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Group Discussions & Photos / The Perils of Pet Sitting!
« on: November 23, 2007, 12:28:46 am »
I have pet-sitting jobs over the Thanksgiving weekend.  One of them is for new clients.  They are nice people, live in a nice house by the lake, and their dogs seemed very well-behaved when I met them....a black lab and a
golden lab who walk off-leash, come when you call them, and happily share their toys and give kisses.  Their owners adore them and hired me to visit them four times a day.  Unfortunately, this is the first time they haveleft them so I am getting to 'break them in' and they are really putting me to the test...

I went over for my 9 p.m. visit last night, and as I was unlocking the door I could see something chewed to shreds all over the living room rug. It was a book - one of those old school readers from the looks of what is left, probably valuable. I cleaned up the mess and set about putting away everything I saw that looked chewable - newspapers, magazines, games, fireplace matches, and all the other books I could find. I had to put everything in cupboards, because the dogs are big enough to get stuff off
the counters and tables. When I left I gave them Kongs with peanut butter in them, hoping that would keep them occupied for awhile.

HA. I went back this morning and discovered they had found the one chewable item I missed - a box of $500 snowboard bindings. They chewed right through the box and gnawed up the bindings themselves. Damn dogs,lol. I took them on a long walk to burn off some energy, and left them with peanut butter Kongs again.

When I went back at noon, there were no messes on the main floor. I went upstairs - no messes up there. I thought I was home free - then figured I'd better check the basement rec room. I found several DVD cases chewed up on the floor - and then noticed that the door to the husband's office was open. Holy Smut. It looked like a Chewed Up Paper Bomb went off in there. They upset the garbage and strung it all over the room. They got papers off his desk and tore them up. I had no idea which was garbage and which was important, so I just piled the less drooly papers on his desk.

But NO, it does not end there! After this I decided I was taking them out and walking them until they were exhausted. I walked them down to the lake and through the woods TWICE....took more than an hour. They were much less
energetic by the time we headed home and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for wearing them out. We were coming down a dirt road in the woods that leads to a cabin that is usually vacant, but of course is rented this
weekend. The renters came down the road in their car - and the golden lab took off running alongside them barking like one of Satan's Hounds. She was so close to the side of it I thought she would get caught in the wheels. I was yelling for her and cursing her owners for not owning
leashes (they insisted that their Darling Babies did not need them). The people in the car stopped at the cabin and got out and didn't look too pleased - until I explained that I was pet-sitting for the Dogs From h*ll and they noticed my UofM sweatshirt and I noticed their Michigan tags and we had some good Maize and Blue Bonding, haha. I started chatting with them and then noticed the black lab was not next to me. I called for her and saw a dark streak race past me - and turned just in time to see the damn dog jump into the lake. It is 31 degrees today, snowing on and off and the wind blowing like heck, and this dog decides to do the Deep Creek Dunk.  My fellow Michiganders laughed and offered me their condolences, and I dragged the dog out of the lake and headed for home again. A couple minutes later, the golden lab found something wonderfully stinky in the grass and rolled in it. By the time I got them back to the house 'Miss Lake Jumper' had icicles in her fur and 'Miss Stop, Drop and Roll' smelled like she was decomposing. I had to dry one, then wash and dry the other.  Then I had to call their owner in Colorado and tell her about the destruction and warn her that she may not have a house left by the time she gets back. What a day!

I have to go back at 5:00....and I am half afraid to walk into the house. Then I go back at 9:00 and spend the night least I'll have 10 hours of not worrying what they are destroying next, lol.  The thing I am most thankful for this Turkey Day is that their owners are coming home on Monday! LOL!

Anything Non-Dog Related / We have several inches of snow!
« on: November 15, 2007, 02:41:29 am »
It's been snowing on and off for a week, but not really sticking on the ground.  When it started again yesterday I didn't think much of it...but it began piling up, and we awoke this morning to a 4-5" blanket of white.  Bodhi is just beside ning circles in the yard with his big fuzzy tail wagging madly, scooping up snow with his nose, and eating so much of it he has to be getting Brain Freeze, lol!  The pigs are less ey stand at the door of the barn and squeal, refusing to come out! 

I have two pet sitting jobs this week, and have to go dig out my snow boots to walk the dogs!  It looks like winter has arrived here in the mountains of western Maryland!  Does anyone else have snow?

Anything Non-Dog Related / Accutane....OMG....
« on: November 14, 2007, 02:23:57 am »
My husband's son lives with us...he is of course he is getting zits.  We took him to the dermatologist last week, and they prescribed Accutane for four months.  And the saga begins....

With the prescription they got a book about the risks of Accutane.  Not a booklet, not a pamphlet...a full-sized, laminated, spiral bound BOOK.  It tells about the risk of depression, psychosis, and suicidal tendencies.  It tells about the incredibly high risk of birth high that women must take a pregnancy test before they get a prescription for Accutane and that pregnant women should not even touch the capsules.  In the book is a card with a user # that my stepson had to use to access a website and fill out a questionaire and a pledge not to give Accutane to anyone else.  All this has to be done within 7 days or he has to go back to the doctor for a new prescription.

But, believe it or not, you haven't heard the worst part yet.  After reading all this scary stuff and jumping through all the hoops, my husband went to pick up the prescription.. ..and it was $529!!!  No typo there....that's FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE DOLLARS.  For just a 30 day supply.  The dermatologist wanted him on it for four that's about $2,200.  And, he would have to see his GP and have blood tests done every month while he was on add another several hundred dollars for that. 

I went a bit ballistic about this, lol.  $3,000 for PIMPLES??  Give me a break.  My stepson does not have bad cystic acne.  He gets zits like all teenagers do.  I lived through it.  My husband lived through it.  My friends lived through it.  I'm sure he will, too.  The idea of spending $530 a month on a medicine that is not necessary to keep you alive is just ridiculous to me! 

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Fighting or just acting Ferocious???
« on: November 01, 2007, 07:51:08 am »
Things have been a bit better between Bodhi and Ribbit (Bodhi has been showing alot of food aggression toward him)....until last night.  Then I got dumb and let Ribbit into the workout room where I have been feeding Bodhi.  Bodhi went and stood over him and growled.  Any of the other dogs would have walked away, but Ribbit is our Resident Stud Muffin so he growled back....and they started fighting.  Bodhi was on top of him and they were snarling like they were killing each other and in an awkward spot so I couldn't get them apart (I have herniated discs...makes it damn hard for me to manhandle Bodhi!).  My husband finally pulled them apart.

Here is the weird thing, though:  Bodhi had a few chunks of hair pulled out of his chest area....but there was not a mark on Ribbit.  A little bit of slobber, that's it.  With Bodhi on top of him for as long I thought he would be torn up.  It seemed like forever...was probably only 30 seconds, but long enough for a Newfoundland to do some damage to a Cocker Spaniel. 

Is it possible that they are only pawing and snarling and not biting??  I just figured when dogs fought, they FOUGHT.  But I've seen many dog fights where damage was inflicted very quickly, even when the dogs were closer in size. 

Have you ever had dogs that seemed to be tearing each other up, but weren't biting??  We are still working with Bodhi, going to start working with Ribbit (because he has always shown aggression toward just about everyone) is slow going with my husband and stepson gone all the time, so I am scheduling Mandatory Training Sessions...I just wondered if anyone else has ever experienced this...

Newfoundland Pictures / OH PLEASE, Mommy....lolol!!
« on: October 30, 2007, 10:07:34 am »
Trying to reorganize the pics on my d can't help but laugh at how many of them I have of Bodhi with an "Oh, Please...." look on his face.  The spoiled stinker knows how effective it

Anything Non-Dog Related / Anyone recognize this guy?? hehehe...
« on: October 30, 2007, 08:24:47 am »
Here is a picture of me (on the left) taken a couple years ago.  Does anyone recognize the man on the right?? 

Newfoundland Pictures / Funny Bodhi Pics!!
« on: October 30, 2007, 08:07:21 am »
Too late for the picture contest...and the quality is not great (I hate digital cameras, really want a 35mm for better shots!)....but here is Bodhi dressed up in some holiday accessories!!

Newfoundland Discussions / What do you do about Newfie Neck (wet!!)???
« on: October 30, 2007, 07:27:44 am »
I swear, I can't believe Bodhi has not grown fungus under his chin and down his neck.  It is wet almost contstantly, between drooling and drinking!  He is the messiest drinker....he loves to stick his nose down in the water and blow en carries a couple pints of it in his jowls out to the living room where he shakes his head and sprays it everywhere! LOL!  Either that, or he puts his big head on your lap and soaks your pantleg.  Every time my husband sees him coming with water dripping off his mouth he says, "Oh Sh!t....", hahaha!! 

Do you do anything about wet Newfie Neck?  Bodhi gets matted if I don't keep him brushed...whic h is a pain because he just tries to eat the brush, lol.  I guess I should just follow him around with a drool towel....

Collars, crates, & other cool things / Best gate for Big Dogs??
« on: October 23, 2007, 11:19:55 am »
I probably should have put this in the Gear Forum, but wanted to get as many replies as possible...

For several years, we have had a baby gate on the landing of our stairs to keep the dogs on the first floor...the gate is hardware-mounted into the wall rather than pressure-mounted, but is lightweight wood.  It worked fine until Bodhi got big, lol....but he has now broken one of the wooden slats and is capable of twisting the frame to get around it!

We looked at sturdier baby gates at Walmart....but the hardware mounting is just not strong enough to hold Bodhi.  What kind of gate do you use to contain your Big Paw??  We definitely want something hardware-mounted into a stud that swings open in both directions.  I've looked at several....but think the best way to choose is to get recommendation s from other BP owners!  Thanks!

Newfoundland Discussions / Help!! Fighting...I'm scared....!!
« on: October 08, 2007, 12:51:09 pm »
This is probably going to be looong, I really need advice...

A few weeks ago I posted that Bodhi and Ribbit have had a couple little fights over food...once over Bodhi's bowl and once when we were putting groceries away and all the dogs were crowded around.  I called a trainer...they gave me some suggestions but have only been here once because they have classes and have been out of town.  I've been working on the suggestions they offered and things have been going well....until last night.

Bodhi had just finished his dinner but was still standing at his bowl in the kitchen (Explanation: all the other dogs eat in the basement once a day...Bodhi's bowl is in the kitchen and he eats twice a day).  I was standing behind Bodhi keeping an eye that no one got too close.  Ribbit came into the kitchen and stood behind me.  Bodhi turned around and looked at him, and I knew almost immediately that trouble was brewing...he stiffened up and got that intense stare.  I grabbed his color and tried to tell him to Leave It...but they went at each other.  They only got to each other for about 10 seconds, then I managed to drag Bodhi out into the foyer.  I put him into a Sit/Stay, but did not let go of him because he was still very tense like he wanted to lunge again.  Then he started growling again and I looked and Ribbit was coming into the foyer...and Bodhi tried to go after him again.  I could not get Ribbit to leave the foyer...I finally drug Bodhi up to the landing of the stairs where we have a gate, and locked him in there...then ran and put Ribbit in the basement as fast as I could (because the gate will not hold Bodhi for long).  By the time I shut the basement door, Bodhi was over the gate and running toward us.  As soon as he realized Ribbit was in the basement and no longer a "threat", he calmed down.  I, on the other hand, was just about hysterical.  I couldn't believe the "fight" lasted so long...that Ribbit just kept advancing and Bodhi just kept trying to get him.  I was all by myself when this's damn hard to hold back a 130 lb. dog and I have 3 herniated discs in my back which does not help...I had hideous visions of Ribbit getting killed or having to get rid of I called the trainers in a panic.  They kept telling me that "the situation is not as horrible as it seems" and "is VERY solvable if we do the work in training".  They offered more is some of it, along with some things I have been thinking.  Please tell me if it makes sense, or if any of you have had problems like this and what you've done about it:

1. I think feeding Bodhi in the kitchen is a dumb move on my part.  As I said, the other dogs eat downstairs in their when Bodhi eats his first meal of the day no other dog is around.  I suspect he thinks of the entire kitchen as his feeding area to when he eats his second meal and there are other dogs around, he gets pissy.  The trainers said we should feed him in the basement with the others so he can see that they have the 'right' to eat too...I don't want him loose, so we will have to see if our large crate is big enough for him or possibly switch the kennel assignment for eating (which could be a nightmare because we have had the same routine for years).

2.  The trainers absolutely feel that the problem is not just Bodhi.  When I told them that Ribbit kept coming into the foyer when I dragged Bodhi in there, they said that was him being aggressive. He didn't act aggressive (no growling or trying to attack Bodhi), but it does kind of make sense...a Cocker Spaniel has just been jumped by a Newfoundland and doesn't run away??  Ribbit has always had aggression issues (I think a big part of it is because he is a Cocker my experience, they are very testy)...he often growls at the other dogs and even us...but we've always put up with it because until Bodhi got big no one ever challenged him.  Another dumb move on our part.  So the trainers think we need to work with Ribbit as well.

3.  The trainers suggested that I wear a small air horn around my neck for the next few weeks in case anything happens...they said blowing it will stop the fight in it's tracks. 

4. After the fight, Bodhi was fine.  I left Ribbit in the basement for awhile, then put Bodhi on a leash to take him out (through the basement) in case anything happened.  He and Ribbit went nose to nose...and he didn't react at all.  He was trying to play with him 5 minutes later.  During the rest of the evening Ribbit walked by him many times, very close or even brushing against him, and he paid no attention.  Unfortunately, I was a nervous wreck thinking something would happen...and I know they sense my fear and tension and that makes things worse, but I couldn't help it!

The trainers said many other things...I took notes, but can't think of them right now.  They will be out of town until Monday, but will be coming over as soon as they get back.  They keep saying this is fixable, but I am so on edge.  We've been so lucky for years...all these dogs and no d now this.  To make matters worse, my husband and stepson are two of the most absent-minded, oblivious men I have ever met....trying to keep them on board with intense training will be damn difficult.  ANY advice, suggestions, or support would be appreciated!!

This has been one of my greatest 'discoveries', haha.  I don't often take naps....but occasionally I treat myself to one...with my dogs.  I love to lie there and listen to them snore.  Funny, because my husband's snoring annoys the **** out of me, lol....but my dogs snoring is soothing.  I've even been known to put a blanket on the floor and let them all pile around me.  It is the most comforting, safe, relaxing feeling....fal ling asleep surrounded by creatures who love you unconditionall y.  Okay, that probably makes me a weirdo, lol...but it really is great.  I highly recommend it next time you are having a tough day!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Pics of our menagerie, as requested!!
« on: September 27, 2007, 01:26:19 pm »
I am hoping this link will work:

A bit more info about the piggies, since several people asked questions:  Ginger and Marianne live in a small barn on our property.  They are about 6 years old, but not from the same litter.  Marianne is about 150 lbs...typical for a potbelly.  Ginger is MUCH bigger...over 300 lbs.  We think she is not pure potbelly because we feed her the same amount but she got huge...looks like she is part Hippo!! LOL!!  Marianne is pretty testy, only I can pet her and even then she occasionally charges my legs.  Ginger is the World's Friendliest Pig...she will climb on your lap if you let her (OUCH!)...she LOVES to be fed from a spoon, will drink out of a cup, and play a toy piano with her snout.  Contrary to what most people hear, pigs are VERY clean.  They are also VERY smart - the 4th smartest species on the planet, actually (1. Humans 2. Apes 3. Dolphins 4. Pigs....dogs are 9th or 10th).  It's very easy to teach them tricks...*IF* they want to do them!! 

About the other animals:

Bodhi is 15 months old.  The picture is of him on his First Birthday.  He is a total Mama's Boy, and I worship the ground he drools on. HAHA!

Zildjian is our 7 yo Dalmatian.  She's not very bright and thinks the couch belongs to her...but she's very loving.

Dolly is my husband's "Other Woman".  They are ridiculously in love, and he spoils her rotten.  Dolly spends most of her time smiling, squeaking, and farting.

Stubby was abused before I rescued him and has some issues.  He trusts me and only me, and follows me everywhere.... I haven't peed alone in 6 years. LOL!

Ribbit is our resident Macho Man....absolut ely adorable, but wants everyone to think he is fierce.  We call him Rasta because no matter how much we brush him his fur wants to form dreadlocks.  He is the best lap dog in the can flip him around like a rag doll.

Rio is our Alpha...the oldest (12) and smartest in the house.  She was my only dog for several years.  She seems to have forgiven me for getting all the others, but insists on keeping them in line!

Moose was a big, bad stray I rescued 2 years ago and has turned out to be the most wonderful cat imaginable.  We call him 'The Poose' and he pretty much runs the show.

Delilah is my quirky cat.  She loves to sit on your lap, but hates to be picked up.  She can't Meow...she just squeaks.  She thinks she is a dog....goes everywhere with them and gets trampled several times a day. 

**Believe it or not, there are still more critters that I need to post pictures of...but this is enough for one day....lololol ol.....

Newfoundland Discussions / How big is your Newfie??
« on: September 27, 2007, 12:16:59 pm »
Bodhi is 15 months old, and about 130lbs.  I don't think he is getting any longer or taller, but he seems to be bulking out more...either that or he is just getting more fur, lol. 

How big is your Newf?  And at what age did they completely stop growing??

I've been posting for about a week now...and haven't gotten around to introducing myself!  My name is Lynn - and as my subject line says, I have MANY pets.  This is what can happen to you when you are active in rescue and move from an upscale area (Ann Arbor, MI) to a rural area (western Maryland) keep rescuing, but find less quality homes to place animals end up adopting them ...

Bodhi, 14 mos. Newfoundland
Zildjian, 7 yo Dalmatian
Rio, 11 yo Black Lab/Beagle mix
Dolly, 6 yo ??? mix (looks like Bart Simpson's dog!)
Stubby, 6 yo Corgi/?? mix
Ribbit, 7 yo Cocker/?? mix

Moose.....hous e cats

Midge....barn cats

Ginger & Marianne...pot bellied pigs

Thank Goodness we have alot of room...6 acres of our own and access to 30+ more (our neighbor is a cattle farmer).  It goes without saying that chaos rules at our house, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Each one of our critters has a unique personality and brings us so much joy....and they are all spoiled completely rotten, lol. 

Bodhi is our newest addition, and so far he has been a learning experience.  We had a Malamute/GSD mix for 7 years, but he was an epileptic on Phenobarbital and very lethargic...Bo dhi is bigger and crazier by far! 

Hope to make some new friends here....IMO, Big Dog People are the best!!

Newfoundland Discussions / YIKES...Food Aggression!!
« on: September 15, 2007, 06:14:17 pm »
Okay, I am getting worried.....

In the past several months Bodhi has had two fights with Ribbit, our cocker mix.  Both were over treats.  I was very concerned because Bodhi is so large and both times he was seriously pi$$ed...I had to hold him back...but I honestly believed that the problem was only with Ribbit.  Since he is part cocker, he can be snippy (in 15+ years of working with dogs I've only been bitten cockers). 

Then last night, he barfed (had eaten some deer poop in the yard, I try to clean it up but we have deer by the dozen every day).  Rio, our Black Lab/Beagle mix, came over to check it out (ACK, dogs can be so gross)....and I guess Bodhi thought she was going to try and steal his barf and he wanted to eat it himself (GAWD, trying to tell this story almost makes me gag!!)......and he growled and lunged at her.  I managed to grab him and Rio ran off immediately, so there was no fight....but I was very upset.  There is no denying that Bodhi has some real food aggression. 

I'm sure there are other people here who have dealt with this.....any advice??  I have always fed Bodhi away from the other dogs, so we have no problems at meal time.  Just with treats...and now barf, lol.  He is so big and strong I am afraid he could really hurt our other dogs.  Any tips/tricks are welcome....

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