Author Topic: Maggie's not a cubs fan!  (Read 2229 times)

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Maggie's not a cubs fan!
« on: June 05, 2006, 04:30:21 pm »
I spent Sat. and Sun. at Julie's house and I brought Maggie with. Maggie had eaten I think Eagle Pack because we
spent the night at Julie's house and I didn't bring her food, well on Sunday we were walking around Chicago to this awesome pet store and she started squatting on the sidewalk so we raced her into the grass and absolutely nothing we waited like 5 min. We start walking again and we walk infront of these girls trying to take a pic of the Cub's stadium when Maggie jerks me back, I look, and she's nicely dropping a HUGE load on the sidewalk infront of the girl's taking a picture, kind of runny and very BIG and SMELLY!!
Me, Julie, and Aaron all cracking up and the girls are like EWWWW *scoots over to the other side* and I think sox fans were like leave it there!! So Maggie has made it clear. She is not now nor never will be a Cubs fan! ;D
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