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Karma a few weeks after we got her

Meeting her big sis (the day she came home)

Looks horrible, but very harmless...

Sista stick wars

"Excuse me... what are you doing back there?"

Last one for now...

Bailey, our old little paw with a big heart.

Deep in thought

Bit of Meik. (He's always moving)

Running alongside his dad

More Kita

Heres a few more of everyone... not related to their first swim of the year though

Heres part of the gang plotting against the Pup who at this point was a big pest.


Kita my (Rottie/Boxer mix)really unsure of what the pup is up to behind her.

Karma still jumping around...

Running around to dry off.


Meiko proving that he as a Border Collie is the best at everything even swimming. (so full of himself)

Our little big paws cocker swimming along side his brother from another mother.

yeah thats right, I'm darn cute

It was just too hot here for man or "hairy beast" so we all piled into the car and took a ride out to camp.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not water dogs huh??? I have no choice but to disagree here (atleast with my gurl)

She was a bit intimidated by the water for a whopping 3 minutes or so, but once she realized everyone else was in there, she couldn't be left out.

Oh I know how confusing this can be... I was there for the past 2 years.
I had 2 breeds in mind to start my showing venture with, Akitas and Tibetan mastiffs. When I had started my searching TM's were not yet recognized by the CKC only the AKC, so I decided Akitas obviously.

I had went to shows, talked to breeders and honestly did my best to sound as genuine as possible. Only to be snubbed off by EVERY one of them :S

This sadly really turned me off of the Akita breed, I wanted a pup from someone I could talk to and if I couldn't talk at a dog show (after they had been in the ring of course) and get some info from them that way, face to face... NO BS. Then how was I going to?
Alot of breeders I found personally in many breeds have the "holier than thou" attitude unfortunately. But keep it up! Eventually you will find a reputable decent breeder.
All of the Akita breeders I talked at shows, I went home and googled them. Everyone has to start somewhere right? After checking out their dogs and lines I then googled the kennel names on their foundation dogs. This is how I found the breeder I will be getting an Akita from one day, she is amazing, easy to talk to, and actually listens to YOUR situation.

Before finding her though, and while i was still in the "discouraged" stage, I had started searching harder for my TM. I found her easily and did I ever score on an amazing breeder too. I have never seen someone so dedicated to her dogs, and when we did the phone interview and I asked her a question that I was used to hearing a moment or 2 of silence n the other end for... she had the answer and a brilliant answer at that.
I was supposed to be under a co-own with Karma, but the breeder and I have hit it off so well and keep in contact like friends would, she signed over full ownership to me. I know if and when breeding Karma comes up, I would go to her breeder for guidance in a heart beat. She has been working hard with me to understand complimenting lines with stud choices and so on for a few months now (although Karma is still just a pup, its best to learn as much as you can right)
She and I both have visions of what I am going for in my TM lines and although my sights and hers are different in some ways, she respects and appreciates what I am going for.

Again, I completely understand what you are going for, and with Co-ownership, it is a great way for a newbie to showing  to prove to a breeder that you are in it 110%. However, I also have had a really bad experience recently with another dog I co owned with a friend and the dogs breeder (3 way co-own) I did it to help my friend financially get her dreams off the ground with what we were sure was a very promising little bitch, however this breeder literally blew smoke up our... well you get the picture, we are now out upwards of $3000 combined and returned the dog. Be sure you have ALL paperwork and contracts signed BEFORE paying for a pup. It turned out that our little bitch was SO promising that the breeder insisted she handled ONLY, she chose shows, she had final say for EVERYTHING. And we were to pay her for conditioning and handling, we payed a fortune for this pup and were on the co-own, with a 2 puppies back and say of stud was the breeders.
We would have only bred her twice as I firmly believe more than that is just not right by me, so basically we payed the breeder for her to have her show dog on her standards. The story is a little more involved than this, but I dont want to be typing for ever lol

Dont be intimidated by breeders, try to find out who gave them their start, search lines, study lines, check OFA site for results of lines you like, as well as CERF site, be ready with questions of your own when you find a breeder and try to have the answers YOU want (for reputation purposes)already written out, if they say something you are not comfortable with but everything else checks out, dont be afraid to ask.
Don't forget, they are interviewing you and you should be doing the same to them.
Hope some of this helps.

Shes definately crated when im not watching her, I have heard many horror stories as well about the breed and their distructive tendancies.
Im prepared ( I hope lol)
She has already started her "guarding" especially with food so we have to definately start working on that immediately.
Its sort of sad, she walked in and right away the rules were laid, no time for "cute puppy time" but I realy cant allow her to get away with anything.

I went and spent a small fortune on good durable chew toys for her and plan to keep rotating them for now, but she is already attacking my couch and christmas tree.

Shes doing great with housetraining so far, the breeder had paper trained her a bit which helps alot.

I really would like to join that TM group but have no idea which one it is. there are a few and I dont want to pick the wrong one lol
And im not very good with yahoo groups but I should learn

Heres a few more from this morning

My cocker spends most of the day running away from her

just a test... everytime I Have tried to reply on here my browser shuts down, fingers crossed

She arrived last night ;D and is even cuter than I ever imagined.

She is still nameless for the time being but here's some pictures for now.

At almost 11 weeks old meeting her new family.

I have a ton more that I still have to go through and upload so more will follow, if the board allows me to reply that is?!?!?!

Names Wimble ( not really but thats my alias anyways lol) I live in Northern Ontario and have 2 "big paws" and 1 Little paws dogs.
My "big paws" are a Rottie/boxer (she's my pampered princess) mix and a border collie ( his paws arent all that big though come to think of it, but he's still the "big guy" here)
My little paw guy is an Am.Cocker (an old fella that came here as a foster but... tee hee)
I recently lost one rescue that lived with us 2 brief yet wonderful years, he was a Rottie/Shepherd mix and was most definately the biggest paws we ever had.

I was sent this link by someone as I am fishing for info on what most possibly may be my next "big paw" (Tibetan Mastiff) I stumbled across the breed quite accidentaly I must admit, and I fell in love.
My man and I are planning a trip to a breeders to look at some of them and spend some time with a few to see for sure...

Well, thats all for my intro, Im off to figure out this forum which I also must admit is unlike any other I have seen...
Hope to talk with many of you in the future.

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