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Medical Conditions & Diseases / Re: Dog has dried blood on tips of ears
« on: February 09, 2008, 11:44:50 am »
Thanks for your advice, guys! I didn't know that flies could cause this condition - I'm in Australia, and we certainly have plenty of flies. With so many other creepy crawlies here, I thought the flies were somewhat "safe"! Anyway, I have bought an antiseptic fly spray for the ears, and Stoffer is now sporting an interesting pink look. The flies are staying away, and I hope the ears will heal asap. Once again, thanks! ;D

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Dog has dried blood on tips of ears
« on: February 05, 2008, 06:29:38 am »
We have just discovered my dog Stoffer has got dried blood on the tip on one ear and along one of the edge of the other ear.

We noticed for a few days that flies were attracted to his ears, and thought he'd rolled in "something" as he tends to do once in awhile. However, upon inspection and cleaning, we noticed it was dried blood. We washed the ears with a medicated dog wash, but the dried up blood has returned. A small patch of fur came away with the dried blood on the tip of the ear.
He is not itchy and doesn't appear to be irriated or sensitive to the ears in any way.

He doesn't socialise with other dogs, except occassionally on a walk.

Does this sound like something familiar to anyone? Can I buy a cream from the pet shop, or do you think this warrants a visit to the vet?

Thanks for your help.

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