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Doberman Discussions / Dripping urine ... what to do?
« on: April 25, 2008, 05:16:37 pm »
dripping urine?  Id guess infection or urinary incontinence. You could always ask them if you can take her urine to the vet! Thats all they need anyway is a sample and they can test it right away. If it is negative for infection - it is most likely urinary incontinence and medication daily will help with that. I say - go for it! Get her home, love her to death and take her to the vet... Good luck!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / What a pain...
« on: April 22, 2008, 04:00:36 pm »
So here's the 411 - I decided I was itching for a great dane last summer. It started when a great dane stole my heart in our therapy dog class and I knew I had to have one. So a few weeks later I see this sign in a guys yard a few blocks from me advertising great dane pups for sale for 500 bucks. I about threw up since it was more like a yard sale sign and I saw them in a crate sitting in the hot sun.  I was on the way to obedience class and drove by on the way back ready to knock on his door and tell him the dangers of the hot sun on these pups - but he had taken them inside. Of course I cursed him as I drove by for a few days then saw the sign marked down to 400. Now, all of you who do rescue know why my blood is boiling. Breeders are great and necessary, but no reputable breeder puts a yard sale sign in there yard... anyway, over the next 2 weeks the sale goes on down to 200$. I finally call the guy and tell him I do rescue and can tell that he is having trouble rehoming the dogs and offer to help him find loving homes. He tells me he has the last 2 dogs and had 2 people coming to buy them now that they were only 200. So obviously no screenings were needed, just the cash. Anyway, I felt horrible but was glad I didnt buy from a backyard breeder and started my quest for a dane of my own. Its a year later and still NO DANE!!!! The 2 rescues in my area said this - Rescue 1 - you have a child under the age of 8 so we cannot adopt to you. I explained that I have been doing rescue for years and my children (5 and 8) have been with me to dog training classes their entire lives and have fostered dogs over 100 pounds on many occassions. They have helped birth 12 pups from a lab foster we pulled from a high kill shelter. I assured them they were dog savy and that they even "hold on the the walls when they walk in the house" and "know which peanut butter jar is the dogs" :) Anyway, no dice - they said no exceptions. So I contact the other and they say I am 15 miles outside of their adoption area and they make no exceptions. So I politely ask them, "So, you are telling me there is no way I can rescue a dane. What should I do?" and they say - (sit down).... "GO TO A BREEDER!"   What The F?!!?!? Are you kidding me? Now I understand they have rules.. but are you kidding me? So, here I am a year later, trying to be the responsible rescue loving pet owner and not go to a breeder and I am being punished for it. I find myself driving past this guys house now and looking for another sign! Not that I want to help perpetuate bakyard breeders, but I can understand how poeple who dont really understand the whole rescue crisis would easily buy from them. (Did I mention his danes are pure blue and gorgous!) Anyway... I have seen some danes on petfinder at shelters and called to inquire about them, but many times they say they are way too out of control to be around kids... hence the reason I want to adopt from a rescue who can tell me the dogs history. Having to train a dog doesnt bother me, Id do that anyway, but I have kids and cats and dont want a dog that has aggression issues... Which I cant know from pulling one from a shelter. ive checked Petfinders classified for people rehoming their own but that hasnt worked either....So, guess I keep waiting... I know the right one will find me!

I am without words... God Bless you.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 17, 2008, 11:33:41 am »
We've been calling hte shleter daily and not getting an answer. One of the newfs is no longer on teh petfinder site! So lets pray he got adopted!

I agree. He would have hurt her much worse if he wanted to. with that being said... you really do need to watch them for a while. Here's why... 1- If the puppy at some point decides she wants to fight for alpha position as she gets older, it would get nasty since she has already been hurt by him before. Small chance she would try it, but I've seen it happen before. 2- IS there anything medically wrong with your older dog? Many times a dog will bite because they are in pain and the younger dog hurt them by playing. Ex: sever ear infection and the puppy pulls on the ear. 3-a dog will warn another in a set series of events... low growl, louder growl, snarl, air snap, etc... they should do al these things before they actually touch the other dog. Since you werent in the room, it is possible this happened and your younger dog just doesnt have that inate ability to know when to stop. If that is the case, she will most likely get hurt again. Was she kept with her littermates until at least 8 weeks where she learned how to play? Many dogs taken from their litter before 8 weeks have trouble with this. They have to be taught how to play bite by their owner. If this is the case, she probably play bites you too hard too. Another option is that your older dog isnt doing all the warning signs before the actually bite happens. In that case, I think you should be correcting her. Either way,  would talk to an animal trainer immediately. I had 2 goldens a few years ago, one being a foster that had been taken from her litter early and then not really socialized well. She didnt get the whole doggie play thing. She adored my other golden but accidentily ripped a hole in her neck. And IM talking big here. A grand surgery and 3 months of healing time was necessary before she was allowed near the dog again. Sometimes letting them work it out on their own means lots of vet visits... Good Luck. Keep us poted.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Another big paw in a shelter!
« on: April 16, 2008, 08:59:27 am »
How cute is he! And he looks so sad...  Anyone in OH want a bog ol boy???

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 16, 2008, 04:29:24 am »
I'm about 10 minutes from New Albany! Small World!!!! How cool is that! Let me know when your in town for a doggie playdate!!!!

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 16, 2008, 03:08:52 am »
Hmmm.. Good point. I really need to spend more time on Mapquest! My brother is in Indy, and I am in the southernmost part of Indiana, across from Louisville Kentucky. Im still waiting to hear from my friend about whether she can drive to get them. She is in Louisville. It would be about 8 hours round trip - but shes a newf lover and likes to drive... so this is perfect for her! (or so I keep telling her!)

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 15, 2008, 09:05:26 pm »
So I just mapquested and found out it is actually farther for me to drive to Chicago than it is to drive to the shelter! Is there someone in Indianapolis that could drive to Chicago and pick them up and then I can meet them in Indy? Hmm... we'll keep working on it! I am hoping my friend (a newfie owner) will go get them tomorrow... I'll keep you posted.
On another note - when we called, they said Norman with the white on his chest was a pure bred and the other - Martin -was a mix I thought it was the other way around! What do you guys think? We also found out that Norman was 1 and Martin was 3. I think Martin looks like a young pure bred Newf.. maybe they got the pictures switched. Anyway.. thoughts?

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 15, 2008, 08:57:13 pm »
Yep I'll foster. I can get to Chicago somehow! I have a friend who is off work tommorrow. She is looking into how far it is also and amy be able to get there. Email me at and we can talk about details... Thanks everyone.

Yeast infections - now there is something I know all about! (my dogs of course!) My golden Meli gets them CONSTANTLY!! Im talking we've been to the vet atleast 30 times in her life.. if not more. Here's what works for her now. We finally put her on Claritin. The human kind (but we got the generic pills called Loratidine at Sams Club) Name brand Claritin is about a buck a pill. The generic you get like 100 for 10 bucks. Anyway, she is 80 pounds and gets 1 1/2 pills a day. Between that and cleaning ears alot she has cleared up. Another thing that helps is to put yogurt in their food and apple cider vinegar in the water. Not much - just a quick pour. (I know Im so technical here!) Start out small or they may not drink it. That does wonders! And watch out for the paws. If the yeast is in the ears, when they scratch with their paws it will transfer to the pads of their paws. If she starts chewing her paws... its there. You can also tell when it is getting bad beacuse it will smell. Trust me, you'll know. You walk in the house and say "Dangit - its back!)  Did the vet smell his easrs? You can do it yourself, and the ear will be red. How old is your little man? Meli's infections didnt stat until she was about 2 and then they were constant. Anyway, hope this helps! Give your man a hug for me!

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Newfie in Shelter in IL
« on: April 15, 2008, 08:09:10 am »
There are 2 newfs listed in a shelter in Charleston, IL. Its about 4 hours from my house. Id be wililng to foster if anyone can help transport. Id anyone near there? We called the shelter today and found out it is a kill shelter and they are full!!!! AGAHG!!!!  Anyone got any ideas?


    * Animal: Dog
    * Breed: Newfoundland Dog
    * Sex: Male
    * Age: Adult
    * Size: Extra Large
    * ID: 358

From: County Animal Rescue & Education

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Marking!
« on: April 14, 2008, 08:25:36 am »
I took in a foster newfie a few months back that walked in and peed a GALLON on the side of the couch! I swear it looked like Niagra Falls. Immediately I started researching marking. I found a great article you could check out.
Has he been checked medically for a UTI? That could be an underlying cause. If he checks out, there are some great suggestions in this article and some great background info to help you understand what a dog is saying when they mark. I founf it fascinating. Good Luck!

Specific Website Information / Re: Im losing my mind!
« on: April 13, 2008, 11:27:11 am »
Thanks ladies! The tips you gave were quite helpful! I'm determined to figure this out! By the way, I did post some pics in the folders section...  Jen, you cracked me up... so here is the official intro.. drumroll please.....
I am the proud momma to a 10 year old golden retriever - Meli Kamahine(honey girl in hawaiian) a 1 year old newfoundland/border collie mix- Timber, 2 cats - Maui (as in the island) and Maea (hawaiian for unpleasant odor - nuff said). Yep, lived in Hawaii for a few years. Back in Indiana now. And I have 2 human kiddos that help clean up the poop of all the fosters I bring home...I do rescue work on the side (who doesn't right?!) and am still looking for another furkid to add to the family. I'm leaning toward a dane or a newf. My oldest, Meli, is a therapy dog for the red cross and my newfie mix if in training but is quite stubborn... "Heel? Did you say Heel? What is this heel?" IM a special education teacher by day... so a deaf dane is appealing... hmm... Im sure the right one will find me! Anyway... I digress...Than ks for the welcome everyone! So glad to be here! And look - 2 posts - Im so proud of me!   ;)

Specific Website Information / Im losing my mind!
« on: April 13, 2008, 06:53:18 am »
Im new here and an so psyched to be a part of your family! ONly problem is I feel like the black sheep! I am having so much trouble trying to work this site!  ???I finally figured out how to add pictures, which are too large - and attach a picture to my profile, which it doesn't seem to attach just tells me to browse and pick my picture then there is no attach button, and im trying to post and it will tell me an error has occured... help! I have no clue where this post will even end up - heck, maybe on a cooking site, or how to do underwater basket weaving... I guess Im ready to learn something new...  :) Anyway, Once I figure this all out, I'll actually introduce myself... any advice?

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