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I would have to agree TOTALY about a Collie making up for size with their heart. Although, we also had a border collie who was a very BIG DOG. Not sure if he was mixed with anything but he was big.
 I also wanted to say that Lady protected us. One time she even jumped up and bit my dad in the shoulder(he is 6ft) when she thought he was hurting me. He wasnt, but she showed him that NO ONE touches Her kids.
 I decided to get our family a St. I think he will prove to be just as loyal as Lady to my kids. He has already shown that NO ONE touches HIS kids. He barks and get quite upset when my husband plays too rough with the kids.
I think its great to have Collies on here too.

Just looked at the picture. Doesnt Lady look so sophistacated? Even with her hair a fright. LOL

Smooth Coat Collie Discussion & Pictures / Growing up with a collie
« on: April 26, 2005, 10:35:07 am »
Hi! Just wanted to pass on a picture of the collie our family had when I was little. She was such a great dog. She had to be put down when she had complications durring pregnancy. I will never forget her. She is the reason I wanted to get a dog for my family. Her name was Lady.

Great Dane Discussions / Re: Name my Pup!
« on: April 26, 2005, 10:14:30 am »
Sophie looks good to me.  nice name for your puppy Makes me think of a  pretty girl. My sister has a Great Dane and her name is Sadie. Suits her fine.

Hi and welcome. I too am new to Saints. Our BABY just turned 1 in March. He is just wonderfull with my kids. I have 3 (kids) LOL. 2 yrs almost 3, 5yrs almost 6, and 6yrs almost 7. Judge is closest to my 2 year old. Guess thats because they spend so much time together.
The drool for us has just started . Most of the time its when we go to Tim Hortons and he is waiting for his free Tim Bit. HEHEHE Always alot of people laughing in the restaurant. Or gagging. LOL You gotta love it. Its kinda like some of the things we wipe off of our kids that grosses everyone else out but not us.ENJOY you neww puppy!!!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Snorring!!!
« on: April 22, 2005, 10:54:24 pm »
Well I guess that answers my question.Thank s. Oh yes and the second loudest in our house :-[ I hate to say would be me. LOL

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Snorring!!!
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:30:03 am »
Hi Jules. You mean are we trained?. LOL Judge just turned 1 in March and he is really quite a good dog. He likes to get into a bit of trouble when we are out but we pretty much have that under controle, I think. HEHEHE He ate 2 whole bags of bread and 2 lbs of butter on 2 seperate occasions. He also ate a whole bag of bagles.He eats well. HEHEHE Im trained now to make sure NOTHING is left on the counter and to change the garbage when we go out.I have 3 children 5,6 and 2. He is so good with them. He walks better on a lead with my 2 year old than he does with me. Although thats just around the house.I am considering putting him in obediance training though. He LOVES people a bit too much sometimes.
How is your Spotakiss with your child??Looks like they love each other from the pic. He is a really beautiful St. Long coat??
Thanks for the reply!!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Poll on your best friend!
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:10:50 am »
Hi!! I had never really thought about getting a St. My hubby has always wanted one but we have been busy having children and hadnt really discussed it much. I have an older Sister( Brenda) who lives in North Carolina and last year she got the idea that my younger sister and I needed puppys. She owns a Great Dane. My younger sister (Carole) decided on a great dane and after disussing  breeds with my hubby and doing some reserch we decided on the St. We were told time and time again that we were getting in over our heads but our minds were made up.In May of last year Brenda  found Judge at a breeder in North Carolina. We decided that MALE #4 on the breeders web site was for us.Our jurney began.She also found Carole a Great Dane. They are a week apart in age.Brenda was going to bring them home to us in Canada in June. We just couldnt wait!! We decided that it was time for a quick trip to the good ol U.S. Off we went on a 24hr drive from Northern Ontario to North Carolina.We had no idea if we would have trouble at the border on our way home but we did some checking and found out that as long as the puppys were vet checked within 24 hours of crossing we should be OK. Our trip went well. Carole and I arent very well travelled LOL so we just loved the drive. Our puppys were waiting for us when we arrived at Brendas. We fell in love at first site. We stayed for all of 24hours then started back home. All went very well. Although Judge did have an ACCIDENT in the back of the car. OOPS!! It took us a bit longer to get home but we had more trouble getting my Brother in law across the border than the puppys> HEHEHE!!Did we get in over our heads??? NAWW!! We have loved every minute of our experience of raising our St.And Carole really loves her Great Dane.Judge and Sadie are the best of friends. Although they havent seen much of each other lately. We really dont want GREAT SAINTS running around. LOL . Well thats my story. Sorry for it being so long but..... :D

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Snorring!!!
« on: April 22, 2005, 08:26:39 am »
 ;DThanks jabear. I was thinking this was likely a normal thing but just wanted to make sure.

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Snorring!!!
« on: April 22, 2005, 07:50:54 am »
:-\Hi everyone. Just wondering if snorring is a normal thing for a St.?? Judge snores SO LOUD we have to wake him up at night.He sleeps right beside the bed and sometimes I think he must be waking the people next door.He is our first St. and I havent been able to find any info. on this.???Thanks goodness his head has gotten to big to fit under my bed.  ;DThanks Karen

Hi! I have just discovered this wonderfull site. We have a 1 year old St. Judge. He is a wonderfull addition to our already large family. What an experience!! He is best freinds with my 2 year old and they are always together.
Hope to join in on some topics on this great site.
Karen ( Northern Ontario Canada)

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