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Events to go to or join / Re: How did I not know about this?
« on: June 17, 2008, 02:24:05 am »
Hate to say this since you are already kicking yourself, but do you have a subscription to your local newspaper???

If so Always look at the "Local" section.  Ours always has a sudo calendar/daily whats happening section. 

Might help you keep up to date for future "SLOBBERIN DATES" LOL

Have a good day

Hello all,

danwins here, and wondering how you get a camera shy dog to give you that happy dog look when you try to take a picture. 

Snuggles is a happy go lucky dog that just is non-stop full tilt all the time, except when I pull out a camera.  Doesnt matter if I am behind someone and then pop out to take the pic. or if I get her alone to take the shot.

I swear she has a sixth/seventh sense to avoid the camera or give a look like she just lost her favorite toy or bone.

Any Ideas???????????

Danny W.

Looks like you and I are the only ones righting here on your topic.  My got deleted as "spams" still trying to figure that on out, but life happens.  anyway with all your family out to an extent. nothing was misunderstood.  no apology needed. 

you were right with what you said one way or the other. I said what i said for the benefit of others.  and If you need a shoulder to shout at shout out here and you will get many responses and you can always send me a comment and will do my best to keep an appropriate response or answer questions to help. 

And if i cant i will get my wife on it and she will definately help get an answer.

As they say in the service
"Carry On"

Danny W.

Another male perspective. Approach him now don't wait for another outburst, because if you wait and confront him when he "reacts" you WILL get an angry response and he'll be UBER defensive.

You can even given him the choice to have that convesation then or within a day or 2. This way you give him sometime to think about it, let him know this is very important to you and for your relationship together.

You will have a much better result if you have the discussion at a neutral time and not in the heat of the moment!!

2 more cents for that bank!

Hello Again,(sounds like a song / or am I dating myself?)

Winslows got this one right about catching him on one of your "good moments" but try and catch him on one of HIS as well.  Also if you are leary of his reaction, do it in a semi public place like a park or a coffee shop you both like or anything that just might have people passing by but not any of your friends he may feel "ambushed" and that would not be good no matter what.

Again hope all works out and above anything else Protect yourself 1st and all others later. 

And let others know you are worried.
I know you said this was "venting" but if you are venting here then deep inside you are worried and you had to get some of it out to others who dont know you to get the lay of the land so to speak.
Well looks like an overwhelming response of "BE CAREFUL"

So let family and friends know you are worried and get their opinion.  That way someone always knows whats going on.

Looks like all pet lovers take care of their own
and He may not be a pet lover.

Take care of "yourself" first in this type of situation and I think you will be OK.

You are in mine and my wifes prayers.

Danny W.

hello all,

Now I am no expert, but you made a comment about how the rescue did not give you a "heads up".  Was She with other dogs at the rescue????

If she was she may not have shown signs of this behavior because she had "company, companions, others to comesurate (spelling) ).

Our Snuggles was a pound puppy and no not the stuffed toy sort but from the actual pound. 
She had a similar problem but wasnt with winds and storms (wont go into it to long).  But what I/we did for Snuggles was to go out and get her a stuffed dog a little smaller than her and slept with her and it for awhile during her rough moments and she came to think of it as something for her to protect.  dont know when the change to place it almost seemed as if it was over night. 

I know this doesnt really help much and sorry but maybe she needs another dog with her or something of her own to protect in that way or just to be with. 

Again sorry I know it isnt much. 

Been There Done that.

4yrs Navy ----- Desert Shield and Desert Storm

2yrs Army ----- Bosnia IFOR

Any military member/ ALL Military Members
Deserve Our Thanks
No matter the politics behind it

Personally, I understand why and agree that they are still out there.
On the other hand I respect the right of others to disagree and say No. 

As a vet. one of the reasons we all joined was to defend the right to "SAY" what you want. 

Sorry for the "RANT" didn't mean too.  I just don't want "them" (current military/new vets) to feel they are not respected and honored like Vietnam Vets were when the country was against the war.

All respect and Truely Thankful for "their" service.

All I can say about the deployment is to tell you to send out a Thank You

Now that I said that and you made your "money" I have to shamelessly do this.
visit my website and you can find it on my profile.  You may find something your Dog Friend can enjoy without gettin at the "precious Records" I would recommend the Hurley and or the Huck.  I wont put the site address that would be "TO MUCH"

Truely and Hopefully It all works out for you and If you Keep your eyes open The Right Things Always Present Themselves to Us We just have to Be Looking and Aware of Our Surroundings.

P.S. However if you like to "PAMPER UR PET" visit our "PALACE"


This is a guy speakin if you can't tell by the name. 

It happens.  I say this having been married almost 12 years now and it just so happens for me it is a small way for me to vent and get it all out.  By doing that, when we have "real" problems or issues and we need me, there is no reaction other than maybe a comment or two and getting the job done. 

Everyone needs to vent like you did in writting this.  Maybe get him on the site or a site that would allow him to express his "anger" 

This is not an excuse for another "guy".  Honestly, the way you discribe his actions and reactions to things, He needs Help or you need to leave. 

When we got Snuggles, we constantly found shoes, laundry, toys, anything and everything was fair game for her.  We learned and she learned that things needed to change. 

I don't thing a "rolled up newspaper on his nose" will work. 

If I leave something on the "floor" where people or pets walk then it is my fault and not theirs.  If I get mad it is at myself for being "stupid".  No other way to say that one. 

Anyway if he gets that mad over the small stuff before you make a commitment to eachother..... ......
You need to really, really, really think about it before going that extra step. 

Now you got my 2 cents and if you get 2 cents from everyone your making some money. 

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