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I have had both of my Chihuahuas fixed when they were about a year old. I felt this was a good idea since they are both house dogs. They don't have the desire to run out in search of a breeding mate and they don't exhibit angry or irrational behavior as some dogs do when they are in heat. I researched the idea a bit beforehand and I am comfortable that I made the right decision. The only real problem I have ever had is that you REALLY have to watch their diet. Neutured/spayed pets tend to add pounds much more easily!

"Gus" disappeared on Sunday afternoon and I have been desperate to find him. I have posted reward posters and searched everywhere in my town for him. I have even went door to door asking if any has any info. My heart is broken! He is my little guy and I can't imagine not ever seeing him again! My other little dog, "Abby" is as sick as I am. Together we ride up and down the road looking for signs that he is still around. I would love some encouragement from someone who understands how I feel!
Lonely and depressed!!

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