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One of those precious moments

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This morning on my daily 6am horse/dog ride, we were on a narrow trail heading home when all of a sudden Reno (5yr old Thoroughbred) stopped. My 2 Shilohs, Apache & Kiya both on leads, walking ahead of Reno, stopped too. I leaned over to look in front of them & saw that Reno had grabbed both leads in his mouth. He usually might grab 1 lead never both, but he wouldn't continue. So I tried kicking him up a bit "come on lets go", then I realized he was pooping. When he was done he dropped the leads & continued on.
It was just so cute to watch him holding the dogs leads in his mouth & both dogs where just standing there stopped in thier tracks.
Thats the best time of my day, going on our morning ride.

It is awesome to see such great friendships emerge from different animals.

Sounds like a great morning ritual Carolyn :)  I train horses for a living, lots of fun :)

  I train horses for a living, lots of fun :)
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Jamie thats really cool, what kind of horses? I used to be a groom for Standardbreds. I never trained just exercised. Well I guess Im a trainer now, I adopted Reno from NY Horse Rescue. 4 starts no wins & I no why, he spends too much time going up instead of foward.
Every one asks why do you go out so early, now its the coolest time of day for the dogs & it also makes me feel like I do more than just go to work everyday.

I love the morning hours when me and Leo are awake and the rest of the world is asleep.  It's a great way to start out a busy day.    You know, I bet it's very calming for the animals as well and thats why they are happy and content and able to cross the language barrier.  Goes to show that you are a good mommy!


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