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All Sibe owners.. Tell me about your breed!

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I may be crazy.. and my hubby probably thinks I am. LOL But we have been looking at a smaller breed to add to our family since we just don't have the room for another giant breed. I know Bubba would love having a playmate... I'm kinda narrowing down my choices right now.

We did foster a young sibe ages ago and she was h*ll on wheels. And she in a sense she has tained my hubby's view on the breed. I don't believe they are all like her.. She was a backyard breeder sibe and had some dominant/aggressive issues. I don't believe she was correct in temperment either.

So I'm here looking to sibe owners for first hand advice on the breed. Pro's and Con's.. Anything you feel I should know that may help me make my decision.  :)

Saint and Mal mom:
Look at the topic "Dusty"! If you're in that area, Dusty sounds perfect for you! And I have a malamute, so I'm not much help for you, I know. But I just thought I'd point out one that needs a good home.

Well.... Abbey is only half Sibe, but acts like a typical one. Saints and Sibes couldn't be further from one another when it comes to energy levels. Abbey NEEDS to run for at least an hour a day, if we miss a day due to extreme weather we have one wound up girl. I think considering their activity level is one of the most important things when thinking about adding one to your family. They are smart, quick learners if they don't get bored. And they are happy lovable dogs, when they get their exersise. As far as shedding goes, well you already have a Saint and know all about that! I think that they are great dogs, especially if you are loooking for a something with a little more fire in the belly than a Saint. One last thing...they need their exersise, but more importantly they need a place that is safe to get it. Sibes DO WANDER, if their curiosity gets the best of them they are off. A fenced area where they can burn off their energy is a huge plus.

Good luck in your decision making!

I'm not a sibe owner now , but I did have a Sibe for 6 years , I got him as a Christmas present when I lived in Alaska ( His Daddy ran in the Iditorod !) Anyways , he was my best bud ! His name was Willow and we did everything together , I was really active at the time and took him hiking all the time in the mountains , he had alot of energy ,so much that when I'd get home and let him in the yard he had to run around the house as many times as he could before he'd start to slow down , then he'd come play with me  ;) He listened super well , though he was very independent . He housetrained easily for me and was never destructive , but he liked to dig holes ! I never had any problems with him and dominance , he obeyed my whole family and was awesome with every dog he ever met . He never was the same health wise after we moved from Alaska to South Dakota , the heat was just too much for him and he eventually had to be put down from Chronic Pneumonia and Chronic Bronchitis , but I'm sure that's nothing anyone else would have to worry about their dog suffering from , our's was a unique situation . So anyways , he was awesome and I'd get another sibe in a heartbeat if I could  :)

The energy level is the only thing holding me back somewhat.. Bubba is actually fairly active for a Saint, could be his age though. He's still very puppyish.. expecially if there is another dog around. But I'M not the active 'let's run for miles kinda girl' and there isn't too many places to walk here.. unless you can tolerate getting bombared by loose dogs. :( We were going back through the open fields but the ticks and sand fleas are horrible back there.. So most exercise/play would need to be achieved in the house and in the fenced front yard. We have 3/4 of an acre but the majority of it is unfenced. Not good for a runner like a Sibe. Unless I used a long tie-out so he/she would have more running/play room supervised of course.

I guess I'll be doing some more research and discussing it more with my hubby. I found a registered breeder in my town through the dogs in canada guide, so that's a good start. I will speak with the breeder and express my concerns ect.. and get her opinion also.

Thanks all.  ;)


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