
#2 - Women who sneak their dog in to get them neutered and have Neuticles implanted so their husband won't know, lol

I have to say, I don't get it.  Like a dog cares whether or not it has testicles for the world to see??  But who am I to answer the question in the other post, I had all my animals and my husband neutered!! LOL!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Favorite Art/Artists??
« on: February 09, 2008, 02:10:41 am »
Every couple years I get on a kick about buying new artwork for the house. This is a BIG deal to me. I am what my husband calls an "Arty Farty", lol....could spend days in a museum, will happily surf for hours, have literally hundreds of art books and magazines, and have been known to cry over a piece that really moves me (at the VanGogh Museum in Amsterdam I could not stop the tears and felt like a bit of an @ss...until a man standing near me wiped his eyes and gave me a "I can't help it" shrug and smile, lol). So, it is VERY important to me to have artwork in my home that inspires me...whether it is to relax me, make me laugh, or fill me with awe. I am currently on the quest again to find some new art, and am open to suggestions!

I tend to prefer more modern art.....Post-Impressionist, Symbolist, Art Nouveau, Modernism, and more abstract stuff. I love VanGogh, Klimt, Munch, and Chagall. I love Rothko....have one of his prints here in my office. I am a huge fan of many Les Nabis artists like Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, and Paul Sérusier. I usually like landscapes and still lifes over art depicting people. And I absolutely adore trees...have many prints of them!

I am really not concerned with era and/or movement....I think the important thing about art is just that it "speaks" to you.  Please share with me some of your favorites! 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Teenagers.....AAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!
« on: February 04, 2008, 09:27:12 pm »
Calgon, take me away......

As I have mentioned before, we have sole custody of my husband's son.  He is 16.  Not an easy age...for him, or for us.  He exhibits the typical teen tendency to be lazy, sullen, and dishonest....a dded to the unfortunate fact that he inheirited some of his mother's nasty disposition and flair for melodrama.  Sometimes he is really hard to take.  Like last night...

My husband stupidly tried to talk to him about college....whi ch led to talking about snowboarding.  The kid is completely, totally OBSESSED with snowboarding.  And it has gotten out of hand.  He has no interest in anything else.  He is in Scouts, but doesn't want to participate during the winter because it interferes with snowboarding.  He tries to blow off going with us to see his 81 year old grama if it interferes with snowboarding.  We hardly see him, either...he is either at the snowboarding park or up in his room on his computer looking up stuff about snowboarding.  He has had only one date in two years because "girls don't snowboard".  He is not even interested in getting his Driver's License!  He got his permit in September and could get his license in 3 weeks if he had 60 hours of driving time....but since it Interferes With Snowboarding he only has 15 hours.  I've never known a teen who didn't bust their butt to get their license....but as long as there is snow on the slopes, he doesn't care.

He is even basing college and his entire future on snowboarding.  He wants to go to film school so he can make snowboard movies...and the ONLY school he will consider it University of Utah, because it is close to Park City.
This kid is in a very unique and desirable situation, for two reasons:
1.  My father, who is quite wealthy, has offered to pay for his education.  He could go to any school in the country, or abroad for that matter.  There will be no worries about financial aid or scholarships or living expenses or school supplies. 
2. My husband's cousin is a well-respected actor who could help him get into any of the best film schools....a list that UofU is not on.

We have tried to talk to him about this.  We have suggested that he try to go to the best film school possible....he only wants to go where the snowboarding is good.  We have suggested that he not pigeonhole himself by deciding at age 16 that he only wants to make snowboard movies....that he should have a broader focus his first couple years, like in medical school where you learn the basics and pick a specialty later on.  He refuses to listen.  We've told him that we know he likes snowboarding and it is a social outlet for him and he is part of the "cool crowd", but that will cease to matter the day he graduates high school so he shouldn't base his decisions on that.....but he insists.  We have tried to point out that he is going to change so much in the next several years and should give himself as many options as possible until he matures and can better decide on his future....he claims he knows everything and argues like a petulant child.

He says he "doesn't like big cities!"....though the grand total amount of time he's ever spent in one has been 4 days in Fort Lauderdale and 2 days in NYC....he's been in BFE western Maryland his entire life.

He says he "definitely doesn't want to be in the Northeast"....though he's never been further east than Baltimore.  Translation: the mountains out west are bigger and gnarlier.

He says he wants UofU based on the school....thou gh when we tell him that if we go to visit the campus we are going ONLY to the campus and not the slopes, he has a complete melodramatic sh!t fit.  Truth is, we know if he sees the ski slopes that is ALL he will e campus could look like London after The Blitz for all he cares.

This is a VERY smart kid (got 1850 on his SAT without studying).....but he sure acts immature and dumb.  We don't know how to get through to him.  As I said, he is in a very unique situation....m ost kids can only dream of having the opportunities he has....but all he can see is snowboarding.  I am so sick of hearing it I could scream.  Anyone have any suggestions on this?? 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Fat Tuesday/Paczki Day
« on: February 03, 2008, 11:13:45 pm »
An Ode to the Paczki:

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Paczki Day. If you are not from the Midwest or Polish you’ve probably got no idea what the deal is with these dough balls....but here is a description:

Basically paczkis are Polish pastries. Each one weighs about 17 pounds and were traditionally filled with marmalade made from fried rose buds, but nowadays can be filled with anything.  Most Michiganders believe that
Jimmy Hoffa was jammed into one.

Few things are more popular in the Hamtramck/Detroit metro area. We are the devotees of I-Gotcher-Fat-Tuesday-Right-Here Debauchery, because what greater debauchery can there be than eating Polish doughnuts 'til you burst?  We are the Chosen Ones that know the word "Paczki" is pronounced
"poonch-key"....though few know the singular, paczkek, because very few of us have enough self control to eat only one.  Those who have not had the pleasure of gorging themselves have avoided suffering the dreaded "Paczki
Prostration"...but until you have experienced the sensation of huddling bug-eyed and near-comatose behind your desk with your pants undone after sampling every variety of paczki brought in by your coworkers before 10
a.m., you really haven't lived.

Paczki Prostration is alot like childbirth. Over time you forget about the pain...only the sheer joy of the experience remains, causing you to seek to repeat it.  Therefore, every year on Fat Tuesday you can find huddled
masses of displaced Midwesterners Googling "paczkis delivered nationwide".  Behold this pathetic wretch:

Yes, I'm one of those poor souls googling colorado+paczki. I did the same thing last year. Every year I search up and down for paczki's in Colorado but have found none to no avail. I'm making my own this year. Anyhow, as I was saying I was searching again and stumbled across your
blog and had to laugh. Thought you'd like to know I called every bakery I could find in Hamtramack to see if they ship but I was told "no" from each place I called. Please post if you find any place to mail order them.
Desparate in Colorado. - JR

Not to mention this poor soul, Jenny:

I found your blog by doing a Google search for Greenville and paczki. I moved here from Indiana but I never would have if I had known I would have to give up my paczkis! I discovered them in Indiana (happily) about five years ago and I've been looking everywhere.

Oh, the humanity.  For unless you reside in or around Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, or a handful of other highly-evolved Midwestern cities, you are quite
Up A Creek Without A Paczki.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Got my TempurPedic mattress!!
« on: January 27, 2008, 02:29:44 pm »
I posted a couple months ago about TempurPedic after sleeping on one during an overnight pet-sitting job.  At first I insisted I would never get one because they were so expensive....b ut I got to thinking about how much time we spend in bed and the three herniated discs in my back and how nice it would be to walk upright in the morning and how much my uncomfortable conventional mattress cost....and pretty soon I was obsessed with getting a TempurPedic, lol.

Well, I finally got one this weekend!!  Delivery was a bit of a nightmare, the truck couldn't get up into our subdivision (12% grade entrance hill covered with snow, and delivery guys from the flat part of Maryland who were completely out of their element up here and without snow driving skills, lol).  We ended up taking the mattress and box springs out of the truck right there on the street and strapping them to the roof of my car to get them to the house, lol.  The delivery guys rode with us and were just in awe at the cold (even though it was 22 degrees...what we consider balmy in January) and the snow (even though we only have about 10 inches....a foot less than we had a couple weeks ago) and our ability to drive in it (as if we have a choice, lol!).  When we got the mattress into the house we had to leave it in the foyer for a few hours to thaw out....memory foam gets very hard in the cold, and after 4 hours in the delivery truck you could knock on it like plywood!  After it softened up we spent 30 minutes wrestling it up the bends, but is quite heavy and has no handles!  FINALLY, we got it on the bed.

I have slept on it for 2 nights now, and here is my first "review":

It takes some time to get used is harder than a regular mattress and not bouncy at all.  If you flop down on it, you hit with a THUD, lol.  In the morning my back muscles are a bit achy, but my spine feels great (that may not make much sense to people without back problems, but it's the best way I can describe it!). 

I *LOVE* the way the foam oozes up into my back when I lay on it.  Keeps my spine straight no matter what position I am in. 

Because you sink into the foam, it cradles you and keeps you in position.  On a regular mattress I couldn't sleep on my side unless I had pillows to prop me up (always felt like I was rolling, and it hurt my back). 

I was a bit concerned about the TempurPedic "sleeping hot".  I *detest* being hot, especially when I sleep.  But, although it does sleep warmer than a regular mattress, I find it to be cozy!

I'd read that TempurPedics have a chemical smell that takes days to fade....but ours didn't smell at all.  I took a nap on it only a few hours after we set it up, and didn't notice a thing.

When I do zonk out, I sleep like a a the dead.  No tossing and turning.  No waking up whenever my husband moves around.  Even when Bodhi jumps up on the bed (which he does alot because he LOVES this mattress!) I don't feel a thing.  I slept for almost 9 hours last night....I can't remember the last time I slept that long!

So far I am very happy with the mattress and highly recommend it!  We got the TempurPedic Classic, which is one of the "cheaper" ones.  It was about $2,800 for a King size mattress and foundation (which is basically just regular box springs with plywood....the foam really should have a flat can use regular box springs, but it will void the TempurPedic warranty).  I'm hoping it turns out to be well spent!

Well, here's some TMI for's only 10:30 in the morning, and I have already cleaned up about 10 piles of poo!  I am pet-sitting for one of my regular clients, and his little female Cairn (Gitchi) has the trots.  I arrived this morning to find disgusting little presents all over the house.  I spent  about 40 minutes cleaning them all up.  I was pretty sure that the diarrhea was stress induced because the carbon monoxide detector batteries started to die during the night and it was beeping and freaking her out....but because she is older and I didn't want to take any chances, I kept a stool sample and took it to the vet for testing.

When I got to the vet I asked them to run it immediately and sat down in the lobby to wait for the results.  A few minutes later a woman came in with a Boxer....and it too had the trots.  It pooped all over the lobby!  The office was very busy, and other dogs were freaking out and trying to get to the poo to smell it (dogs are so gross, lol)....and then only one person came out to clean it up.  It was too much poo for one person with all those dogs stomping around, so I figured I might as well continue the trend of the morning and helped them, lol.

When I left the vet I came home to take care of my own dogs....and discovered that Rio, our geriatric Black Lab/Beagle mix, had pooped in three places in our basement! 

By now I am imagining I smell dog poo everywhere, lol.  And though Gitchi's lab results were clear, I've seen so many pooping dogs today it makes me wonder if there is something contagious going around. 

This does NOT bode well for the weekend.  I have 5 client dogs this weekend.  That's 7 visits a day, in addition to taking care of my own 6 dogs.  And our high temp on Sunday is supposed to be only 7 degrees.  I'm going to be spending alot of time freezing my keester off walking little diarrhea dogs! LOL!!

Newfoundland Pictures / Bodhi and Stubby in the snow!
« on: January 14, 2008, 08:15:04 pm »
I swear, this weather is crazy....last week we had 8" of snow, then it warmed up to almost 70 degrees and it all melted....and now we are back down to 22 degrees and have 11" of snow and it is still coming down!  Fortunately, just about everyone in our home LOVES snow.  My husband and stepson are ski/snowboard nuts...I won't see them for the rest of the week because they will be out on the slopes.  The dogs love to play out in the yard in the big white drifts.  I just adore snow and cold weather in general.  Only the cats and pigs are not amused, lol.

I took Bodhi out to play with Stubby, our Corgi mix.  Poor Stubby.....Bod hi pummels him and practically body slams into the snow!  Normally he can get away from him because he has a lower center of gravity and can weave and turn in a way Bodhi can't follow....but with 11" of snow on the ground, the poor little lowrider can't move very fast!  I wish I could get some action shots of them, but they whip up so much snow all you can see is white mist!  Still, these are kinda cute.... 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Video of our pig eating from a spoon!!
« on: January 14, 2008, 02:29:00 pm »
I finally uploaded the video of Ginger eating from a spoon and drinking from a cup!  It was taken last summer when she had an abcessed hoof....I had to give her medicine 4 times a day for over 6 weeks and her foot was so swollen and painful she didn't want to walk to her bowls.  It took me less than 20 minutes to teach her to do these things....pigs are very intelligent. Unfortunately, because of that intelligence it took me several days to find the right food to hide her medicine in!  I tried applesauce, yogurt, pomegranate juice, etc....she could smell as little as 1/8 tsp. of medicine in it and refused to eat it.  Finally, I came up with the right "recipe"....oatmeal made with Vanilla Chai!  She loves the stuff!

Since then Ginger INSISTS on being fed with a spoon every evening.  If I set her food pot on the floor with the spoon in it, she will pick it up in her teeth and fling it at me and stand there oinking and squealing and head-butting me until I feed her!  I tell her she is a very sophisticated pig, haha!

I'm not sure which part of the video is more ridiculous.... the pig eating off a spoon or me talking baby talk while she does it, lol.  I can't help myself....I always talk to my animals this way, with no thought of how idiotic I sound! 


My other thread about visiting with your Big Paw got me to thinking about just how Animal Friendly our home is.  You would know as soon as you walked in the door that we have pets....

The house probably smells like a dog...I can't smell it anymore, but it probably does, lol

There are 4 dog beds in our living room alone

Most of the furniture seats are covered with blankets

There are tables under the windows with pillows on them so the cats can bask in the sun and snooze

The windows themselves are often smeared with dog snot

The cats' food bowl is on top of the refrigerator

There are pieces of Friskies that have fallen from the bowl INSIDE the refrigerator

The cupboard above the refrigerator is the Cat Cave....we have a blanket in there for them to sleep (it has been that way in every house I've ever owned...that cabinet is a pain in the butt to reach, might as well use it for something!)

We have a giant water bowl mounted to the wall outside the back door

The backyard is an obstacle course of dig holes, and we have to spend 30 minutes picking up toys before we mow the lawn

A good part of our basement is taken up by two 8'x8' kennels

The baseboard at the bottom of our stairs has been chewed off, lol

There is a steel gate across the landing of the stairs to prevent dog access

Unless I vacuum every other day, the fur rolls across the hardwood floors like tumbleweeds!

We have a tape brush in every room and every car...and have often been seen taping each other off in parking lots outside restaurants all over town!

It is not uncommon to find dry, crusty Bodhi Drool on the walls, tables, and counters

Did I mention there is alot of hair in the house?

Our door mat says Wipe Your Paws

We call our property The Doggone Farm, and have a large plaque with that name hanging proudly on the house

I actually decorate the pig pen for the holidays (pigs get festive too, ya know)

I buy oatmeal for the pigs and on cold nights make them a special batch with Vanilla Chai

I feed Ginger (our big pig) with a spoon (she insists....if I set the food pot down with the spoon in it, she will get it in her mouth and fling it at me!)

Our barn cats sleep in a Dogloo stuffed with a down comforter

*** I think I could come up with even more stuff if I tried, lol!  Here's the our old house, we built a $14,000 screened porch for the dogs to hang out in! I hope all this doesn't make me sound too crazy.  I just love my critters! 

What about you....what makes your home an "Animal House"??

Newfoundland Discussions / Visiting with your Big Paw.....
« on: January 02, 2008, 03:22:36 pm »
We often take Bodhi with us when we visit my family.  I come from a long line of animal lovers, so they adore him.  He is an angel when he visits....just lays on the floor looking handsome, is gentle with the kids, only mooches food politely from a distance.  The only "bad" things he does is belch and drool, lol.  I follow him around with paper towels to clean up the slime, and my family squeals about how gross it is but they laugh and keep hugging him!

My husband's family is a different story.  They don't DISlike animals....the y just prefer to admire them from a distance.  We took Bodhi there a couple times when he was a baby.  He was an angel with them, too....then one visit when he was only 18 weeks old he drank out of the toilet....and my mother-in-law banished him from the house.  Give me a break....we had just arrived after an hour in the car, there was no water bowl out for him yet, he was thirsty, the toilet lid was up, what dog won't take a drink from it?  It's not like he crapped on the couch, lol. 

In any case....Bodhi hasn't been to her house since then, but she invited us to spend New Year's Eve with her (my father-in-law has since passed away and she didn't want to be alone).  We agreed, and asked if we could bring Bodhi with us.  She reluctantly agreed. 

I was a little on edge thinking this might be the one time he acted up....but pretty certain he would be fine and anxious to show her how good he could be.  Unfortunately, I didn't stop to think about how her house is....small rooms filled with furniture and delicate knick knacks.  Not a great place for Bodhi The Bull in a China Shop, lol.  I snuck around and slyly pushed things out of the way so he wouldn't knock them over.  Then I saw that she had all kinds of cheese, crackers and candies out on the kitchen counter for us to nibble on.  And Bodhi can counter surf on all fours, lol.  So I had to put that stuff away.  Then we ordered pizza.  Bodhi was very good and sat patiently waiting for a piece of crust...and dripped drool all over her newly upholstered hassock.  She said she would have to have it cleaned....I knew the drool would dry and disappear....a nd when it finally did I made a big deal out of pointing out that you couldn't even tell where it had been. 

After a couple hours she seemed to see that he was being good....he was lying by her chair and she reached down to give him a pat....and of course that made my friendly Newfie happy and he got up to interact with her some more....and slobbered all over the arm of her blouse.  Oh, sh!t.  LOL!  I got a paper towel and dabbed it off.  She laughed and seemed okay, and told him "Silly Slobber Dog!" he went up to make friends with her again...and let loose with a huge belch right in her face.  I couldn't help nerves got the best of me....I cracked up.  She looked at me like I was crazy. She knows that I *HATE* belching, and can barely stop myself from smacking any person who does it in my presence.....b ut I kept laughing and told her, "He's a DOG....he doesn't know any better!". 

All in all, I think the evening went pretty well.  I was exhausted by the time we left....but Bodhi didn't break anything, did his business outside, and didn't drink out of the toilet.  Having 6 dogs, I know there isn't much more you can ask for, lol.  But I'll bet my mother-in-law spent an hour cleaning after we left, lol. 

Do any of you have family or friends like this?  Have you ever taken your BP to their house and been filled with tension??

Newfoundland Pictures / Bodhi in the snow!
« on: January 01, 2008, 03:44:35 pm »
We have about a foot of snow on the ground and it is still coming down.  It won't last long....our temps are supposed to be in the mid 50s by I thought I'd get some pics of Bodhi having fun while I had the chance! 

The last pic of him looking up at me was taken from our deck....after more than an hour he finally got cold and stood at the basement door chuffing at me to come in.  What a Goof. LOL!

Newfoundland Pictures / My Very Favorite Thing....Cute Pic!
« on: January 01, 2008, 03:35:03 pm »
One of the things I love most about Bodhi is that he is a big snuggler.  Every evening he climbs up on the couch and takes a nap on me.  He almost crushes me, lol....but it's so sweet I will lay smashed in an uncomfortable position for hours just to watch him (Gawd, I am ridiculously in love with my dog, lol!). 

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago when I was very sick with bronchitis.... Dr. Bodhi displayed his best bedside manner and kept me warm and cozy.  Isn't it adorable?? (Him, not me...I look like a sickly washed out scrub, lol......)

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