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It was a cross post from another list I participate on.  Information only being passed along.  It was cut and pasted directly from the other post to the post I made on big paws.  Hope that clears up the confusion.  Shana

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / cross post , disturbing
« on: May 24, 2006, 04:22:06 pm »
A couple named Holly Whited & Erick Agner adopted a pup from Pet Placement Center in Red Bank.  This pup had had her 1'st set of shots, was spayed, etc. Dr. Conley gave the pup a free wellness check. All was good & well.
This couple then began to take the pup to River Animal Hospital, Clinic East --which gave the pup a set of shots when the first set was like 6 days old,  to Dr. Kirk in Kimball & yet back to Dr. Conlee I believe---I don't want to get this all wrong--anyway they called PPC claiming to have a very sick pup & over a $300 vet bill.  They claimed they would kill the 'damn' dog--they wanted their $$ back & rid of the dog, they said they had a JRT puppy & no longer wanted this little black lab/terrier mix. The man claimed to be several different occupations including a police officer. They even went to HES. They reported HES & PPC for animal abuse, etc--etc. They are also threatening to sue HES, Dr. Conlee & PPC as well.
For a FULL story on this Heather or Jen at PPC can give you accurate & precise details.
I wish to warn all of you & vets. as well---to add to a BIG DNA  Holly Whited & Erick Agner.
They have a 256 area code BUT they have 3 addresses
Loudon,  Jasper TN., & AL.
PLEASE warn others of these criminals & most likely animal abusers too. I believe they are playing a FRAUD game & HOPE they PAY!!!

Kuvasz Discussions / BIRTHDAY
« on: May 11, 2006, 11:56:00 am »
Beauty delivered 6 healthy girls and 2 healthy boys on May 10, 2006.  We started at 2am on the dot and finished at 4pm.  Now we are both erady for a LONG rest!  Look for pictures in a wekk or so!  PIctures is after she was done, she was still a bit of a mess as you can see!

Our Kuv's can mat behind their ears too, we use a mat comb.  wide teeth like a razor comd, we just brush through behind their eas and the mats are removed.  Quick and easy!

Here are pictures of my DANGEROUS babies!

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: The snow is mostly gone!!!!!
« on: April 09, 2006, 09:11:46 am »
It is so funny, it gets so damn cold here that it was not cold out the day we took the pictures.  Tee shirt weather. No wind.  Everyone around here except the old ones, usually are running around the same way.  When you are used to 40 - 60 below for a few months, 38-42 is like WOW!!!! 
I can tell the fur kids apart easily.  Aidan has a beefy head, Beauty is very refined, smaller than Aidan and Cali, Cali is a very large female, with a different coat, black eyes, and a refined nose.  Its like when you have twins!  Parents always usually know!  Anyway have to get out to the kennel, Beauty has been a total hormone since she got pregnant!

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: The snow is mostly gone!!!!!
« on: April 08, 2006, 02:13:21 pm »
Its a total heat wave!  Like sunbathing weather!!!!!  LOL!!! ;D :D

Kuvasz Pictures / The snow is mostly gone!!!!!
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:34:54 am »
FINALLY we are seeing 38 degree days, no snow, some serious wind on a few days, but mostly it is gorgeous and wonderful!  The neighbor rode one of his horses over the other day and the boys went for a ride, Aidan was quite quiet watching his boys near this big animal, which he has never seen before, then the next thing I know he is out of the kennel and right at the boys feet, well under the feet as they were in the saddle.  I almost had a heart attack, but he was very good, made sure everyone was ok and then went in the house.  I decided to go riding after they were done, I have an arabian/quarter but she lives in California where I am from with my parents.  It has been Ohhh ONLY 6 years since I was on a horse, years of experience did not change the TWO DAYS of agony I have been in!  Good Grief!  yesterday I was barely walking!  LOL!   Remind me to not take a 3 hour ride after 6 years off!  OUCH!!!!!!!

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: Rosie's clubhouse ( :
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:11:37 am »
LOL!  What a little imp!

We had to rehome a male this summer who would have ended up dead literally if I had not done it.  Same thing literally a pissing match, unfortunately one outweighed the other by 100 pounds.  Have you tried coban to wrap the leg?  Its stretchy disposable, like an ace wrap but conforms to whatever area it is wrapped on.  We buy it either from the vet, cheaper though to get it from a livestock farm supply store.  Another thing to be careful of if you have more than 2, we have 5, whichever is on the losing end, if the fight occurs around the others, and is a serious fight, may incite the others to join in.  Pack mentality, natural instinct, survival of the fittest all that jive.  It can be quite terrifying to have a MAJOR dog fight on your hands.  Especially when there are many dogs in the fray.  Ears are harder to wrap, but you cuold try the coban.  I use stop bleed powder or wipes, and you can use a liquid bandage if its not to deep.  Ears are hard. Good luck. 


Visiting a Kuvasz breder in Brazil?  As out of the USA?  Please keep us posted! 

You know growing up my dad was a commercial pig farmer, he ran sewer pipe to teh back of our property where a large man made pond was, we called it the S--- hole"  LOL!  Everything was pumped there.  He goes through (my hun) these lets recycle everything phases every year at this time.  I think it has to do with the long winters and spring fever.  At least I can tell him not to bother recycling dog poo!

I thought so.  We just put it in the dump too.  Frightening thought of all that poop!  EEEWWW. 

Ok, my husband wants to know what if anything everyone else does with all the poop,  especially with multiple dogs who poop large ammounts.  He is sure there must be some kind of recycling that can be done! Some manure does make good fertilizer...

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