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Mixed Breed Pictures / We went camping with our big boys!
« on: August 14, 2005, 11:10:09 pm »

As far as we know, Phyfe (mastiff/st.) spent the first year of his life outside on a horse farm. He was perfectly content to flop down wherever, in the damp pine needles or wet grass, and happy to walk around and get his paws full of gushy mud (for later distribution into and on the human kids beds LOL).
Earnest, however (my spoiled-since-a-pup lab/dane) was, as the saying goes, NOT a happy camper. He loves hiking, that's what I raised him for, but he didn't like sleeping out one bit. He has the typical Great Dane fastidiousness . He doesn't like yucky stuff on his feet, wet grass, or cold. Although his Lab half makes him love swimming, he only likes it on hot days, and preferably in a heated pool.  Even with his own sleeping bag he complained. He put his chin on my cot with his nose next to my ear and moaned and groaned at intervals all night. During the day we strung a tarp over the picnic table and spent quite a bit of time sitting around it waiting for the showers to stop. Earnest would wander out of the tent (where he tried laying on my cot and collapsed it) and under a corner of the tarp. Then he looked with contempt at the choice of places to park his butt, and heaved a huge sigh before he deigned to sit down in such unsatisfactory circumstances.
He couldn't have said it plainer if he could speak human:
"Mom, outside at home we have grass, our own playhouse, and a beach umbrella for shade, and we NEVER stay out in the rain. Inside I have my own twin bed next to yours, Scooby-doo sheets and my own comforter- what the heck is this deal, and why are we doing it?"
The human kids didn't like it much either, guess Phyfe and I will rough it alone next time.
Here's Earnest in his element at home- I just told him he needs to get up and go potty so I can give him breakfast and leave for work:

What a diva!!!

Mixed Breed Discussion / Big Brag- my dog has a new trick!
« on: July 22, 2005, 12:26:31 am »
My Earnest is Lab and Great Dane. In addition to standard commands, he knows how to close doors from both sides, ring the doorbell, ring a brass bell with a rope tied to the clapper, put his toys away, and put empty pop cans in his wagon (the command is "recycle").

Today he learned a new trick, my son Levi helped him.

Earnest is soooo clever! The other day we went and helped a friend of ours on a job, cleaning out a senior citizen's yard and garage. One of the things in the garage was a mailbox on a post, so we brought it home. Levi sunk it in front of the dog's playhouse today. Now Earnest watched him digging the hole, and examined the mailbox where it was laying in the grass. He started jumping around when Levi got the box standing up in the hole, and he kept pushing at the dirt with both front feet, like he was helping Levi tamp it down.

Levi tied a piece of string to the latch on the mailbox, and put Earnest's "calling all dogs" vinyl newspaper toy inside.

I SWEAR this is true, Earnest saw the string on the latch, knew what that was for from other tricks, and when Levi said "Get the mail" and pointed Earnest opened the box by pulling on the string, grabbed the toy, and brought it to Levi.

It is truly becoming my belief that Earnest is a 5 year old human trapped in a dog suit!

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Cost of hearworm prevention
« on: May 31, 2005, 11:15:00 pm »
I stopped by the vet today and made an appointment to get Earnest caught up, his rabies is due, and he needs to start back on heartgard before we have mosquitos (thank heaven only a few months out of the year, here).
When I asked about the price, they told me $39.95 a month, because he's 135lbs, so he needs a 100lb pill and a 35lb pill.  My other dog is 150lbs. That's $80 a month!!
Then I went to Dr. Foster's and Smith website and looked at prices- I can do BOTH dogs for $17.00 a month!
Anybody order their meds online? Any problems? Who's the most reputable?
I'm going to ask the vet for a prescription when we go.

Does that bug you as much as it does me? How can people possibly think that's clever- or original? I don't mind talking about my big boys, they're mixes, and pretty unusual looking, so I don't mind "what kind of dog is that?" But those other fools with their "pony" comments really get me.
Last night after hearing the same line 8 times in our walk around the park, we came home and made a list of animals we could compare their dogs to, and see how they like it.  Next time someone with an overfed lap dog asks me "is that a horse?" I swear I'm going to say "No, is that a piglet?"

Mixed Breed Pictures / Fun Day at the Reservoir
« on: April 24, 2005, 09:41:21 pm »
We got together today with some friends from our Lab board, we went to Union Reservoir in Longmont, CO.  Phyfe, (1/2 Mastiff 1/2 Saint) was not interested in swimming. He kept barking at Earnest (1/2 Dane 1/2 Lab) like he was saying "DUDE, that's cold WATER, not snow, WATER!"
He doesn't understand retrieving either, he looked kind of wistful, like "I want to have fun, too, but I don't understand these games." He did have a great time, though. Earnest has his Lab mommy's love of water, and he'll play fetch as long as you'll throw something. All in all they both had a blast.

Food Discussion & Information / Elevated feeders and bloat
« on: April 18, 2005, 04:21:28 pm »

I wondered how many of you were aware of the Purdue study, and the link they found that suggests that an elevated feeder actually increases the chances of bloat.
How many of you still use one? How many don't?

Mixed Breed Pictures / Hello, new here!
« on: April 13, 2005, 08:38:10 am »
Here are pics of my big boys:
This is Earnest, he's a Labrador/Great Dane

And this is Phyfe, he's St. Bernard/Mastiff

And here they are with my human kid:

Nice to find a board dedicated to the big guys, hope we'll have fun and make some friends.

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