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Finicky eating habits
« on: June 06, 2005, 10:52:18 pm »

Kaya is now 8yo and a very finicky eater. We put chicken or yogurt on his food but he doesn't seem to eat much. Sometimes he decides to eat just before he knows he is going out. We have had some warm days and I just took him for a long walk in Central Park(with lots of breaks resting under cool trees with a bowl of water). He was pooped and lost all interest in anything but sleeping. He had his teeth cleaned at the vet two years ago. The tarter buildup has been significant even with my best efforts to clean with gauze and solution. Please help with answers and suggestions.

Please suggest a diet that works, something a Pyr will eat and not hurt the GI track.

Are all Pyrs such finicky eaters?

What is the best way to keep the teeth clean.
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Re: Finicky eating habits
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2005, 11:14:37 pm »
Hi Pyr1, I dont have a pyr, but have had danes who were real finicky. Have you always had him on the same food?? Sometimes if you find THAT food for a dog, that will help the appetite. They also have the "ready made" sauces to pour over food, I have never tried them myself but hear they work well, but we have such big dogs so they should make it gallon size  ;D There is also a variety of appetite boosting tabs,drops,liquid out there. One simple thing you could try is to use bullion cubes and warm water, and pour it over his food right before he is eating. There has been other threads about finicky eaters with lots of good advice. I know there were plenty of ideas about things to pour over the food.

The teeth, my vets have told me that certain dogs are more prone to tartar buildup. How often are you cleaning them yourself??? I like the toothbrushes and the paste for dogs, and they have a liquid you put in the water that helps keeping the teeth clean. An easy thing is to give carrots and other harder veggies to them to chew on, that gives them a great supplement to the diet and also helps clean the teeth. Chewing on bones.

I try and brush the teeth every other week, sometimes I give it a try every week and sometimes I neglect their teeth. But once every other week seems to be an okay way to go, at least for me.

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Re: Finicky eating habits
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2005, 08:10:15 am »
Here is an interesting article I found regarding aging pets.  It has some information about their teeth, and other "normal" and "abnormal" signs of aging.
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