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Hello, all!  I'm new here, and just thought I'd see if any of you have managed to train your dogs to not run away.  I have a husky who's about a year and a half now, and he used to dart whenever he saw a door cracked open when he was a puppy.  He will now sit and stay while the door is open, but if he gets out of his collar while I'm running with him or if he escapes out of my house while a guest is opening the door, he just keeps running and won't come back...I have to hunt him down every time and carry him home, which is a big deal seeing as how I'm pretty petite.  Is there any way to train him to not run away or to at least have him come home after he leaves? :-\

My girls are runners, but Finny is not. I have trained them all to not walk through a door without sitting first and wait for my "ok". Again, it doesn't always work with the girls. Finn was just so needy when we first got him that he wouldn't run cause he was too scared to be that far away from me. He is still a puppy, so we train him while walking on a leash to heal and stay with us. When I let him off leash he always stays right with us unless we say "ok" then he knows he's free to run around and do his own thing, but he still stays where we can see him. I don't know if it's the training or just his beng so needy. My girls love me to death but they will still run. I read a training book once that says if your dog runs it means they don't love you but I don't believe that for a second. I just figured some dogs run, some don't, by nature. Maybe obedience clesses would help him??


I agree totally with you vicki, that a dog that runs doesnt love you, nooooo

Zeus our Siberian Husky, is pretty good, he listens to you well, and even if he is thinking of running (which you can see sometimes that he is thinking) if you in a sharp voice say stay, or sit or whatever you want him to do, he usually does it. But we got him as a rescue too, and he was needy too, so that may have something to do with it. The golden x we have, Buffy she is also a rescue has serious problem with selective hearing. We have trained her the same way we have all the other dogs, and when she wants to she is the perfect obediance dog but if she doesnt feel like listening, you could scream all your lungs could take, and she would still not even turn back and look at you. We never let her loose due to that problem, She was hit by a car before we took her in, and we had to carry her in a towel under belly for weeks, so Ill do everything in my power to not have her crash into a car again.

There are different training methods out there, clicker training, more traditional training, you can research on internet or get a couple of good books and get some tips from them. One dog I had many years ago, we trained on a very very long leash, more like a line and did the "come here" command, you have control over the dog, and the dog thinks he can do his usual selective hearing thing. Use plenty of praise and treats when he comes and if you work with the line long enough, maybe that will break him out of not listening. Good Luck


I'm with Vicky, they do not run because they don't love you - I believe it is just in their nature.  We live in the coutry so I have to be real careful because of livestock.  Niki will escape to chase squirrels but I know she won't chase livestock. But someone could take a shot at her anyway.  I have run around in the dark looking for her - but she always comes back. It scares me, I believe, because we don't have control, then we panic. It is not good but she is getting better about it as she gets older.  Did you know that Lassie in real life drove his owner crazy because he chased cars?  Lassie was really a boy.   What I am saying they, like humans, have their own quirks that we have to deal with. 

I hear a lot about "clicker training" but don't really know what it is...whatever it is, does it work?  I don't think Lennon runs away because he doesn't love me.  He's a husky from a family of sled dogs, he's supposed to run for a majority of his life.  When he runs, he gets this look in his's like he's free and doing what he loves most.  It's almost the same look I get when I run ;D that's why I needed a breed that could run long distances.  The thing is, I've tried most training techniques on him and none have worked at all.  This clicker thing has gotten me interested, and I'm willing to give it a try.  When I talked to a dog trainer about Lennon's running habit, she said there's not much I can do and that huskies love to run.  Perhaps he'll grow out of this ??? I can only hope.  I'd be devistated if he got loose and something bad happened to him


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