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Thanks so much,

I will use that as a guide but will also look up some other groomers that are comfortable showing me how to do it.  The face looks tricky - I think I'll defintely need some instruction for that.

Thanks again!!!!!!

Your newfs and my Bouv . . . we'll have to watch their hair grow back together.  Will you always have to keep them short due to allergies?

Magic - what is a 10 blade equal to? Does that refer to the width?  What size comb height would you recommend - can you tell I'm a rookie  ::)

Food Discussion & Information / Re: Another food question
« on: May 24, 2009, 04:37:02 am »
I'm not a food expert, but could he maybe be eating too much?  I believe I read somewhere that if a dog is eating too much the nutrients doesn't eat a chance to fully absorb and the poop might be mushy.  I could be off on that though - there are others here that know much much more then I do about feeding dogs.

Newfoundland Pictures / Re: A day at the river
« on: May 24, 2009, 04:33:01 am »
Love the last piicture - did they catch anything?

Thanks all,

I think I will try doing her myself the next time.  I don't mind that the clippers were used - I just think it is way too close.  It is the face that I didn't think I could do.  I did bring in a picture showing exactly the face that I wanted - I have a book on Bouviers so I flipped to the cut that I liked.

I hate confrontation - if it were a bigger business I would consider going back to let her know that I'm unhappy, but it is done in someone's basement.  I think I'll try myself the next time, and then maybe trying to find someone that has a Bouvier to show me how to cut the face.  I'd like to learn anyhow so that I can save on grooming costs.Sir William looks fabulous - I will zoom in on that picture!

Thanks for reminding me that it will grow back.  I'm not a patient person but I guess I will have to learn!

He's beautiful!  It's so nice that he is enjoying your visits - like that's what he was born to do!  Have fun!!!

Hi all,

I'm so disappointed.  I took my Bouvier to the groomers today and asked for a puppy cut for the summer.  I specifically asked for 1/2" to 3/4" - not shaved.  I came back and it looks like she is shaved in places, and uneven in others.  Plus, her face doesn't have the beautiful Bouv look to it anymore.

Has anyone else have this happen to them?  How quickly will it grow back, and will it be the same texture?  It was pretty dark at the groomers so I didn't see it until I was home - I ended up paying full price for a cut I hate.  On her tail you can even see the skin . . . I've posted some pictures . . .

I guess I need some encouragement that it isn't as bad as I think it is???

Discussions & Information on Grooming / Re: Summer Hair Cuts
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:36:12 am »
I've been keeping Petra in a puppy trim, but it grows so fast that I blink and she is all furry again. I think as long as you don't go too close to her skin you'll be fine - 2" should be good.  Show pics whatever you decide!

He's beautiful!  Congratulation s :)

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Newfie Pup
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:04:47 am »

Your baby is a cutie!  I don't know much about Newfs - I have a Bouvier and she is still a puppy too, but I know thatt everyone on this board will give you great advice.

From the little bit I've learned with Petra, I'd suggest to start by teaching her name and praising her when she does something that you want her to do - like being settled, letting you brush her, whatever :)  I also started with sit fairly young - Petra was super smart and learned that right away and then her down.  Teaching her to come using kibble before feeding is another idea you might want to try.

Don't do too much at once - enjoy her, bond with her - let her know how much she is loved, etc.  Have fun!!

Thanks!  These are great suggestions.  I think part of what may be going on is that he is still transitioning from my sisters house to here - we are working on some basc commands and bonding so he knows that this is his home.

My nephew comes over once or twice a month so I'll be sure to buy something super delicous on those days :)

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / dog skittish around toddlers
« on: February 28, 2009, 11:26:53 am »
Hi all,

This is a bit long, but I am hoping for some advice please!!!

I have agreed to take care of my sister's dog - a German Shepard/Mountain Bernese Cross (well, that's what the vet thinks he might be!) for the year while she teaches in Korea.  He's 2 years old and a big boy at about 120 pounds. So far he gets along great with my dog (a Bouvier pup that's 10 mths), adults and older children and listens really well in the house. 

My concern is that I think he is afraid and/or aggressive with toddlers.  Here's a little bit of history (not including the first year of his life before he was rescued at a shelter).
- about a year and a half ago my sister was walking him downtown and he lunged at a small girl who walked up to him within her mom's permission
- last Christmas he was sitting quietly beside my sister but then suddenly lunged (and possibly had his mouth on arm) at my nephew when he was running circles in the living room (I know - we need to teach little children to move gently when around big dogs)
- a month ago he was laying in the corner of the room but then made a quick movement to get under my nephews arm when he climbed up on the couch.  I was sitting beside my nephew at the time.
- and today, he again made a quick motion after my nephew when he walked past him (the dog had only been laying down for about 2-3 minutes beside my mom).

I am thinking that the dog may have had a bad experience with kids before being put into the shelter.  We have separated him from my nephew at all times (which can be tricky as my nephew likes to climb over gates!).  And personally, I never leave a large dog along in a room with small kids - I am always nervous with the size difference. 

Does anyone have any suggestions and/or has owned a dog that does similar behaviour?  This is the only concern  have with him - beyond being skittish with kids he is a model dog - quiet, good listener, loves to cuddle,etc.  It is only when toddlers are over that we are watching him at all times.

Thanks so much! 

I was wondering the same thing a couple of months ago and posted this thread -

Everyone gave me a lot of great advice.  I decided to get her spayed because as a first time dog owner, I didn't want to have to worry about watching her every move and cleaning up.  I was worried about whether or not it would affect her growth plates and my vet said that it would be marginal - possibly a little bit more leg. 

I wasn't planning on breeding - I just want a healthy dog.  I think that there are a lot of other things we can do to make sure we have a healthy dog - being careful with what we feed them for one and no long walks/jumping . . .

Hope this helps a bit!

I know the first time I bathed Petra it was quite the challenge.  She didn't like the hair dryer at all and tried to eat the cord.  And trimming feet?  We had to work up from a treat when I held her knee, then a treat when I held her foot, then a treat when I touched her foot with the clippers, then a treat with each clip on each toe.  Whew.  It still takes a long time but we are working through it. 

But isn't fun to have a dog with so much personality?  He'll defintely tell you when he's happy or mad at you!!  I'm sure you had that with Magic too so you'll know what to expect!!!!  I love reading your updates about your puppy!!!!

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