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Sorry, I have no idea what the health effects would be from a dog eating mini-frogs....but had to reply to say "Ewwwwwwww!" 

Also, love the photo of your Pyr & Berner pup- too cute! They are beautiful.


We can not find Orijen in our area.  Many of the pet supply/food stores don't carry it, the few that do don't carry the puppy formula- and even the adult formulas they carry are in the smaller size bag....which would cost a fortune feeding a BMD, if I can't buy in 40+ lb quantities.  We have looked into getting it special ordered in at the supply stores, but have yet to have any luck. They can't just order 1 or 2 bags, would have to order half a pallet at one store, and manager refuses to do so, claiming he can't sell it.  We can not buy 20-30 bags at one time.

We are going to keep trying to find it though, as Tucker did do well on it.  We finished off that one bag they sent us home with....and have been hooped ever since.  I guess the alternative is to examine the ingredients/nutrients lists of Orijen and find the brand that comes closest to matching, though it won't be exact.

I am glad to have found this website, its amazing!  My last dog was a border collie, he was our family pet.

Tucker is my 5 month old Bernses Mountain dog puppy, I have always wanted one, but my husband has been saying "No more pets" since I brought home our second kitten a couple years ago.

However, life happens, and my husband and I found ourselves in a really dark place May 2007, when we lost our first (and only so far) baby, our daughter McKenna.  She was stillborn on May 27, 2007 after suffering from a fetomaternal hemorrage.  I was induced and delivered her 2 two days after her due date.  She weighed 6 lbs, 15.7 oz and was absolutely perfect.  It was a textbook, problem free pregnancy, and McKenna was strong and healthy.  FMH is very rare, our doctors were speechless, they kept saying "this just doesn't happen".  Well, it did, and it happened to us and tore the world we knew apart.

It has taken a lot of time, counselling, hope and faith to get us to where we are today, 14 months after our daughter passed away, and Tucker has helped so much.  He was my Mother's Day present, May 11, 2008, and without him here now for me to take care of and raise, I don't think I could be in as happy and hopeful place as I am.

We are going to keep trying for another baby, but until we are blessed with a little brother or sister for McKenna, we are thankful that our fur-kids are here with us.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for info, I think we are going to give the Eagle Pack holistic a try.  If you are reading these posts and have other recomendations on brands that have worked for you, please post a reply as well!
  My husband is not a big believer in the whole "raw diet" thing, he thinks its a trend.  I have not researched it enough to form an opinion yet ;D so for now we are interested in sticking to dry kibble.

This is a great website!  I am glad I found it.

I am brand new to this board, and am in awe of the amount of info already.

I am the proud 1st time parent of a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog, Tucker.  I have always dreamed of having a Berner, and am so happy Tucker is now in my life.

My question to you guys:
Tucker seems to have food allergies.  He was on Orjins (sp?) when we got him, but it is really hard to find in our area, so we switched him to Natural Choice large breed puppy....which, lets just say did NOT agree with his poor tummy.  He gets diarrhea easily with certain brands of food, and has a few "hot spots" and sparse fur patches which our vet is attributing to food allergies.  We need to find the right one!

What do you guys feed your Berners and/or other large breed dogs?  I see a lot of info posted for adult dogs, but what about when they are puppies?

Right now we are trying to make the switch from Gastro-something (?) a prescription Vet food, to Eagle Pack holistic large breed puppy....we are just wondering if its the best food out there.

Thanks for any info!

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