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Newfoundland Discussions / My Newf is a Spaz!!
« on: September 13, 2007, 06:40:09 pm »
We have a 14 month old brown Goofy Newfie, named Bodhi.  He is the love of my life and the sweetest boy...but not calm and laid back as Newfs are supposed to be.  He is an absolute angel when we take him anywhere...but at home can be a bit of a terror!  He runs and jumps around and loves to chew on us and our other pets...particu larly our poor Corgi mix, Stubby.  Bodhi chases him down and jumps on him and slobbers all over him.  He has never hurt him, but poor Stubby is a nervous wreck when it is time to go outside, knowing he is going to be pummelled by the Big Brown Dog!

I know many breeds of dogs are rather crazy when they are puppies/young adults.  Does this include Newfies?  Could that be the reason that Bodhi is so energetic, and will he calm down as he gets older?  We have 6 acres of land, he gets exercise.  We live in a very rural area, there is only one trainer within 80 miles of us and I do not agree with some of their techniques so I work with Bodhi myself.  Just wondering if anyone else has a Newfie who was nuts when they were young!!

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