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Training my Husky to not run away...

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I would never let my sibes run loose ,i run my youngest next to my bike in a trscking harness attached to a springer device. I used to race my sibes but they are too old now. I let my young sibe run loose in a tennis court in a park near where i live on the way home when out on a walk .she chases my collie when she runs after her ball.but has no way to escape!!

With my experience with Northern Breeds I have not had on that could be trusted off leash. We have taken Tonka offleash only while hiking with her her dogpack on and she does good, but there is a leash attached to her dogpack just in case. I had a husky that would escape and be gone for hours hunting, running, digging, you name it she was doing it...good thing I lived in the country and no one really minded until she ate livestock. With my 2 mals, Tonka has escaped our yard 4 times before we mal proofed it when she was gone she was chasing something (rabbit, squirrell, bird) and only stopped for an akita that is 2 streets down, he scared the mess out of her. Nala, well we have not tried anything with that wild woman. I know people who have let theirs off leash and they do fine, but they are very stubborn and have their own sense of timing.


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