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I have not been on in a while but new I should turn to you guys/gals.  I think I already know my answer but here goes.  And yes I am very experienced with dogs of all sorts!

A week ago we got an APBT, mother and father had great temperaments.. .we took the more laid back not overly active pup.  But...this lil guy at 7 weeks old is more aggressive than I have seen in any APBT...I mean FOOD, TOY, DOG and just overly aggressive.  You touch his face he bites at you(not puppy nipping), you touch his food...HE GOES CRAZY attacking you protecting the bowl and everything...d og walks by his crate and he is barking and growling and trying to get at the dog.

I own a Bull Terrier, A Mastiff/Am bulldog, a d have worked in the Pet Industry for 7 yrs now and have had a dog since I was 3....I have owned APBT before, I am on my 2nd BT, I have handled many breeds of dogs...but this pup is going to be a handful and trouble I can just see it.  Even if I train him to not act/react the way that he does not mean it will not come out one day...sigh...I dont know but I think he has to go back...what do you guys think

I mean...their whole body...all of their sjin is black...Inside of ears, if you look under the hair, tail, inside of legs, stomach...All of it...The Whhhoooollllee ee body...Black

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« on: May 04, 2009, 01:04:44 am »
So we bought our House Last Sept.  And ever since they have been spending more time outside, their skin has gone from pink to pretty much black...and its happened to all of them...The Vet says they are healthy and theres nothing wrong with their skin.  Its just strange, I thought maybe it was from eating sticks and pine cones...but who knows.  Anyone else experience this before....Oh and I found this great BULLY PUP...not from a breeder but from a guy who was given 2 imported Bullies from his friends Dad that is a vet, because they were just too much for him. He just wanted to breed them once, but the pups and the parents are great...goin back to see em this weekend.  But what do yall think is up with this black skin

Ive already started my new search......So if anyone knows of BT breeders that will have or Do have pups in the near future PM or EMAIL ME.

I guess I could see that...I think I worded it that way, is because we have had many different conversations with each other, I spent about 3 hrs with them yesterday, and not once, Did she ever say anything about Health Tests or Guarantees!  I guess depending on how you read it, it comes out different...Hm mm.  I think she thought I was attacking her breeder program, and possibly her...But all I was doing was trying to get the information that I feel should have been brought up and asked... I counted 13 email conversations we have had...and not once, not even on the web site, were any of those issues brought up.

WoW!  READ WHAT I TYPED TO THE BREEDER, This is the last email in a series.

"A lot of Bull Terriers chase their tail, I know, I also know that it "is" a neurological disorder found in Bull Terriers and some other dogs.  www.btneuro.or g read this.  Even Vito spun around, so that is not really my main issue, I just wanted to put all my thoughts out there.  I actually talked to Mike a good bit today, and we talked about Sophies parents, and just about Bull Terriers in general, and he helped ease some of my concerns, not just about your pups, but about Bullies in general.  We just have a lot to think about.  Well what type a guarantee's are you guys offering, most Breeders offer some sort of health guarantees.  I am guessing the pups hearing wont be BAER checked, Im guessing their patellas wont be checked either.  We will definitely want to come back and see them, its always a long shot though, when you have to put down a deposit on a 3 week old puppy, you can either lose out on a great pup, or you can get a pup that has health issues, and if there are no health guarantees, you are just out of luck.


I read that article nearly 2 years ago, the study has never been  completed.
Sophie was checked by my vet and every dog that chases it's tail does NOT have a disorder. All of our puppies will be checked out by our vet and B.A.E.R. testing is done at 6 months of age, all of the puppies come with guarantees, but your out of luck, your not getting one.

WoW!  Im Trying to Stay Calm...And this is a Brand New Breeder!  The ONLY reason I even bothered with them, is Because I Personally Know where her Dogs Come From.  I asked her if I read the email correctly...I really Hope I dont Have to BLOG About this Lady...Whats wrong with people these days?

Side NOte to Ruffian(Im getting married May 24th).

Now back on topic.  Yes "This" Breeder is "New", But I actually talked to one of the founders of the "Line" this morning.  Ann Dees Bull Terriers have been breeding for over 35 yrs, 1st Colored Silverwood Trophy winner, Over 150 AKC Champions, and I can find Numerous Reputable breeders out there across the world whos Bull Terriers have Ann Dees Blood.  Google Ann Dees bull terriers, and just see how many initial results pop up.  I really feel, and so does everyone else, that what Happened with my Dog, is not something that happens on a regular basis.  When I let Ann Dees know about what happened about Vito, they offered me several adult dogs for free, without hesitation.  The only problem is, they are not focusing on breeding right now, they are focusing on showing, and do not plan on having any pups in the near future.  I havent made my decision, and I know it sounds like I am on the defensive side, I am just putting all my thoughts out there on the table.

So I went to see the Pups this evening.  Of course I wanted to take them all home...They are puppies.  Heres the Deal.  The Dogs are from the same Breeder Lines of my past Bull Terrier.  There are only two left, that dont have deposits on them.  They are local, which I like, because I dont like ordering Dogs online and over the phone.  The mom is a TAIL CHASER...thats probably my biggest issue, she wasnt too bad, I was able to get her attention so she stopped, but still....She was a tail chaser.  Is this going to make it a lot more likely that the pups do the same thing...or could it just never ever happen.  I know the answer is both.  What do you guys think?  I just like the fact of being able to interact with the dogs.  I am going to call the original blood line owners tomorrow, to get their advice.

Ive actually seen most of those Dogs...Thanks for the links though

Lmao.  Yeah They are wierdos, lol, I picked up on that.  Besides, there are a lot of Dog lovers that are wierd already...and there are a lot of God Lovers that are wierd as well lol...So yeah, I can see that.  They have too many dogs as well, I get a lil Spit Polished Puppy Mill Vibe from them, good looking dogs though.

A Rufus Grandson Huh?  Lucky You, that had to Cost a pretty penny?  Im sure you will get some lookers from him?  Have you seen New Promise?  you emailed me huh?

Ok So ive Decided to go with another Bully.  A great looking strolled in to my job on Sat(from Bullies By God) and I got sad thinking about Vito(if you dont know the story, he recently went to Dog Heaven) and thought, Man I want another one of these dogs they are great...I love em.  And I played with him for a while and made up my mind.  I decided Boxers-too crazy, and jump too much, and Corsos-well too big, I already have a mastiff.  So Bull terrier it is, Perfect Size, Great personalities.  So I found a Brand New Breeder, whos whole stock comes from Ann Dees Bull Terriers(Vito was an Ann Dees).  And they have pups, and the Sire is actually Vitos half brother(same dad different momma).  Im going to go see em today.  Also does any one know of any reputable Bull Terrier breeders in the SE, Im in Atlanta.  I also talked to Bullies By God, but they are further away, and I dont like picking dogs out of a catolog so to speak.  I like meeting the parents and all the pups. So hopefully I make a decision based on Logic, and not my heart, Because they have one that looks like Vito.  Wish Me Luck.  On a side note has anyone seen The Breeders of Rufus(Rocky Top, westminster Best of Show winner 2006) new Show Dog, New Promise! Wow, great looking dog, if he makes it to Westminster, we might have another Best Of Show Bully! 

Well thats Not Going to happen

HMM I think Ive Decided....No Boxer....Now.. .another BULL TERRIER, Or a CORSO?   HMMMM.....

Thanks for all the responses...My Fiance loves Corsos, and Boxers...  Boxers are a lil to "Crazy" for my taste...But how much more can a Boxer be than a Bull Terrier....Tho se dogs are bananas...I know.   Hmmm Fiance said she might want another Bull Terrier, the breeder actually said we could have a 5 yr old one, if we wanted him(this is why you only deal with reputable breeders)  We will see tho.... I really would love a Corso, Our Bandog Mastiff is such a punk lol, and lazy, wouldnt mind another lazy bones

Hey Everyone, I am trying to figure out what my next dog will be.  Recently my Bull Terrier had to be put down..R.I.P Vito.  We think he had some mental/brain issues, because he turned aggressive all of the sudden, ppl, and animal.   So I am trying to decide on either Boxer, or Cane Corso.  Not just any Dog either, from a reputable breeder, with dogs that have a great track record, and great temperments.  We are a very social family, have a social dog neighborhood, and will be having kids within a few yrs.  Whats everyones experience with these two breeds, I have my own thoughts but want to here others.  I jus want a great dog, Good Gaurd when needed, good with children, and out going.  So what do yall think???

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