Author Topic: FILLED!!! Transport help needed - WV to new forever home in Upstate NY  (Read 3989 times)

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Thank you to everyone perusing this thread... as of 11:30pm Thurs. my requests for transportation help have been filled!

Hi all!  New to the list here, and am trying to help get my new rescue to her forever home... please, ANYONE that can help, contact Donna P.! 

Thanks so much!


Permission to crosspost granted...plea se do so....
Please contact Donna Palen, the transport coordinator for this run at donna AT autumnacres DOT org with ANY offers of help PLEASE!

Tentatively scheduled for May 20 & 21st, 2006
Responsible Rescue: Autumn Acres Animal Rescue Organization
Coordinator: Donna Palen
Emergency #'s i.e. Run: 816-776-3022 cell 928-458-0616
Coordinator email : or
Reason for transport: Going from shelter/boarding to new home
Going to: screened forever home in Queensbury, NY(Marilyn Deniston)

BREED: Newf. mix
NAME/AGE: Cindy is about 1.5 yrs old (estimated)
VET RECORDS:  Rabies Certificate
CRATE: Optional
From boarding in WV to Hagerstown, MD via shelter volunteer on the 20th of May. She arrives in Hagerstown around 2pm.
Saturday, May 20th
1. Hagerstown to Baltimore, MD - 74 miles - 1 hour, 10 min.- 2:30pm-3:40pm - NEEDED
2. Baltimore, MD to Wilmington, DE - 69 miles - 1 hour 5 min. - 3:50p-4:55p - NEEDED
3. Wilmington to Trenton, NJ - 64 miles - 1 hour - 5:10p-6:10pm -NEEDED
Overnight NEEDED in Trenton, NJ (or Newark)
Sunday, May 21st
4. Trenton to Newark, NJ - 55 miles - 1 hour - 8am-9am - NEEDED
5. Newark, NJ to Tuxedo Park, NY- 56 miles - 1 hour - 9:10a-10:10am - NEEDED
6. Tuxedo Park, NY to Kingston, NY - 59.5 miles - 1 hour 5 min. - 10:20am- 11:25am -NEEDED
7. Kingston, NY to Queensbury, NY - FILLED BY NEW OWNERS
Thank you,
Autumn Acres Animal Rescue Org.

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