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Where exactly are you from, and how cold does it get in the winter?  I know here in Northern Minnesota I have not met anyone with a cement bottom pool.  They do crack, especially when the temps drop as they do.  The coldest temp I can remember was 140 below with the wind chill, DEADLY.  Most people I know have what I call "Do Boy" pools, plastic liners they drain every winter.  five feet deep , deepest end.  I personally have never put one in as my kids I feel are still to little and even though they can swim, I know the temptation to go in is great on a hot day when we are not home.  I have always feared losing one of them to a tragedy and try to take every precaution.  Let me know what you learn.  Shana

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« on: April 21, 2005, 04:32:02 am »
I am very proud of them, and I might add TOTALLY in love!  I could watch them for hours, all of them, they are so precious!  Reminds me of when I first had my children, strange isn't it, that a four legged friend could instill such protective and warm feelings in a 2 legged variety!  LOL!  Scariest thing for me is finding loving responsible homes for them.  That is the part that is hard.  My mind thinks of all the awful things that could happen to them and I get very worried.  We are very selective.  I had an inquiry from a gentleman who told me his "son was a true lover of puppies and he wanted to buy him a Kuv for his birthday" then he proceeds to say "How fast can we get this transaction done?"  I wanted to wring his neck!  TRANSACTION!  DEFINATELY not a suitable place for one of my babies!  Well off to work, I am on 3 twelves now so I will talk to you all in a few days, mabye sooner, depends how tired I am!  LOL!!!  Lots of baby time when I get off!  I will say I count myself lucky that my husbnad loves our companions as much as I do, and is just as in love with the babies, he takes over for me when I am busy nursing the human population! 

Oh I agree totally!  He already tried to sit his ever growing behind in there this year, I wish I had my camera at that moment!  It was the funniest thing I ever saw!  His bottom is bigger that the hole now!  LOL ::)

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« on: April 20, 2005, 08:18:03 pm »
Beautiful babies you have!  My name is Shana, my husband is Steve, and we have 3 wonderful children Myrissa 12, Anthony 10, Nic 8, and 2 beloved Kuv companions, Beauty and Aidan.  We just had 14 breathtaking heart stopping additions to our family, (I am not biased at all!  LOL)  Our biggest we call Lazarus, last born with 12 long agonizing minutes of work to convince that little guy to stick around.  OUr littlest is bottle fed still and we call her "little girl"  Her other 3 siblings graduated from bottle to full tittle rights this week, I expect little girl to graduate next week.  Mom only has 10 teats and even with rotating the litter, those four just were not gaining. :'(  Now they are all doing excellent!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and meeting our lovely family!

Aidan loved the water from day one, I have a small pond in the front of the house and drained it almost empty when he arrived, was soooo afraid he would jump in and drown all 10lbs of him at 6weeks old! Once he got a "little" bigger )hahaha) he just got right in and that became his favorite palce to sit!    HAHA, Beauty "likes" the water but prefers to watch the children and join them when she feels they are needing a little extra guarding!  Beauty loves bath and likes  getting in the shower, Aidan on the other hand HATES being bathed!  to see a 120 pound puppy cry like that is hard to bear!  Yet they both swim in their pool we set up in their kennel!  Go figure!

   Beauty is definately my baby, even now at three years old.  She used to share a bed with my husband and myself, but after she reached 100 lbs that had to change, now when he gets up to go to work, she climbs in of course I share my pillow with her and she snuggles just like a human would!  Aidan on the other hand is everyones boy, he is 140 lbs now and 1 year old, still tries to sit in my lap, and loves to nibble ears.  I would not be without either one for the world.  Beauty just recently whelped a litter of 16  :o  which is not a common litter size for a Kuvasz, babies are now 9 days old, and I still am not sleeping well.  :-\ You would have thought I had had the babies!  I keep checking on her and she just gives me this look like, "mom would you just RELAX!  Everything is fine!"  She still asks to come out of the whelping room every few hours and comes for hugs and love.  I also have 3 children and really the way we love our dogs  we have 5.  For a short time I am blessed with 16 four legged children and 3 of the two legged variety!  LOL   ;D

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