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5 1/2 weeks old!

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Here are pictures of our beautiful babies!  I am keeping one, possibly 2 females this year.  I have already chosen the one, she is labeled "shana's pick"  I am also seriously considering keeping "hot pink" female.  She is the smallest girl, but very beautiful!  The only one with a delicate structure to her. The one of the little pup laying half under the dog house is also hot pink girl.  (colors they are marked with for identification) missing is the one boy who is being picked up next week.

I love the hot pink girl, what a face.

So, how do you expect your girl to turn out conformation-wise based upon what you see right now?  What's her temperament like?  How close do you expect her to come to the FCI standard?

Breeding is something I'd love to discuss a little bit with you sometime.  ;D

Almost forgot.  Send my good wishes to Myrissa!  I'm sure she is loving on your little girl whenever she gets the chance.  :)


Pretty little puppies! :-*

Awww!  Fluffy lil butterball puppies!  Very very cute!


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