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What a Good Girl!

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I took a couple pictures of Sapphire.

She was really good and remembered stay.  She did forget what "okay" meant, however. :D  I had to tell her to come before she would move from the spot.

In the second picture there, they started moving towards her and I wanted to be right there just in case; however, she was okay.  After that one, she layed down to sniff them, but I had already turned the camera off.



Gypsy Jazmine:
Great pics!...Sapphire is just lovely!...What a pretty face & coat on her!

What a pretty girl!  She sounds so well behaved too!  ;D

Love My Emmee:
Look at what a beautiful girl she is!!!  I'm afraid if Emmee was given that temptation, she would try to give it a big kiss!!!


She really is a beautiful girl!  At first she reallyl ooked like her mother, but as she has grown up I can really see her dad's big beautiful head! 
On another note, at work yesterday I had a special care conference with one of my patients daughters.  She spins her own yarn/thread.  She asked me if the dogs were blowing coat yet.  I told her "like mad!"  Especially Beauty after the pups.  She just started spinning dog hair.  She asked me to bring her all the Kuvasz coat I brushed out.  She is going to make me a pair of winter mittens out of their coat!  Imagine that!  I told her that my hands were always cold in the winter, no matter what mittens or gloves I bought, she said that dog hair makes the best mittens, scarves, and hats for winter, incredibly warm and sheds off most moisture.  I cannot wait to try them out! 
Congratulation s on such a great training experience with your girl!


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